The Sky Is Falling, Err, The Sea Is Rising

As I mentioned in a previous post, HERE, the prediction is after President Trump pulled out of the Paris accord, that there will be mass flooding, polar bears starving, mass extinction, island countries disappearing underwater, millions of people dying, droughts, floods, and cats sleeping with dogs.  Oh my.

What do the numbers say and just what are the “scientist” saying?  I looked up just how bad this mass flooding which will kill millions, actually is.  According to “research” the average sea level increase is 3 millimeters per year.  That’s a bit over 1/10th of an inch every year.  Oh the humanity.  Let’s see, in 10 years, that would be a fraction more than 1 inch.  In 100 years, that’s still less than 1 foot of sea level rise.

To put this imminent calamity in perspective, the average DAILY  sea level change in the open ocean due to the tides is TWO FEET.  Tidal changes at the coastline are much greater.  In the Bay of Fundy in Canada, the average tidal change is over FIFTY THREE FEET!!!

All of the tidal changes are caused by the pull of the Moon and the Sun.  Maybe the Paris Accord Part Deux should create a non-binding order to  ban the orbiting of the planets.

Fixing Healthcare

The solution is easy!

President Trump just needs to say that he has come to realize that Obamacare is the best solution to the healthcare crisis and he wants the Senate to scrap any plans to repeal and replace.

The “resistance” will instantly adopt the Senates’s plan to repeal and replace because they will not support anything that President Trump says he wants to do.

Done deal.