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Things Go Better With Coke

Tesla in its March 31, 2019 quarterly filing with the SEC wrote, “,,, we may choose to seek alternative financing sources.” This is one method they proposed to pay down “near term debt obligations“.

Just as a footnote in automotive history another manufacturer turned to “ALTERNATIVE FINANCING” in an attempt to pay down debt.

In October of 1982, John DeLorean was charged with trafficking COCAINE as part of an FBI sting where DeLorean was attempting to bankroll a drug deal to keep his company, DeLorean Motor Cars, afloat. The sting involved 59 lbs of COCAINE worth and estimated $24 MILLION at the time.

What do you think Elon might be up to?

Looks Rigged To Me

I just listened to Lizzie “Pocahontas” Warren announce her plans to run for president. Her speech was just a fecal-load of leftist talking points.

One of her talking points was how America is a RIGGED system for the very wealthy. She insinuated that there are only the wealthy and the poor. In her words, “the middle class has been hollowed out“. Her perception and I would assume the same for her supporters is that there is no possible path to bridge the gap without taking money from the “haves” and bequeathing it to the “have nots”.

Here are some facts about the top 10 BILLIONAIRES in the United States.

Jeff Bezos (55 years old, $130 Billion) is the richest man in the US. He was born to a 17 year old high school student mother and a father who owned a bicycle shop. Obviously he came from wealth. Rigged in his favor of course.

Bill Gates (65 years old, $96 Billion). Swaps back and forth with Bezos as the richest man, depending on the stock market. Born in Seattle WA. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a board member of a bank and United Way. Fairly wealthy parents, but not billionaires.

Warren Buffet (88 years old, $82.5 Billion) was born in Omaha NE to a father who was a congressman and grocery store owner. Yet another from great means.

Mark Zuckerberg (34 years old, $61.8 Billion) was born in White Plains NY to a dentist father and a psychiatrist mother. They would be an upper middle class family.

Larry Ellison (74 years old) was born in New York City to an unwed mother and a US Army Air Corp pilot. He was given up for adoption at 9 months. Another one born with a golden pacifier.

Larry Page (45 years old, $50.9 Billion) was born in East Lansing MI, the hot bed of wealth, to a college professor father and a programming instructor mother. More and more rigged wealth.

Sergey Brin (43 years old $49.6 Billion) was born in Moscow, Soviet Union. His family immigrated to the US where his father became a mathematics professor. He and his family lived on aid from the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society when they came to the United States. Another from great wealth.

Charles Koch (83 years old $49.4 Billion) was born in Wichita KS to a chemical engineer father who was in the oil business. His grandfather was an immigrant who founded a railway so his family had money. We found another who started out with some wealth.

David Koch (78 years old $49.4 Billion) is Charles Koch’s younger brother.  He owns an identical 42% of Koch Industries.

Michael Bloomberg (76 years old, $48.6 Billion) was born in Boston MA to a father who was an accountant at a dairy company. His grandparents were Russian immigrants. More pesky Russians.

And I’ve also included one more individual who is no longer with us.

Steve Jobs (would be 66 years old, died at 55, $36.1 Billion) was born in San Francisco CA to a Syrian father and an unwed mother. Adopted at birth by blue collar parents. Yet one more who obviously came from a dynasty of means.

I don’t see the names Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Hearst, Kennedy, or any other names that might be considered dynasties of the olden days. There are “Baby Boomers” and “Millennials” who make up the top 10 Billionaires list.  Almost all of them are self made and came from working class or middle class families. Several of them had life events that should have made them victims in the Pocahontas defined “RIGGED SYSTEM”,  which would have PREVENTED them from ever making anything of their lives.

Seems crystal clear that the American Dream is dead and no one can succeed in this country without BIG GOVERNMENT giving you FREE SHIT.

Lizzie, tell me again, how should we change the system to make if better?

Let Me Get This Straight

New York Governor Andrew “Blowhard” Cuomo, is blaming President Trump’s sweeping FEDERAL TAX REFORM for his state’s $2.3 BILLION deficit.

Wait one. How does this happen?

Let’s see, the FEDERAL TAX REFORM is for FEDERAL taxes. How does that reduce New York STATE TAX dollars collected?

Near as I can tell looking at their tax laws, FEDERAL TAX REFORM DOESN’T reduce the STATE’S ability to collect taxes. In fact my reading is that it should INCREASE STATE TAXES collected because those who itemize deduction have fewer ways of adjusting their gross income downwards for STATE TAX calculations.

Why does the FEDERAL TAX REFORM lower STATE TAX collection?

New York State has by far the HIGHEST STATE TAX burden in the nation. These ENORMOUS STATE TAXES were fully deductible to reduce FEDERAL TAX liability.  There is now a cap of $10,000 of State and Local Taxes {SALT) as a deduction on FEDERAL INCOME TAX.  Before the FEDERAL TAX REFORM ACT taxpayers in all the other 49 states were SUBSIDIZING NEW YORK TAXES!  You can read my analysis of why limiting the SALT is FAIR to the nation HERE.  Now who does the limits on SALT affect the most?  That would be the folks in the UPPER INCOME brackets.

Seems that those in the UPPER INCOME brackets that PAY MOST OF THE TAXES are opting to leave New York state now that the GIGANTIC STATE TAX LIABILITIES are no longer SUBSIDIZED by TAXPAYERS who don’t live in New York.

Even “Blowhard” Cuomo recognizes some of the problem. He was quoted as saying, “This is the flip side. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. The rich leave, and now what do you do?”

The Dumbocrat platform of the GREEN NEW DEAL is all for more of “TAX THE RICH“.  Lizzy “Pocahontas” Warren wants a FEDERAL 90% marginal tax rate on “the wealthy”. Alexandria “Occasional-Cortex” Ocasio-Cortez is stumping for a 75% tax rate. We can see what happens in the real world when you tax the heck out of people. The money is pulled off the table before it gets into play.

This is why many of the big “American” companies pay their taxes in Ireland. The FEDERAL TAX REFORM ACT allowed some of this money to return to the US soil. If we get a Dumbocrat controlled government in 2020 and they repeal the tax reform act as they have promised, expect earnings to return to Irish soil.

You’ll never get me Lucky Charms!