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The Great Toilet Paper Shortage

I went shopping at the local big chain grocery store this morning and lo and behold, they had TOILET PAPER!

Why people are hoarding TOILET PAPER is a bit a mystery to me.

I do have to say, I did feel the urge to pick up a package even though I don’t need any. The herd mentality in myself was thinking, “I should buy it because everyone else is buying and hoarding it“. Then I thought, “Why do I want to buy something I don’t need?

As I walked on past the TOILET PAPER, I hesitated and took a glance back, but I got better and left the butt wipers on the shelf.

Toot toot! Did they think this through?

Someone changed the “Whistleblower” statute to allow HEARSAY as evidence for an accusation. The change to “hearsay is good enough” seems suspiciously timed to allow for some swampy character to accuse the President of maleficence. Be that as is may, did those who amended the statute think what the consequences of their actions means in the broader scope?

If one only requires HEARSAY to file a complaint within government and government CONTRACTING, what prevents ANYONE from filing a complaint against a COMPETITOR?

Let’s examine a scenario.

Any employee of Spacely Sprockets which has a second source contract to Cogwell’s Cogs, supplying the government with cogs, can file a complaint against the Cogwell’s Cogs for ANYTHING. The employee of Spacely Sprockets may allege that Cogwell’s Cogs is using substandard materials in the cogs supplied in their government contract. It will take weeks, months, even years to investigate the ALLEGED maleficence of Cogswell’s Cogs. In the meantime Spacely Sprockets will supply all the cogs while Cogwell’s Cogs is under investigationBONUS for Business!


The employee of Spacely Sprockets who filed the complaint is completely protected from ANY LIABILITY!

“Whistleblowers” are protected by LAW to anonymity. Even if the identity of the “whisteblower” were discovered he would still be protected from liability because HEARSAY testimony is not considered EVIDENCE is a court of law. The “whistleblower” need only say “That’s what I BELIEVED that I heard”. The relieves him of any liability.

Ain’t the new law wonderful?

Things Go Better With Coke

Tesla in its March 31, 2019 quarterly filing with the SEC wrote, “,,, we may choose to seek alternative financing sources.” This is one method they proposed to pay down “near term debt obligations“.

Just as a footnote in automotive history another manufacturer turned to “ALTERNATIVE FINANCING” in an attempt to pay down debt.

In October of 1982, John DeLorean was charged with trafficking COCAINE as part of an FBI sting where DeLorean was attempting to bankroll a drug deal to keep his company, DeLorean Motor Cars, afloat. The sting involved 59 lbs of COCAINE worth and estimated $24 MILLION at the time.

What do you think Elon might be up to?