Irrational Voters

The NPR/Maris poll shows Bidumb at 50% and President Trump at 48% in a head to head match-up among “supposedly” registered voters.

Digging deeper into the poll statistics reveals some interesting facts.
Of those same “voters” polled, 64% responded that they, “… do not think Biden has the mental fitness to serve as president.”

We can assume that the 36% that believe Bidumb is mentally sound are your hardcore Dimbulbcrats, like the cast of “The Pew” (The View)

What that means is that 14% of Bidumb supporters will choose the braindead husk for President even though they believe he is MENTALLY UNFIT for office. That is some serious Trump Derangement Syndrome.  We can extrapolate that to the total population. This indicates that there are around 46,200,000 people who support a husk who they KNOW TO BE UNFIT FOR OFFICE!  Over 42 MILLION!  That’s a fecal-load of MORONS.

What a country!

Why Silly Jilly Doesn’t Want Her Husband To Quit

First “Lady” Jill Biden doesn’t want her Old Husk of a husband, Lunch Bucket Joe, to quit his reelection campaign. The reason is quite simple.

Jill considers herself BETTER than the Obamas. You never see Jill and Michelle (Michael) hanging out together even though Barack and Lunch Bucket were supposedly best friends forever, according to the Old Husk. Jill and Lunch Bucket weren’t at Barack’s 60th birthday soiree just a few years back. Have you ever wondered why not?  Barack only put up with the Bidens because he needed the white guy Lunch Bucket to bring in the Midwestern vote.  I don’t believe the Obamas ever liked the Bidens.  It has recently been reported by Axios that Michael despises the Bidens.  And let’s not forget the ringing endorsement from Barack, “Don’t underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to fuck things up.”

The O-folks left the White House and purchased an almost $12 million beachfront mansion on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. It’s probably worth $18-$20 million today. The real president, Jill, only lives in a 2 acre NOT QUITE a beachfront cottage worth a small fraction of the Obama 26 acre water front compound.

On a side note, WHY is it that TWO presidents that scream of the existential threat of global warming which will cause the sea levels to rise both own beachfront property?  I’m just asking.

If Lunch Bucket drops out there won’t be any future million$ of dollars coming in. There goes any hope of thumbing her nose at Barack and Michael. The reelection campaign has nothing to do with policies, democracy, or this country. It only has to do with Jill’s ego which says she’s better than the Obamas.

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