Throwing Your Money Away

I don’t hear any outrage about this FACT that I’ve noticed since President Biden was elected. GAS PRICES have been going UP UP UP. In my neck of the woods fuel prices are approaching 60 cents per gallon HIGHER since the election. Seems people should be upset by this, but I haven’t heard much outcry in the news.

What does a measly 60 cents mean? Just a few pennies, right?

If a WORKER uses 10 gallons of gasoline per week to commute to a job, to take the kids to school, to buy groceries, that’s $6.00 per week flushed down the toilet, since President Biden, the most popular president in US history, was elected.

What’s $6.00 per week mean? That may seem like a small amount of money.

Let’s look at a 20 year old worker who took that 60 cents per gallon ($6.00 per week, $312 per year) and put it into a Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Let’s assume the worker’s IRA has an annual interest rate of 7% which is how the markets perform over the long term. What does that measly 60 cents mean when the worker reaches the retirement age of 65?

60 cents per gallon would turn into $95,706.55 !!!  Just shy of $100 Grand.

If there was a 1% upward variance in the return the 60 cent would become $130,548.93 !!!

President Biden’s pick for Transportation Secretary, Petey Buttigieg, has said that he wants to raise the Federal gasoline tax to take more of your money, to give to gender studies programs in Pakistan I suppose.

I guess we can all flush down the crapper $100,000.00 of OUR MONEY for Pakistanis, or to bail out mismanaged public sector retirement funds, or to give to all the new ‘CITIZENS’ once President Biden gives amnesty to people who have entered into this country illegally.

As the saying goes, “It’s only (your) money“.

Be Careful What You Wish For

There is an effort to recall Gavin Newsom, the governor of the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia. Last I read there were 1.4 million signatures gathered of the 1.5 million necessary for the recall to be put to a vote.

I have been telling people, “Be careful what you wish for“.

In 2003 the people of the PRK recalled Governor Gray Davis for his mismanagement of the state. A couple of things that set people off were the vehicle registration fees and the rising cost of electricity. Back then we had “rolling blackouts” and “brownouts” (hmm, nothing has changed) because of deals made regarding purchasing of out of state electricity. Davis was successfully recalled making him only the second state governor to be recalled in US history.

What happened after the recall?

The people of the PRK elected Arnold “Faux Republican” Schwarzenegger to replace Davis as governor.  I’ve always said he was a Democrat wearing a Republican suit.  He was married to a Kennedy for goodness sakes.

Arnie turned out to be the WORST governor in PRK history!

The Lunk-head Arnold signed many of the craziest pieces of legislation into law that has led to decline of the state. Some people were upset that Davis put into law restrictions on gun ownership. What did Lunk-head do? He put in more restrictions on gun ownership.

Lunk-head signed into law that a child as young as in the FIRST GRADE could legally choose their GENDER without ANY parental consent.

The coup de grace of Lunk-head’s policies was creating with DEMOCRATS two laws which almost forever locks in Democrat control for the PRK. The first was the “jungle primary” where the top two primary candidates are the only choices on the general election ballot for statewide office, US Senators, and House representatives regardless of party affiliation. As there are more Democrats than Republicans in the PRK we almost always have two Democrats as the only choices in elections. The companion bill to the “jungle primary” is a little known law that prevents a grass roots “write-in” campaign to challenge the two Democrats in the general election. Lock for the Dems, thanks Lunk-head.

Arnie was great for this state. When he was voted in his approval rating was 65%. When Lunk-head left office his approval rating was 23% which interestingly was about the SAME as Gray Davis’ approval rating when he was recalled. Lunk-head was in 2010 named “One of the 11 worst governors“.

What did a younger Gavin Newsom think of Lunk-head? He said, “He’s becoming a Democrat… He’s running back, not even to the center. I would say center-left“.

If the recall is successful, who knows who will run for governor.  Rumor is Bruce “Caitlyn, the nutless wonder” Jenner might run.  I suspect a number of ‘popular’ moron celebrities will throw their hats into the ring and say “girlie man“.  Once again be careful what you wish for.