New Math?

On Martin Luther King Day, the Old Fool Biden pandered to the National Action Network, NAN demanding that no one should be incarcerated in Federal Prison for “simple marijuana possession”. This must be a HUGE injustice if the Old Fool made this an important talking point to the civil rights group (black community).

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons there are 148,975 prisoners incarcerated for various crimes against the state. The last time possession was broken out was in 2017 where of almost 150,000 prisoners, 92 were in for possession of any kind of drug. That would be 0.06% of the Federal prisoners. SIX ONE HUNDREDTH of ONE PERCENT. That’s right folks The Old Fool is making a priority for 0.00003% of the population.  Three in Ten Million.  To put this in perspective, the OLD FOOL is pandering to ONE PERSON in a city the size of LOS ANGELES.

How about worrying about the $32 TRILLION in National Debt that affects all of us?