What A Shit Show

I watched part of the “He said, she said” testimony yesterday with Doc Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. What a F*cking shit show.

We know the Dimbulbcrat party will vote no on Kavanaugh’s confirmation and it will boil down to whether or not a few Republicans will buy into the farce. Just hold the damn vote! No need for all the circus barking.  Not amount of discussion is going to change a single vote among the Senate.

I used to have a small amount of respect for Senator Diane Feinstein from my state, The People’s Republik of Kommiefornia, but after the shit show she orchestrated to prove she’s a hard left communist, I have ZERO respect for the senator. And we have loud-mouthed Senator “Kommie” Kamala also from the PRK on the judicial committee, backing her play. What a F*cking diaster.

Komrade Feinstein has now stated that the confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh is, “a real test for the Senate and the nation to see how we treat women, especially women who are survivors of sexual assault.” Yeah right. She’s the one who set up this farcical shit show “test”.

I have a suggestion for Komrade Feinstein and all of her “feminist” colleagues who SUPPOSEDLY support the victim nation of women.

If you truly believe that Doc Ford was a victim of sexual assault in the state of Maryland by Kavanaugh or anyone else. DO SOMETHING ABOUT it besides flapping your gums.  If you believe that Kavanaugh is a drunken sexual predator lying in wait, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  If you believe the “creepy porn lawyer” that Kavaugh was the “leader or a gang-rape posse“, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

If you ACTUALLY BELIEVE any of this bullshit, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Komrades Feinstein and Harris, CALL on your Dimbulbcrat senate colleagues Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, both Dimbulbcrats, to have the Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, also a Dimbulbcrat, to investigate the “alleged” crime. That’s who should be looking into this, not the FBI.

You don’t need Judge Kavanaugh’s permission to start a Maryland state investigation.

You don’t need President Trump’s approval for the Maryland AG to start an investigation.

You don’t need the Senate or House majority to start a state investigation.

Maryland state officials can do whatever they want.  State’s rights.  Remember those?  Or are you all too stupid to recall high school civics?  Come on stand up for “the victim”  and call for this investigation.  It can be completely partisan.  I don’t F*cking care.  If you truly care about “the victim”, grow a pair and do something.

It’s a simple process.

Will they call for this investigation?

F*ck No would be my prediction. We’ll just hear crickets, because they don’t care about “the victim”.  They care about resisting President Trump.

Lady Justice Is Blind Because Her Eyes Are Getting Gouged Out

I’m going to make another prediction.

Watch for a book to come out titled, “The Woman Who Saved Democracy, The Christine Ford Story“, if Judge Kavanaugh is NOT confirmed to the Supreme Court. OR, watch for a book titled, “The Woman Who TRIED To Save Democracy, The Christine Ford Story“, if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed.  It will be authored by Doc Ford and her lawyers.

All the stupid commie leftists keep blathering, “Why would Doc Ford come forward, she has nothing to gain?”

Well there’s your reason. A large percentage of commies would buy the book no matter what the outcome of the confirmation. Several million dollars in book sales is quite the motivator.  “Feel the Bern” Sanders pocketed $3,000,000 from book sales last year and I don’t even know the title of his book or know anyone who has read the book.

One of Doc Ford’s high school classmates posted on social media that everyone at her school knew about this “attempted rape”.  When the stupid classmate was told that she might need to testify under oath to this “fact”, she deleted the post and subsequently said that she has no knowledge if the incident did or did not occur.  Great corroboration.  Yet another fame and fortune seeker.

So far one big thing didn’t happen. Doc Ford’s lawyers EXPECTED the usual “pile on” of accusers, but that didn’t happen. Perhaps that’s because Judge Kavanaugh is a good man and always has been.

Let’s look at the FACTS about her story and the DEMANDS made for her testimony.

FACT Doc Ford cannot say when or where the alleged incident occurred. Her lawyers know that if she said it was at a specific TIME OR PLACE, there is a possibility that Kavanaugh might produce concrete evidence that exonerates him. Since the broad time frame is in the early to mid 1980’s lots of people had pocket 35mm cameras that DATE and TIME stamped the pictures. If someone had in their scrapbook or old photo files a picture of Kavanugh somewhere other than the alleged party there goes her credibility. One of Kavanaugh’s former girlfriends might have ticket stubs to a movies or a concert, in her old precious moments memory books, that Kavanaugh took his girlfriend to. There may be a parking or traffic ticket that would place Kavanaugh again somewhere other than the alleged party. What would you advise your book deal seeking client to say given any of those possibilities of concrete evidence? “Just say you can’t recall the time or place of the attack“.

DEMANDS. Doc Ford’s lawyers want Judge Kavanaugh to testify first. That’s a direct violation of our justice system in that Judge Kavanaugh is not allowed to face his accuser OR even to know what he is accused of. All the he can say is that whatever the Doc Ford WILL say is FALSE. He will not be able to rebut her testimony. Why is this important?

Once again Doc Ford’s lawyers want this for the book deal. First off they will say that Kavanaugh bullied her and called her a liar before she had said one word.  Smart move.  She can say any outrageous statement and he will NOT have had the opportunity to defend himself while under oath. Another smart move. They will put in their book and the FAKE NEWS will also say that,  “Kavanaugh never denied the these accusations while he was under oath”. How much airplay will that get on CNN and MSNBC? “While under oath, Kavanough did not refute that he pulled a knife on 15 year old Chrsitine, as she testified to under oath“. You get how this is going to play out in the press and how it will be written up in the book.

Forget the blindfold on Lady Justice. Let’s all just gouge her eyes out.

You Can’t Believe Everyone

NOTICE, all of the following is hypothetical.  It does not represent any specific person alive or dead.  Wink wink.

No one in the “media” will say this, but I will. Not everyone should be believed just because of their gender and some claims can be dismissed without further discussion.

How much credence would you give to an accusation given the following facts:

1. The accuser has a PhD. in clinical psychology and is a professor in the field of psychology. She is supposedly trained in understanding the human mind.

2. The accuser did not recall the attack against her until a therapy session to work out problems with her marriage.

3. The accuser only recalled the attack after 30 years while in aforementioned therapy session. The accuser claims that the memory of the incident was repressed.

4. The accuser cannot recall when the attack occurred. The accuser cannot even narrow the timeline down to which year the attack occurred.

5. The accuser cannot recall where the attack occurred.

6. The accuser named an eyewitness to the attacked who categorically denies that the attack ever occurred.

7. The accuser originally made the accusation anonymously.

8. The accuser originally stated that she did not want her identity revealed beyond the anonymous letter.

9. The accuser after penning the anonymous letter hired a high powered lawyer to represent her.  I suppose everyone needs to keep a lawyer on hand.

10. The accuser again after penning the anonymous letter, had a polygraph test performed regarding her accusations.  What the heck?  Do you take a polygraph for fun?

Now the “pound me too” movement professes that ALL women who accuse men of bad acts MUST be believed. They say that it does not matter if there is factual evidence behind the accusation or not.  An ACCUSATION IS EVIDENCE in their simple minds.

Once again, I’ll say this since no one else will. Given the 10 FACTS above, I’d say the woman may believe in her own mind that the incident occurred, but the facts indicate that it didn’t.  I believe that the accuser, with coaching from her therapist, is created the delusion to justify why she has poor relationships with men.