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You Think We Can Go To Mars?

NASA and the President talk about landing men on Mars.

I say that it won’t happen.

When the leadership in our country is worrying about renaming “Manholes” to “Maintenanceholes” because any word with “Man” in it is offensive to all of the 97 made up genders, there is NO way that we could come together to put men on Mars.

Additionally when the government leadership celebrates passing laws that prohibit a veterinarian from DECLAWING A CAT and that same leadership also celebrates passing laws allowing doctors to terminate a human baby’s life right up to the moment of birth, I somehow doubt we have the wherewithal to put together a program to land men on Mars.

Oh yeah, unlike John F. Kennedy who declared in 1961 “...of landing a MAN on the moon…“, we would today spend all of our time and money arguing about the gender declaration that would land on Mars.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and the other 95 genders are from Uranus.  Mars,  it ain’t gonna happen.

Solar Panels To Save The Planet

The overlords of the “New (stupid) Green Deal” want to “save the planet” by converting completely to renewable energy. Never mind the fact that the true purpose is to redistribute wealth, which I’ll cover in a future post.

Time to look at some numbers.

The United States has a yearly total electrical generation output of over 4,000,000,000,000,000 Wh. More than 4 Quadrillion Watt-hours if you don’t want to look at all those zeroes.  Now we are going to ignore the fact that solar doesn’t work at night which the “New GREED Dealers” also seem to ignore.  We are also going to ignore that SOLAR only produces 10% USEFUL electricity.  That means this analysis may actually be TEN TIMES more optimistic in favor of our “New GREED Dealer” overlords.  We will add in the energy requirements to replace dinosaur burning cars.

The US uses about 142,980,000,000 gallons of gasoline.  Almost 143 Billion gallons of gasoline.  The average fuel economy of cars is 26.2 miles per gallon.  Unlike most “New GREED Dealers”, I actually have an electric vehicle.  It gets about 4.8 miles per kilowatt-hours on a good day.  Teslas SUCK almost TWICE as much electricity, but we’ll use my consumption numbers and we’ll also ignore the conversion loss to charge the batteries (which in actuality is not small) to help the “New GREEN Deal” overlords’ case.  Working the math that means gasoline would need to be replaced by an additional 780,000,000,000,000 watt-hours.  Tack on a measly 780 TRILLION MORE Wh.  That gives us 4.78 Quadrillion Watt-hours of electricity we need to get from Mr. Sun.

I personally have a solar system on my house in the Sun Belt of the US and I’m the climate denying MAGA guy who drives an electric car. How many of the “New GREED Dealers” have solar?   My system generates about  9 MILLION Watt-hours per year. That would mean that we would need 531 MILLION installations similar to mine to replace the electrical production of the US.

Can that be accomplished?

That means EVERY MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD in the United States would be on the hook for nearly 2 solar installations. Doesn’t everyone LIVING PERSON own 2 houses to put solar panels on?

And how much would this cost?

$9,600,000,000,000.00.  That’s $9.6 TRILLION DOLLARS again if you don’t want to count all the zeroes.  EVERY MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD would need to be taxed $30,000.00!  $120,000.00 for that mythical family of four.  Good thing we’ll all have free college tuition because there goes that college fund.

Since political pundits like throwing around Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers, that would be about HALF of the United States GDP!

But wait it gets better!

Have the “New GREED Dealers” looked at where the money goes? Of course we know that they looked at where the money comes from and that would be taxes. But where does the money go?

About 2/3rds of the money goes to the maker of the panels. And who makes the panels you might ask? The answer would be our best friends in CHINA!

We will send $6.4 TRILLION buckaroos to CHINA to satisfy our overlords of the “New GREED Deal”.

Again to throw GDP numbers around, that would boost China’s GDP by 52%! A 52% boost to the second largest economy in the world.  Take from the socialist US and give to the communist Chinese.  Yeah baby!

Remember these numbers might be only 10% of what it may actually cost.  That means $96 TRILLION (almost 5 TIMES US GDP!) will be coughed up by we of the “industrial proletariat” (quoting socialist favorite Karl Marx) and the “bourgeoisie New GREED deal” will give $64 TRILLION of that to our good friends in CHINA.  Talk about a big TRANSFER OF WEALTH.

Hey, “New GREED Dealers”, which do you recommend that I learn to speak, Mandarin or Cantonese?

Your Watch Won’t Keep Time Next Year

Here’s some news that I haven’t heard reported in the “media”.

If you own an “atomic” watch, clock, appliance, irrigation system, or any other device that keeps accurate time and is not hooked up to the Internet, it will no longer keep accurate time starting next year.

As part of the US government’s brilliant cost cutting measures they are planning to shutdown the TIME and frequency reference radio stations known as WWV, WWVH, and WWVB, which have been in operation since 1920. These stations transmit a time reference based on the National Institute of Standards’ (NIST) atomic clock which is used by many timekeeping devices. The government’s argument is that MOST timekeeping is now synchronized with GPS. Unfortunately that is PATENTLY FALSE! It’s estimated that there are at least 50 MILLION devices IN USE that depend on WWVB to maintain accurate time.

Here are some FACTS. The electronics to synchronize time to WWVB are smaller, lower power (greener), and less expensive than a GPS based solution. I have several “atomic” watches that look like regular wristwatches but they keep spectacularly accurate time, and because they are so ENERGY EFFICIENT they are powered by a built in solar cell. They require NO batteries (again greener) and NEVER need recharging (once again greener) versus something like an Apple watch which is GPS based. I have a couple of GPS based watches and they are much larger than my “atomic” watches and they require recharging every few days which is a big inconvenience.

Now how much is the government going to SAVE when they shut off service to MILLIONS of users?  Oh it’s a lot of money.  The savings will be…

$6.3 million.  That’s millions folks, NOT billions.

You can read the proposed NIST budget cuts HERE.

Once again, in all its BRILLIANCE, our CONGRESS is going to ORPHAN off a perfectly viable technology, WITHOUT TELLING US.

MILLIONS of CITIZENS CURRENTLY USE this technology but Congress WON’T fund $6.3 million because they have greater priorities such as making sure they have BILLIONS of dollars to fund some giveaway program for ILLEGALS.

Cut services to citizens” should be their new motto.

Gotta love those politicians.