Advice For The President

I described how this war in Ukraine is a battle by Putin to economically control Europe. You can read it HERE.  Europe created this problem by “suckling on the teat of cheap Russian gas“. The United States and allies at this point must counter the EVIL PUTIN and his regime. The response from the current administration has been wishy-washy at best and in my opinion, wrong.

Here’s what I would recommend that Joe Biden say and MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO.

Joe Biden must lead as President of the United States and leader of the Free World. I would have him take the following actions.
Hold and address to the Nation from the actual OVAL OFFICE, not the fake set he usually uses. At his desk he needs to say this to our country and the world,

Fellow Americans, we are in a battle of good versus evil.  Tonight I am going to tell you the steps we will take to punish and break the backs of Putin and his cronies. Putin is dependent on his oil and gas to fund his worldwide reign of terror. To end the monstrous actions of this dictator I will be taking immediate action. I will immediately invalidate some of my previous executive orders and allow for the following, permit fracking where previously banned, resume drilling and pumping of oil on federal lands, open up oil exploration, remove any restrictions I may have placed on the oil and gas industry, and finish the Keystone XL pipeline. We will shut off the mechanism that permits Putin to declare war on sovereign nations.”

We will also resume construction of the border wall to secure our Nation from terrorist infiltration that may accelerate as a result of these actions.

There will be a personal cost to all of us. Fuel prices will rise. Energy prices will increase. Supply chain issues will become worse. Cost of goods will rise. I’m not here tonight to paint a false rosy picture but to give you an honest assessment of what will happen as We The People of the United States are fighting EVIL. I know the will and the grit of the American People and I do not take these action lightly as we come together as a nation. Thank you and God Bless America.

The greenies will start to scream about the world ending if the President takes these action. Bernie Sanders will condemn Biden.  Little Greta will waggle her finger.   Biden should then take the next step and hold a press conference where he says this,

To the Squad and Senator Sanders, Go fuck yourselves. We have a war to fight.

I suspect if Biden held these two press events and took action, his approval rating would skyrocket.

No Coverage of the Pantsuit

The pantsuit wearing harpy, Hillybob is giving her big speech at the NYDNC meeting as I’m typing this. Some speculate that this is her first appearance, other than stumbling around drunk in the woods, as she (zir, zym, xyxzz, or whatever her pronoun is) readies her 2024 presidential run.

There is something interesting about her media supporters. Fox News had a couple of minutes of coverage as she started her ‘fiery’ speech about Republicans ending democracy. I flipped over to CNN and they were running a commercial. Changed to MSNBC and they were also running a commercial. After the commercial ended on CNN the coverage went to the tension in Ukraine. MSNBC did not cover Hillybob’s speech either after their commercial break ended.

Is this a SIGN that the powers that be do not want The Pantsuit as their great white hope in 2024?


Every Contingency Is Planned For

On August 16, 2021  Prez Joey said to the nation describing the ongoing ‘successful‘ exit from Afghanistan, “My national security team and I have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every constituency, including — and CONTINGENCY — including the rapid collapse…”  Joey, said “constituency” as he gets confused every time he opens his mouth.

Interestingly, Jen ‘Peppermint Patty‘ Psaki, the Presidents talking head, stated about the situation in Ukraine, “…an evacuation, if needed, of our embassy there. That is fact in terms of what was planning, what was done at the time. And that — in advance of that, that required months of planning to ensure there were a range of CONTINGENCIES PLANNED FOR, AS WE ALWAYS DO, through the national security team and through the military team.

Good to know the brains in charge have planned “as they always do” for all CONTINGENCIES to execute an orderly evacuation of Ukraine, just as they did in Afghanistan.