Meaningless Numbers

With the Chinese Virus pandemic raging around the world, the media reports minute by minute the number of cases and the number of deaths.

These numbers sound alarming but they are meaningless.

I’ve discussed this with a friend of mine and we both observed that the number of cases increases in proportion to the the number of tests for the virus. This is because they are limiting testing to people who present with SYMPTOMS of the virus. What does this mean? People who have SYMPTOMS of the virus will probably test positive for the virus. The good news from the meaningless numbers is that the number of deaths is dropping in percentage to the number of those infected. The mortality rate as of 4pm on 3/25/202 was 1.35%.

Okay so back to the meaningless part of the numbers. If the number of cases tracks with number of tests (which is an OBVIOUS result) cases EXPONENTIALLY GROW because the testing is EXPONENTIALLY INCREASING (once again OBVIOUSLY). The problem is that the news and many politicians are basing their predictions of DISASTER on this rate of increasing cases. If you work with the meaningless numbers in this manner you will end up with PREDICTED numbers that are RIDICULOUSLY TOO HIGH.

Another problem with the media numbers is that we have no idea how many people may or may not be infected who are ASYMPTOMATIC. There may be a huge well of the virus in the general population with ASYMPTOMATIC individuals. At this point we have no idea if this is the case because we are NOT testing ASYMPTOMIC people AT ALL.

WITHOUT the numbers for ASYMPTOMATIC people we have NO IDEA HOW CONTAGIOUS this disease is.  We also don’t know the best measures to take to prevent the SPREAD

WITHOUT all the numbers we have NO IDEA what the MORTALITY RATE is.

Yet another number that is missing is HOW MANY people who test positive REQUIRE HOSPITALIZATION? For the NUMBERS to have any MEANING we need to know how many people have mild or even severe symptoms but do not require hospitalization and recover at home.

With those that REQUIRE HOSPITALIZATION HOW MANY REQUIRE LIFE SUPPORT? I keep hearing about the shortage of VENTILATORS yet no one is showing a case of WHY this is a problem. On top of that IF we actually need the TENS OF THOUSANDS of VENTILATORS we DON’T have enough medical personnel to run all of the machines. I haven’t heard anyone screaming about that fact, only that there aren’t enough machines.

The other term that keeps getting thrown around is “Flattening the curve“. In and of itself that is not a bad idea because of limited medical resources. Interestingly what the term IMPLIES is that the SAME number of people WILL DIE no matter what measures we take. We’re just spreading the DEATHS out over time.


The Circus Came To South Carolina

Seven CLOWNS took to the stage on Tuesday to “debate” one another. From what I saw, DEBATE has been redefined to mean “shouting and waving hands about”.

Nothing of substance was discussed by any of the BUFFOONS attempting to become the next President of the United States. Here’s an example of the “nothingness” expressed as policy.

For the very first question in the 2-hour shouting session, Comrade Sanders was asked, “How will you convince voters that a Democratic socialist can do better than President Trump with the economy?“.

The Marxist answered,

Well, you’re right. The economy is doing really great for people like Mr. Bloomberg and other billionaires.  In the last three years, last three years, billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion increase in their wealth. But you know what? For the ordinary American, things are not so good. Last year, real wage increases for the average worker were less than 1 percent. Half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck; 87 million Americans have no health insurance or are underinsured; 45 million people are struggling with student debt; 500,000 people tonight are sleeping out on the street, including 30,000 veterans. That is not an economy that’s working for the American people. That’s an economy working for the 1 percent. We’re going to create an economy for all, not just wealthy campaign contributors.”

His policy is “I’ll make things better“.

Damn, why has NO ONE ever thought of that before.  Let’s just make everything better. What a novel concept!  That’s quite the substantive policy plan.  I’m on board.  I may just have to vote COMMIE this year.  It’s awe inspiring that we have such great minds seeking to lead our country.

I’ll Most Likely Be Called A Homophobe

I’ve watched a few of the Dimbulbcrat “debates” and here’s something I find curious.

After the debate ends the spouse of the candidate comes onto the stage and hugs him and sometimes there is a little peck on the lips.
As the “first openly gay candidate” I have not seen Pete “Alfred E. Newman” Buttigieg with his guy spouse hugging or any other expression of affection. Why doesn’t the “first openly gay” presidential candidate kiss his “husband” on the lips on national TV?

Has this avoidance of affection been planned?

I admit that I don’t follow the gaggle of loony characters very closely, but I suspect most of America is still not ready to see their president kissing another dude.

Might it have something to do with poll numbers?