The Real Reason

The People’s Republik of Kalifornia is crashing along to become a “sanctuary state” as are several other states. The “leaders” say that we are doing this for compassionate reasons and that this is what America stands for.

Okay, let’s look at the number to see if we can figure out where these “American values” truly come from.

One of the big arguments that I hear from the “progre-sissies” is that illegal immigrants contribute a large part to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In quick terms GDP is the total dollar amount of salaries paid OR the total dollar amount of money spent in a region, state, or country. The figure tossed about is $130 billion dollars that illegals contribute towards the national GDP. Now if we look at the number of illegals in the United States, that number is “officially” 11.1 million people. Using regular employment hours that works out to an average wage of, wait for it, $5.86 per hour.

Whoa there Nellie.  The national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The minimum in the PRK is $10.50 per hour, heading up to $12.00 per hour in a couple of years.

Hmmm, you can pay an illegal about half of what a legal resident gets paid here in the PRK in just wages alone. I say wages alone, because if you are legally employing someone there are additional items that an employer must pay including workman’s comp, medical, vacation, insurances, etc. which make up a compensation package. That can add 50% to 100% more to what is paid. In reality it would cost up to 4 times more to have a legal worker  work a job than what it would cost to have an illegal work that job.

That’s why the “leaders” in areas with large numbers of illegals want them to remain here in our country.  If the keepers of the state kicked out all the illegals, who would do the jobs that they currently perform at below minimum wage?

Let me state right here that the vast majority of illegals in our country are hard working people and not a threat to society.

Here’s the rub.  If all of these hardworking folks who are getting paid much less than minimum wage were to be kicked out of our country, prices would rise on the cost of goods and services.  Who would work the in the fields harvesting by hand?  Who would sew goods?  Who would work in the food service industry?  Who would provide maid services?  Who would provide gardening services?  Who would load and unload trucks?  Who would do the heavy lifting in the construction industry?  Who would be willing to work any hard job for less than minimum wage and with no benefits?

And who is benefiting the most from the sweat off the backs of undocumented?  Surprisingly it’s the most hated folks of the progre-sissy movement, the wealthy.  The cheaper the labor, the more the profit.  Simple economics is the REAL REASON that we need illegal immigrants.  It’s interesting how those in power have managed to convince the progre-sissies that this is all about compassion.  It has nothing to do with compassion, only about profit.  If they couldn’t be exploited I’d bet that you wouldn’t hear much about protecting that class within our country.  If the illegal population were taking away jobs from the progre-sissies I’d again bet we wouldn’t hear a great outcry to keep them here.

I hear lots of noise about keeping illegals here working. Have you heard any “progre-sissies” demanding higher pay for illegal immigrants?

Why do I hear only crickets?

We’re At WAR!

I’ve been hearing more and more politicians, ex-politicians, pundits, and other blathering idiots declaring that Russian interference with our election in 2016 is an “Act of War“.  Okay, let’s run with that premise.  If it is an act of war against us, what should be our response?  If we use the President Obama playbook, we should be targeting President Putin with some drone strikes.  Anyone think that would be a good idea?

Is Putin a bad guy?  In my book unquestionably yes!  I’m in no way defending the man.  But let’s look at what seems to have happened during the electoral process.

More rhetorical questions.  Were any vote tallies “hacked” or falsely generated by Russian interference?  Is there any evidence that the election process itself was tampered in ANY WAY?  Nope.  The answer by ALL the intelligence agencies is a resounding NO.   So what was THE ACT OF WAR?

Well, someone, MOST LIKELY, the Russians or their operatives broke into the Democratic National Committee’s email server, John Podesta’s email account, and possibly Hillybob’s non-government approved email server.  That was the basis for this so called ACT OF WAR.  Let’s take a closer look at this act of war.

I have disdain for “real”  hackers of all types.  Anyone who breaks into computer systems whether for fun, profit, or mayhem is a criminal and should have at a minimum, their genital parts removed.  Breaking into the DNC email server and Podesta’s email account was flat out wrong.

How could this have been prevented?  Well some simple security measures on their servers would have prevented the DNC problem.  If Podesta wasn’t an idiot getting scammed for his password, that could have easily been prevented.

BUT the simplest solution would been to have RUN AN HONEST CANDIDATE AND HAVE HONEST PEOPLE RUNNING THE CAMPAIGN.  What came out?  DNC Chairman Wasserman-Schultz was derailing Sander’s campaign.  Her replacement, Interim DNC Chairmain Donna Brazile was forwarding questions to Hillybob BEFORE she was questioned at a town hall event. We also found out that Dems look at Hispanics as “Needy Latinos”.  We saw that they have similar disdain for other minorities that vote for them.  We also found out that the Dem machine hates Christians of all denominations, Catholics and Evangelicals alike.

Hey, liberals, how about next time, try to have some VALUES and live HONORABLY by those values.  That way even if you get hacked, there won’t be huge coils of rope to hang yourselves with!

Having Their Cake And…

Yesterday, a San Francisco “lawmaker” (breaker), put forth a bill to BAN doing business with companies that just SEEK to bid on President Trump’s border wall.

An Oakland city councilman and the Berkeley mayor joined in with the lawbreaker Supervisor Hillary Ronen, stating that this legislation is “beyond symbolic” and “upholds basic principles” held by San Francisco.

Back the freaking truck up!

Aren’t these the same “Progre-sissies” who condemn bakers in the Midwest who REFUSED to do business with a gay couple, even though the bakers believe doing so is against their “basic principles“?

Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting that laws and forcing compliance only applies to those that have views different than the Progre-sissy agenda.  Any law that is contrary to The Sissy view can be ignored.  Any law that is against conservatism should be vigorously enforced.  So said Governor Moonbeam, here in the People’s Rebublik of Kalifornia as he and his staff will pick and choose which Federal laws they will comply with or disobey, based not upon the rule of law, but on their feelings of moral righteousness.  Looks like you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.

And let’s not forget that here in the PRK the United States Constitution is not cast in stone and we can have law based upon whatever we feel like at the moment.  This was declared by PRK Komrade Senator Feinstein, yesterday, when she said during the Supreme Court conformation hearings for Judge Gorsuch, the Constitution is an “evolving” set of principles that changes with the times.  It may have been one thing before, it can be another thing today, and it may be yet another thing tomorrow according to Feinstein’s world view of “moral relativism”.  The intent of the writers of the US Constitution has no bearing today according to the good Komrade.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Frisco has adopted this philosophy as well, when they “legislate from the bench”.

Once again, can you hear my head banging on my desk?