Free Money For College Kids

The Supreme Court of the United States, SCOTUS, earlier this morning announced their ruling which strikes down the UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNFAIR student loan forgiveness program that Old Fool Biden enacted by a DICTATORIAL executive order. He committed to give HALF A TRILLION DOLLAR$ of YOUR MONEY to bums that took out student loans and don’t want to repay them. The Fool issued this executive order because he knew that Congress would never pass this inflationary give away. It was reported that one of the STAR WITNESSES against the Fool was none other than former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. She was quoted several times in the arguments that the President doesn’t have the authority to commit the money to the program and that ONLY CONGRESS has the power to allocate the money.

SCOTUS made the correct decision no matter what the Marxist Left believes. I heard one obviously communist “political analyst” blather on MSNBC that SCOTUS does not have the right to interfere with the decisions of the President. Um, what happened to the THREE COEQUAL branches of government and checks and balances?  Apparently the MORON “political analyst” would prefer a DICTATOR or KING for the country.  Just let the Old Fool rule from the White House Castle.

But I have a suggestion for Old Fool Biden to make good on his promise to the kiddies.  I’ve said when I was working, “Don’t just bring criticisms, also bring solutions“.


The cost of his promised forgiveness program was estimated to cost $400 Billion, almost half a trillion bucks. If Old Fool nationalized all the colleges and universities the government would have access to the endowments that the institutions hold.

In 2021, according to  the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) endowments were $854.11 Billion, more than DOUBLE the $400 Billion that Old Fool promised. He could just give away a portion of the endowment money and it wouldn’t cost any taxpayer a SINGLE PENNEY!

Joey, I’m here to help.

Coup or Plan?

Yevgeny Prigozhin the head of the mercenary Wagner Group has been widely described by the media as exercising a coup in Russia. This seems to be patently ABSURD. Prigozhin provides contract (mercenary) soldiers to Russia to fight wars around the world. His net worth is a Billion Dollar$ which he obtained by providing military “services” to the Russian government.

Supposedly Prigozhin took ONE DIVISION of his men and was marching towards Moscow in this “coup”. Announcing that you are planning to invade the center of the Russian government with just ONE DIVISION against the whole of the Russian military seems to me to be a very unlikely move. Just a couple of days after announcing this march into Russia, Prigozhin calls an “Oopsie” and goes into exile in Belarus. Meanwhile Putin goes on national television to condemn such traitorous acts.  So far a perfectly logical plan, don’t you agree?

Another point. We all know that anyone who goes against Vladimir Putin ends up DEAD, full stop. Again a coup against Putin is a very logical plan.

Why would Prigozhin make such an obviously FOOLISH plan?

I believe Prigozhin coordinated this “coup” with Putin. To what end, you might ask?

The first and least important point is to make the US and allies believe that Putin is loosing his grip on the reins of power. This is what all the talking heads and ANALysts in the media are endlessly bloviating about. A possible outcome would be a slowing of Western aid to Ukraine. It also would make the push for the acceptance of Finland and Sweden as NATO countries to slow.

The most important reason for this false flag coup is give Putin the ability to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS without having Russia suffering international retaliation.

Let’s look at a big event that happened just a few days ago. Putin ordered NUCLEAR WEAPONS to be moved into, wait for it, BELARUS. And who just self exiled to BELARUS?

Now you have a supposed loose canon mad man with a division of soldiers right where Putin just moved a NUCLEAR ARSENAL. If Putin wanted to use NUKES in Ukraine what better way to insulate himself from any blowback if one just happened to go off?

This seems like a much more logical plan.


A supposed “reliable” whistleblower has released to Congress second and third hand information (“I heard that someone said that…”) the covert three letter agencies have intact UFOs along with their dead extraterrestrial pilots. Say what?

This guy, who is an unspecified decorated Air Force “combat” veteran and “high level spook” at the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), states unequivocally that our government and allies have recovered crashed or landed spacecraft along with the bodies of the pilots. Okay, back the truck up a couple of yards there folks. How is it that Marvin the Martian can transit across light-years of space, arrive here on earth, setup some sort of undetectable surveillance operations base, and yet they can’t build a flying saucer that AVOIDS SMASHING into the ground? The whistler claims we have recovered MANY crashed alien craft. Sheesh, maybe the aliens need some remedial flying lessons on how to avoid hitting a planet.  Or perhaps he’s counting the crashed cars and truck transporting illegal aliens across the border.

How is it that our government can locate and retrieve these covert craft? Let’s review some recent history. A Chinese spy balloon as big a several school buses floated leisurely across the all of the US from Alaska to the Carolinas and after we shot it down, and with all sorts of location data and video, we could only partially recover the balloon debris in shallow water. The US shot down a couple of other unidentified floaty things, within a couple of weeks of the Chinese balloon shoot down, that they said they could not find the debris to recover.

Let’s review some history from World War II. The only Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) lost during the war was Gertrude “Tommy” Thomkins Silver. She was one of the women who ferried fighters, bombers, and other aircraft as part of the war effort. Tommy was qualified to fly the P-51 Mustang, the P-38 Lighting, and the P-54 Thunderbolt. These were the most advanced aircraft in WW II. She disappeared on a ferry flight from Los Angeles to Arizona with a stop in Palm Springs on Oct 26, 1944, flying a P-51D. She never arrived at Palm Springs. No trace of the aircraft has ever been found despite massive searches over the decade since. Now how can the government find crashed UFOs that can travel at “supposedly” 46,000 mph, almost 100 times as faster as a WW II airplane, and not find a plane that disappeared between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, which is a little over 100 miles?

And one more piece of history.  On February 5, 1958 the US Air Force LOST a 7,600 pound ATOMIC BOMB off the coast of Georgia.  It is a fully function nuclear weapon.  They never found the bomb.  The yield of this bomb is 3.8 Megatons of 25 times the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.  You might think that this would be an important item to recover, perhaps a little more important than finding little green men.

Given the great record of recovery by the government, we are told to believe that they recovered “many” UFOs.

Does someone have a bridge to sell?