New Murder Capitol

Peace, love, no cops.

The ‘country’ of CHOP, CHAZ, or what I call CHUMP (Capitol Hill Universally Menstruating Pussies, because they all seem to be on the rag) had their first HOMICIDE last night. Why is this significant?
Let’s look at some numbers

The new country of CHUMP occupies 6 blocks of what was formally Seattle, WA. A city block is 660 feet by 330 feet or 217,800 square feet of real estate. A city block is 0.008 square miles. CHUMP is 0.047 square miles in area.

If we take the urban density of the most crowded city in the US, Manhattan, NY which has a density of 71,340 people per square mile (which by the way is the EIGHTH most dense city in the world) we can estimate that there are are over 3,300 CHUMP-istanis residing in CHUMP. Let’s round that up to 4,000 proud CHUMP-istanis.

Using the measurement that all crime statistics are kept which is homicides per 100,000 people, the country of CHUMP has a MURDER RATE of 25 per 100,000.

So …

The average murder rate in the US is 4.1 per 100,000. The District of Columbia has the HIGHEST MURDER RATE in the US at 22.8 per 100,000.

CHUMP has a MURDER RATE OVER 6 TIMES HIGHER than the US and exceeds the state with the HIGHEST MURDER RATE.
CHUMP is about as safe as the South American country of COLUMBIA which also boasts a placid murder rate of 25.

The summer of love” according to the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny ‘Dingbat’ Durkan.

Swoosh Away Racism

First off, STOP BUYING Nike products.

I read and hear praise dumped in copious amounts on Nike, Inc. regarding their support of their god Blim (BLM). The company has pledged $40 million dollars to some nebulous concept of supporting a group of people based solely (no pun intended) upon skin color. Let’s look at what Nike says.

Systemic racism and the events that have unfolded across America over the past few weeks

Uh, Nike, if racism is systemic why is it you only noticed it in the “past few weeks“. I guess all of those “systemic” racists do a pretty good job of hiding racism from the brain trust in your boardroom, or you are just a bunch of pandering clowns parroting the leftist word salad phrase du jour.

And the bozos continue…

This additional $40 million builds upon the NIKE, Inc. family’s long history of providing support to the communities in which they operate in.

Back the f’ing truck up a few yards there Chuckles.

Nike, you produce almost all of your shoes in China and Vietnam. Near as I can tell you make ZERO PERCENT of your shoes in the US.

Here’s a thought. Why don’t you bring your production back to inner city America and create jobs for the “communities” that you so lovingly support? Oh, you say your bottom line doesn’t support paying $15 per hour to some person of a certain skin color to make $250 Jordans or $400 Adapt basketball shoes?  I can see that.  According to your 2019 financial statement, you had $39 BILLION in revenue with a gross profit of over $17 BILLION. Yup, I guess with $17 BILLION there is no way to build inner city factories and employ Americans of a certain skin color. I guess pledging 0.1% of your revenue is much easier than actually “Just Doing” something significant.  Though I haven’t done an analysis of Nike financial, I suspect that the money pledged is part of the existing marketing budget and operating expenses which means ZERO PERCENT came out of profits.

Personally I don’t believe that skin color is a qualifying factor for a job position, however Nike goes on,

We believe in a level playing field for all and leveraging the power of sport and our brands to move the world forward.

Hey, chuckle-heads, perhaps a little introspection about your executive officers.  Mark Parker CEO, Andrew Campion CFO, Elliot Hill, Hillary Kane, Monique Matheson, John Slusher, Eric Sprunk COO.  Your panel of melanin challenged individuals are the poster children for “diversity” in corporate America.  Your whole team would disappear in a backdrop of snow, if you get my meaning.  Again, I don’t believe skin color has any value in judging a person’s suitability for a job, but I’m not the “social justice warriors” that you all are pretending to be.

As Yahoos Sports praised your actions, “Nike so nailed its response...”

You can read Nike, Inc’s 2019 SEC annual report HERE

Guilty of Racism

Every day I see ‘WHITE folks’ apologizing for their “white privilege” in an attempt to gain favor with the mob and with the god, Blim. You can read about the god Blim HERE.

Have these enlightened melanin challenged lemmings practiced a bit of self introspection and considered what message they are expressing when they apologize and bow before the mob and Blim?

When they apologize for their “white privilege” they are confessing that THEY ARE BETTER than other people because of their skin color. They swear their allegiance on their knees to the mob and to Blim. With this oath they are telling the mob that you need the BETTER WHITE people to give power and credence to the mob. Without the BETTER WHITE people the oppressed cannot succeed.  WHITEY must help out the LESS educated, Economically disadvantage, and Oppressed people, otherwise the DARKER skinned will never succeed.

Because of my WHITE skin, I’m Better educated, Richer, More powerful, and More influential than you po’ BLACK folk, and now I’m here to help.

Seems a tad RACIST to me.  However, using loonie leftist logic, it is not RACIST.

If you do this in the name of Blim, you are absolved of RACISM.