Who Do You Believe?

Old Fool Joey met with Xi the dictator (err president) of China and stated the he BELIEVES Xi, that there is no immanent threat of China invading Taiwan.

I feel so much safer now.  Whatever Joey believes, that’s good enough for me.

  • Joey believes that inflation is transitory.
  • Joey believes that the economy is in great shape.
  • Joey believed that the Afghans would hold control of their country when we surrendered.
  • Joey believes that slavery in another country is just a difference in cultural norms.
  • Joey believes abortion is a right and follows Christian values.
  • Joey believes skin color and gender are more important than competency.
  • Joey believes anyone who votes against any Democrat is a threat to democracy.
  • Joey believes parents are domestic terrorists.
  • Joey believes $5 gas is less expensive than $3 gas.
  • Joey believes TRILLIONS of dollar$ pumped into the economy doesn’t lead to inflation.
  • Joey believes the border is secure.
  • Joey believes Border Patrol Agents whip illegal immigrants.
  • Joey believes his son Hunter is the smartest man in the world.
  • Joey believes the COVID vax prevents you from getting infected.

Oh heck, Joey BELIEVES he’s actually in charge.

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