Finally, Someone Else Noticed

The past 2 days have been brutal to the stock market and everyone’s investment and retirement portfolios.  Wednesday the Dow dropped 831 points.  Today it dropped 551 points.  You may see a recovery tomorrow, which is known in the biz world as, “the dead cat bounce“.

A Reuters reporter penned a piece that said this sell-off can be blamed on fund managers and MACHINES. You can read the piece HERE.  Golly, someone noticed.

Let’s take a trip in the “wayback machine”.  Over 2 years ago, I wrote that the SEC needs to fix the stock market system by eliminating 2 things, short selling and high frequency trading (automated market transaction done by MACHINES). You can read my piece HERE. I pointed out that the SEC made some fundamental changes in trading rules in 2007 that may have led to the “great recession of 2008”. These changes let MACHINES crash the economic system.

And in August of this year, I wrote a warning piece about the Chinese developing Artificial Intelligence, which could be used to control all the world’s economic systems, using MACHINES. You can read that HERE.

The systems can be fixed BUT since big money talks, I predict that NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

There Is No Choice

You will elect who we allow you to elect“.

I used to have a small amount of respect for Senator Diane Feinstein of the PRK but after her shenanigans during the Kavanaugh hearings, I have ZERO RESPECT for the partisan hack.

Now there is a huge dilemma in the PRK this November if you are a CITIZEN WHO BELIEVES IN THE CONSTITUTION and THE RULE OF LAW. The ONLY choices for US senatorin the PRK are Partisan Diane Hacktein OR Constitution Hating Communist Kevin de Leon.  Kommrade “de Leon” isn’t even his real name, oddly enough.  He added the “de” to his name to appear more “minority-ish”.  His legal name is Kevin Alexander Leon.  As far as I can tell he NEVER LEGALLY changed his name.  It’s great that a United States Senate candidate is running under an FAKE NAME.  What a country!

Kommrade De Leon would like to see the Second Amendment repealed. He has authored many pieces of unconstitutional legislation in the PRK to restrict CITIZENS’ Second Amendments Rights. He led the charge to enact “Gunmageddon”, a series of gun laws, which Kommrade Governor Moonbeam signed into law.

Kommrade De Leon also wants a SOCIALISTMedicare for all” system in the PRK as well as the nation. Screw the cost. Just tax the heck out of the little people. He knows what’s best for you.

The only other choice on the ballot for senator is Diane Hackstein.  Of course we all know now that Senator Diane Hackstein is just a puppet of the far far left.

I was considering showing up to my polling place this November 6th and WRITING IN my own name for United States Senator. I did a little investigation on “WRITE-IN” candidates and I found a nice little surprise.


This applies for all state and congressional elections.

You may ONLY elect whomever the ELITES allow you to elect.  You have no choice.  You cannot express your own FREE WILL.

In 2010 there was a little known LAW signed by then Governor Girlie-man Schwarzenegger. Yeah the F’ing Democrat wearing a Republican suit. It was a follow-on bill to the “jungle primary” bill that Girlie-man signed which allows only the top 2 from the June primaries to appear on a November ballot. The little know second bill signed into LAW by Girlie-man, REVOKED the ability for CITIZENS to mount a grass root campaign to elect a candidate of their choosing, who is not on the ballot. The bill PREVENTS a “locked out” party, generally Republicans, from mounting a WRITE-IN effort to displace the Democrats on the ballot.  These 2 laws basically insure that Democrats will always control the PRK.

Thanks to Democrat Girlie-man, CITIZENS are NOT ALLOWED vote against the “chosen” party.

Ain’t PRK politics wonderful?