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I’m Picking On The Mentally Challenged

Perhaps I shouldn’t pick on the MENTALLY CHALLENGED, but the MORON Beta-male O’Rourke is “running” for President. He was anointed as the “Jesus Christ Superstar” of the Dimbulbcrats by MSNBC back when he was on the cover of Vain-ity Fair magazine.

Arm flapper O’Rourke keeps saying that the reason illegal immigrants are coming from Central American countries to the US is because we Citizens of the United States are the horrible RACISTS causing a global warming induced DROUGHT which is forcing folks from Central America to flee their dying uninhabitable countries.  This is a SCIENCE as told to Beta by Scientists.

Oh my. Never let facts get in the way of a story when you’re flapping your arms as you try and take flight.

According to Beta-male, the DROUGHT in Central America is caused “Not by god, not by nature…” but by the horrible people of the United States. Here are the rainfall totals in millimeters for 2008 and 2014 for the countries in question.

  • Guatemala  2008 total 1996 mm,   20014 total 1996 mm
  • Honduras    2008 total 1976 mm,   2014 total 1976 mm
  • El Salvador 2008 total  1724 mm,   2014 total 1784 mm
  • USA               2008 total   715 mm,   2014 total    715mm

In fact the average rainfall in the three Central American countries has remained consistently the same since 1961 which is as far back as I researched. Wait, El Salvador had more rain in 2014.  More is Less, if you’re a MORON.

But Beta talks to SCIENTISTS (who must be MORONS like himself), who tell him the facts aren’t the facts.  If you’re a MORON, consistently the same rainfall totals somehow indicates a decline in rainfall.  Maybe there’s a special scientific “decline” factor to correct the rainfall totals downward when evil RACISTS in the US who obviously hate BROWN PEOPLE are involved.

Okay maybe there is a shortage of food caused by the MYTHICAL US induced drought.

Exports from Honduras increased by about a billion dollars each year for the past couple of years. Their biggest export items are AGRICULTURAL products. That’s right FOOD.  And where are these shortage products from the dying country going? Turns out the United States is the biggest trading partner with Honduras. So the drought starved people of Honduras are coming to the US to eat the food that COULDN’T BE GROWN but was somehow exported. Hmmm, I guess that makes sense if you’re mentally challenged like Beta.

Maybe if Beta-male O’Rourke flaps his arms more he can cause some global cooling to fix the problem.

Moron After Moron Wants To Be The President

The Clinton News Network CNN is holding a “townhall” on climate change with all the Dimbulb bozos running for president. When I tuned in, Moron Fake Mexican, Beta-male O’Rourke was blathering on about how we KNOW that “hurricanes are increasing in frequency and strength” due to “our excesses“.  He droned that we must immediately adopt HIS PLAN to rid the US of carbon output in order to save the nation from the onslaught of ever increasing number and strength hurricanes.  He waved his arms and said that his climate plan would be the first thing he would do as our next El Presidente (see I too can do fake Mexican).

Oh, and he says he speaks to “The Scientists” which is what gives him the authority to preach to all of us on the subject.

MORON POLITICIANS such as Beta must speak with MORON SCIENTISTS.

Here are the FACTS about hurricanes frequency and strength from 1851 to 2004 by decade.

This information is from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You can read it HERE.

Umm, if you look at the NOAA SCIENTIFIC DATA hurricanes have been less frequent and less powerful in recent decades. The DATA show that the most FREQUENT and POWERFUL hurricanes happened from 1941-1950. 10 MAJOR HURRICANES and 24 TOTAL HURRICANES. Let’s crack open the history books. The presidents in that decade were Roosevelt and Truman, both DEMOCRATS. Apparently they didn’t sign the Paris Climate Accord or the Kyoto thingie. President Trump was born in 1946 so it MUST HAVE BEEN HIS FAULT.

The trend seems to be HURRICANES are decreasing in frequency and strength according to SCIENTIFIC DATA.

NOAA is currently states, “NOAA predicts near-normal 2019 Atlantic hurricane season” as of May 23, 2019. You can read their prediction HERE.

Does NORMAL back up the MORONS including Beta and the rest of the clowns screaming “Scientists say hurricanes will be more frequent and stronger”?

I don’t talk to MORON SCIENTISTS like Beta. It did take a lot of digging to come up with these FACTS. It took me all of 5 seconds to find this information.

Same Old WRONG Information

Sadly a lunatic killed 7 peopl in a senseless murder spree in Texas, yesterday.

Once again the MORONIC “journalists” such as Joyless Reid and all the Dimbulbcrat presidential candidates are all screaming, “We need to pass more gun controls laws!“. They keep spreading the same tired old arguments that because the United States allows CITIZENS to possess firearms that everyone is afraid to venture out onto the streets.

As I’ve pointed out before, allowing CITIZENS to possess firearms, as allowed by the Second Amendment, does not make the United States unsafe. So let’s look at the latest numbers compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC.

Our neighbors just South of the border in Mexico have a HOMICIDE rate of 24.8 people intentionally murdered per 100,000. There is NO PRIVATE FIREARMS OWNERSHIP in Mexico.

Let’s look a little further South to Venezuela, the shining stat of SOCIALISM as pointed out by Bernie Sanders and many HOLLYWEIRD ELITES such as Naomi Klein, Sean Penn, and Danny Glover. The HOMICIDE rate is 45.1 people intentionally murdered per 100,000.  There is NO PRIVATE FIREARMS OWNERSHIP in Venezuela.

Obviously using Libtard logic the United States with the plethora of firearms in the hands of average Joe Sixpack SHOULD have a sky high HOMICIDE RATE, right?

Here’s the frightening number: 5.3 murdered per 100,000

Oh my goodness! Take cover!  Obviously a country without firearms is much safer even if the data doesn’t show that.  As Joe Biden says, “We choose TRUTH over FACTS“.

The Libtards would say that this is an unfair comparison because Mexico and Venezuela are NOT on the same developed country status as the US. I guess they are saying that because they are full of stupid brown people who run wild in the streets, it’s not a fair comparison. Hmmm, does that seem maybe a little bit RACIST?

You can look up the UNODC numbers for yourself at,