Who Cares How Much You Lose?

The new tax reform plan is out. As expected, Chuckie Schumer and the Libbies are against it. And what it the major reason for the condemnation of reducing taxes?

‘It doesn’t soak the rich, enough!’

So what the Libtards are saying is that YOU, the Middle Class American Taxpayer, no matter if you are better off under the new tax plan, should reject it because the wealthy MAY get a tax break as well. Uh, so let me get this straight. If everyone gets to keep more of their hard earned money, that’s not a good plan because everyone gets to keep more of their hard earned money. What?

Let’s all take a knee and start chanting of “We don’t want more money, if they get more money!”

Even if you have absolute disdain for the high income earners, what kind of logic is that? Here’s an analogy. You are in a sinking lifeboat with your family AND a rich guy.  Everyone needs to plug a hole to keep afloat. Under Chuck Schumer’s and the Libtards’ logic, you and your family should chose drowning and refuse to plug any holes because you don’t like the other fella and you feel he should plug all the holes.  I guess that’s one way to SOAK the rich guy.

Vote for more Libtards in 2018, I say.  We need more of this great thinking.

Do You Have Your Copy?

Hillybob’s new book “WTF Happened?” comes out tomorrow. I just can’t wait to give her my money.  I do like science fiction and fantasy novels.  I suspect there will be some references to UFOs and time travel.

I’m surprised that she didn’t have the publisher release it today, September 11, so she could capitalize on the terrorist attack that marked the beginning of the Global War on Terror and also the 5 year anniversary of the attack on the US compound in Benghazi.  After all Hillybob said that she will remain active in politics because, “The fate of our country is at stake” without her great insight and leadership.

The fake news media has been reporting that Hillybob has been “laying low” since the election.  There have been rumors swirling  (okay I’m making this up) that she earlier taped an interview where she describes what caused her to lose the election.  This interview was hidden away as to not steal the thunder from her book.

I believe that I found the “missing” interview where Hillybob succinctly sums up the reasons why she lost the election.  Here is the long lost footage,

And as I mentioned it has been exactly 5 years since the attack in Benghazi, which Hillybob initially said was a result of people riled up by a movie.  Could her book of excuses have been inspired by the “Blues Brothers” movie?


Oh no! A piece of fruit means the Klan is running wild killing people!

More members of Pussyville have gone “full retard” on yet another college campus.

What’s the hubbub? Well it turns out that an errant BANANA PEEL is some sort of symbol of WHITE SUPREMACY and the extermination of a certain racial group.

A discarded banana peel at the University of Mississippi has caused an uproar of racial tension. It sounds like a bad joke, but nope, it’s real. Students were crying (as all confident college kids do) questioning their safety.   It was so bad that Katrina Caldwell, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community Engagement (this is a real position) at the University of Mississippi, said her office was putting together a plan to deal with this oh so tragic situation.   Caldwell said, ““Right now, we’re just talking to people on campus who have some experience working across diversity to help the students process what happened.”   Excuse me.  You need to process this latest fear of the yellow fruit?  How about all of those great minds of higher learning, get back to their studies?

Now how and why the banana has become the latest symbol of black hatred, I have no idea.

I’m calling out the black college pussies for CULTURALLY APPROPRIATING my symbol of ASIAN RACIAL HATRED. As anyone in the Asian community know, “Banana, yellow on the outside, white on the inside“. That’s what they call RACE TRAITORS, such as myself, who don’t subscribe to the MINORITY VICTIM MENTALITY.  Whitey be keepin’ me down.  Yeah, right.  Yaw, keep your hoops and big butts, just don’t appropriate my culture’s racial slurs. Hurrumph.