I Heard Frisco Real Estate Was Expensive, But…

I just read an article that we, the US tax payers, may end up paying for housing the homeless in San Francisco as a result of President Biden’s executive order which he signed on his first day in office.

The officials in Frisco decided to house the homeless in HOTELS as part of their master PLAN to get them a place of residence.  President Biden mentioned this PLAN when he signed the executive order, implying that the Frisco PLAN would be covered as part of the new LAW.

Now for the GOOD PART.

Frisco politicians are spending $18,000,000.00 per month to house 2200 people. That works out to $8,182 per month PER PERSON. Once again let’s put these numbers into perspective.

Home loans are about 3%. $8000 simoleons per month lets you buy a $1,950,000.00 house. Almost a $2 MILLION dollar house. Not bad for a meth head wouldn’t you say?  Will someone buy me a $2 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE?!?!  If a couple of homeless folks got married, they could equivalently purchase a $4 MILLION DOLLAR pad.

This place in Frisco might go to someone in need, thanks to President Biden and his most generous plan to spend your money.  It’s listed for just over $4 MILLION.

Who needs to work hard or even win a lottery? Just hang out in Frisco and wait for the government to give you a nice big house with a view.

When Counselors Respond

The lunatic “Defund the Police” movement calls for counselors to respond to 911 calls rather than law enforcement. The mantra is that the counselors will, with their magical powers, peacefully de-escalate ANY situation, while the those who hold the thin blue line only know one skill and that is to kill more people of a certain skin color.  As Alexie Occasional Cortex says, “Defunding the police means defunding police“.

The city of Los Angeles listened to their esteemed leader and has cut the budget for the police.

I read this headline today:

Los Angeles counselor fatally beaten at children’s home trying to break up fight

Yup, counselors are the answer.