Gender Pay Gap

I’m all for equality in pay.

Here’s some data of a gender pay gap in one industry.

This industry has on average a 128% difference in pay between genders. On the upper end of the pay scale it gets ever more disproportionate. One gender’s highest wage was $1.5 million. The other gender was compensated $47 million. That’s an over 3000% gap in pay!  (This was taken from 2013-2014 data)

The funny thing is I don’t hear anyone complaining about this obviously SEXIST wage gap.

What’s the industry? Fashion modeling.  Women have ALWAYS made more money than men.  The gap is out of whack and opposite compared to the 20% pay gap, I hear so many social justice warriors complaining about.

I think women should be foregoing these huge contracts and stand up for their downtrodden male counterparts.  Make it more equitable for MEN.  Shouldn’t men get the same rate as women for standing around and looking “purdy”?  And we need some men with beer bellies to represent the ordinary man.  Ripped six-pack abbed guys are fat shaming the rest of us beer swilling Neanderthals!

C’mon fashion industry leaders, who are by and large women, fix this egregious condition.   Most of you leaders probably endorse the socialist agenda.  From the DSA’s website propaganda, “We reject… gross inequalities of wealth and power, discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression…”  Get with your party’s goals.  Zir up!  I would have said “man” up but they wouldn’t have understood the terminology.

Never mind the fact that there are valid financial reasons as to why women are compensated more highly than men.  This is socialism we’re talking about.  Screw the EVIL profit motive!

Fair is fair, or stop your F’ing whining.

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