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Go AG Barr!

The Mueller Report was released by Attorney General William Barr, yesterday.  If you want to read the report for yourself, you can read it and download a pdf HERE.

To recap events, AG Barr released a summary of findings of the reports which lit the Leftists up because he summarized that NO collusion by President Trump, his campaign, or any other American was found  and that there was NO conclusive evidence of obstruction of justice by President Trump.

Just prior to the public release of the Mueller Report, AG Barr held a news conference to go over the report and the redacted text. He took questions from the media horde.

One young, moronic “reporter” stated that AG Barr’s actions in releasing the Mueller report was TOO FAVORABLE to President Trump in her words an “UNPRECEDENTED SITUATION“.

AG Barr responded back to the MORON with a question, “So, is there another PRECEDENT for it?“.

The MORON had to reply, “No, but…“.

So UNPRECEDENTED is an inaccurate decription, isn’t it?“, questioned AG Barr to the MORON.

MORON replied, “Yes“.

AG Barr responded, “Okay” and then he moved on.

That was a brilliant exchange by AG Barr with the “fake news media“.

The FAKE NEWS MEDIA found out that they were picking a fight someone much more intelligent than themselves.  The only problem is that the MORONS who are supposedly reporting “news” are too stupid to realize they were spanked by AG Barr.

Time To Flee. Oh The Humanity

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of “asylum seekers” coming from Central American countries, most coming from Guatemala and Honduras.

Here’s what the Honduran “asylum seekers” are fleeing from:

And here are some of the deplorable, oppressive conditions in Guatemala:

HGTV has several episode of people from Canada and the US buying properties and moving to Honduras. You can watch the episode of a Canadian couple buying their dream home in Honduras, HERE.  Oddly the episode is titled, “A Little Piece of Paradise“.

The wife says, “I can’t wait to wake up to this every single morning!” as she describes Honduras.  Obviously no one has told the stupido Norte Americanos that they need to flee to the United States to avoid the persecution.

I’ve done some fly fishing on several of the islands off the coast of Honduras and it’s a beautiful place.  But obviously without my “progressive” sunglasses I couldn’t see how oppressed I was.  Sheesh and I paid money to go there.

I Can’t Hear It

After the President Trump’s State of The Union speech last night I heard on the communist’s news channels that parts of the speech were yet again a “racist dog whistle“.   Technically, a person cannot hear a dog whistle. How is it that only RACISTS hear the dog whistle?

Okay, in the vernacular of Low Intelligence News Reporters (LINRs), “dog whistle” appears to translate into a “coded message” to RACISTS, which cannot be interpreted by the enlightened class of dumbocrats.

Back the F’ing truck up a few feet. If it’s a coded message that only RACISTS can understand, how are the LINRs able to understand the message? Are they also RACISTS? I would conclude that they must be de facto RACISTS!

Maybe we can back the F’ing truck up a few more feet. Perhaps there’s a SECRET code book for RACISTS that they use to translate the President’s speech. I can’t find the ISBN for “The Racist’s Codebook”, but I’ve compiled a list of terms that the LINRs and dumbocrats appear to use when listening to anything that the President says.

  • “Wall” = “I hate brown people”
  • “MS-13” = “I hate nice brown boys riding bicycles”
  • “Law and order” = “I hate black people”
  • “MAGA” = “I hate black people”
  • “National Anthem” = I hate black people”
  • “Capitalism” = “I hate brown and black people”
  • “Terrorist” = “I hate Muslims”
  • “Constitution” = “Only for white people”
  • “Taxes” = “Not for rich white people”
  • “Pro Life” = “I hate women”
  • “Innocent” = “I don’t believe women”
  • “Nationalism” = “I am Hitler”

I hope this helps…