Not The Whole Story? Something Sounds Fishy

China has a VIRUS that is spreading in the city of Wuhan. So far as of today (1-25-2020) there are reported to have been 56 deaths and and 1975 known cases.  The story is that the disease originated in the FISH MARKET.

What’s FISHY (bad pun intended) about all of this is that the Chinese government is treating this like a plague that may possibly wipe out huge swaths of the population. The government has locked down travel in and out of the city of Wuhan. They are building TWO emergency hospitals to house thousands of people. Reporting says that 14,000 hazmat suits and 110,000 pairs of gloves have been sent to the city. Just now the Chinese government has CANCELED (prohibited) all Lunar New Years celebration across ALL OF MAINLAND CHINA!  ALL major tourist attractions across China have been closed, INDEFINITELY.  This sort of response seems suspiciously EXCESSIVE for LESS than 2000 cases.

Just to give an idea of the number of deaths from ONE common disease, in the US about 50,000 people DIE from the FLU EVERY YEAR and we don’t build special hospitals or allocate thousands of hazmat suits. In the 2017-2018 flu season between 80,000 to 100,000 people died and nothing extraordinary was done other than to issue some warnings about washing your hands and getting the flu shot.

The type of response by the Chinese government seems much TOO LARGE for so few cases.


There is some sparse reporting that the VIRUS may have come from a breach in the WUHAN INSTITUTE OF VIROLOGY which is rumored to actually be a BIOWEAPONS FACILITY.

Makes you wonder if the Chinese government isn’t telling an accurate story. Nah, what reason would they have to LIE?

The New Progressive Hobo Plan


All of the Dimbulbs are pushing for more railroads across the nation. The loony barmaid AOC wants more railroads. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, self professed centrist, is also (pun ahead) onboard.   Uncle Joe on his website touts that this will be a major push by his administration when he becomes king, err, president.  Crazy Uncle Joe wants to put more money into the FAILED Kalifornia high-speed rail project to waste BILLION$ of taxpayer money. It should only take a $100 BILLION to finish the train to nowhere. Taxing Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will easily pay for that. Between the two of them they have about $100 BILLION in net worth. Wealth redistribution, baby!

Along with the railroad expansion is a push for high density, low income housing. The People’s Republik of Kalifornia has SB 50 which is attempting to waive zoning laws, allowing wealthy investors to build high density housing near “major transit centers”. A “major transit center” is defined in the bill interestingly as a “rail transit station“. Once again on a national level, Crazy Uncle Joe is onboard with the idea of high density housing near his choo-choo trains.

So what do trains and high density housing near the railroad tracks have to do with a NEW PROGRESSIVE HOBO PLAN?

During the Great Depression of the 1930s there were a large number of working men known as HOBOS.  They traveled by “hopping trains” that is stowing away illegally on a trains in order to travel between cities to find work.  They lived packed in camps known as HOBO JUNGLES near RAIL STOPS.

When the Progressive Commies which includes Crazy Uncle Joe, ruin the economy of the US and we all tail spin into the NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION, we’ll once again have the railroads and the hobo jungle life to look forward to.

I’ll leave you with a tune “Boxcar Willie” as you look forward to the romance of riding the rails.

Perhaps Crazy Nancy Is Craftier Than I Realized

In my previous post I postulated that Crazy Nancy may postpone handing over the Articles of Impeachment until after the February primaries in order to allow the Comrade Bernie, Pocahontas, Spartacus, and Salad Lady to remain on the campaign trail. However, Nancy is making noises that she may walk the letters over next week.

Perhaps this is more strategic than I initially suspected.

Let’s look at a few of facts. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, like Hillybob has been pre-ordained by the Establishment Dimbulbcrats-in-charge as the next president. Uncle Joe keeps tripping over himself every time he opens his mouth. Uncle Joe is falling in the polls as the preferred candidate.

By releasing the Articles next week, as I mentioned in my previous post, the 4 loony senators will be tied up in the Impeachment trial in the senate and will not be able to campaign. This give Crazy Uncle Joe the ability to saturate the early primary states with his silly stories, WITHOUT any direct PUSHBACK from the other leading candidates. Currently the Comrade and Pocahontas have been giving Uncle Joe crap about his voting for the Iraq war. If they’re forced to sit in the Senate chamber arguing over rules of conduct and witness lists, listening to testimony, asking questions, and voting to remove the President, how much crap could they give to Uncle Joe?


Crafty as a fox Nancy my be strategically releasing the Articles to help prop up the flailing ORDAINED ONE on the campaign trail. If Uncle Joe can’t garner enough votes to win the nomination outright the only option will be a brokered convention. Nancy doesn’t want the Dimbulbcrat National Convention to end up as a brokered convention where the “super delegates” will end up picking Uncle Joe as the nominee and once again shafting the Bernie contingent. She knows that will cause a civil war in the Dimbulbcrat party and perhaps fracturing the party into two separate parties, the Progressive Dimbulbcrat and the  Establishment Dimbulbcrat parties.  A fractured party will guarantee a Trump victory in 2020.

Interesting times ahead.