Tax Transparency

Joe Biden claims he has never taken “one penny” from a foreign entity. What if we take his word for this?

Looking at his “released” tax returns we see these interesting numbers.

In 2016, the last full year Crazy Uncle Joe was vice president, he filed jointly with his wife and they had a combined GROSS income of $395,456.00. The vice president’s salary is $235,100.00. That means his wife and their other income sources (rentals, interest, etc.) was $160,356.00 which is possible.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

In 2017, when Crazy Uncle Joe was unemployed for 11 months, he and his wife had a GROSS income of $9,578,639.00 !!!

I’d say the “Big Guy” did pretty well for not having a job.

Oddly, $9,490,857.00 comes from a MYSTERIOUS CORPORATION named CelticCapri Corp. He has another $557,882.00 from a second MYSTERIOUS CORPORATION named Giacoppa Corp. That’s $10,048,739.00 folks.  Heck of a revenue stream.

The Bidens’ distribute most of the payout of the CORPORATIONS as profit because it’s taxed at a LOWER RATE than the CORPORATE RATE. “The Big Guy” is somewhat right when he says “corporations don’t pay their fair share“. He doesn’t. Also these pass through corporations DON’T PAY Social Security Taxes or Medicare Taxes,  again shorting the government.  Good work “Big Guy” not paying your fair share.


I described the corporations as MYSTERIOUS because the dollars generated by Crazy Uncle Joe’s CORPORATIONS are essentially UNTRACEABLE. Joe claims the money came from his speaking engagements. Why do you need TWO CORPORATIONS to get paid for making speeches?  Anyone could have purchased $1000.00 tickets to a speech.  Did the organizers or Uncle Joe ask the purchasers if they have ties to a foreign government?  Hmm, do you think any of his speeches were paid for by money from the COMMUNIST CHINESE, UKRANIANS, RUSSIANS, or ANY OF HUNTER BIDEN’S BUSINESSES?

10 held by H for the big guy?

Halloween Is OFF!

No Halloween “Trick or Treating” in the state of Kalifornia. According to the Department of Public Health:


Trick-or-treating without necessary modifications promotes congregating and mixing of many households, particularly on crowded doorsteps, which can increase the spread of COVID-19. That type of mixing is not currently permitted in California.

It’s ILLEGAL to go trick or treating.

I have a stock of candy ready to give out IF any kids come by my house this Oct. 31. My plan is to wear Nitrile gloves and put the candy into the kids’ bags, without touching anything. Normally I let the little kids pick their own candies out of the bowl, but I don’t want to be called a “White supremacist super spreader“, even if I am a “Yellow slant eye“.  Every year in the past I have had at least 100 kids come to my door.  Most of them are Hispanic kids.  Their parents bring them to my “nice” neighborhood where it’s safe on the streets.  I think that is a wonderful thing.

The government is taking all the fun away from CHILDREN in this state.

Fuck ’em, I’m handing out candy.

Do The “Smart” Senators Understand What They’re Saying?

Yesterday, during the Senate questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett (ACB), Sheldon Whitehouse the Dimbulbcrat blowhard senator from Rhode Island went through a lengthy diatribe about the Janus decision. The Janus decision overturned a previous decision known as Aboob, and is now the law of the land.  The Janus decision prevents unions from coercing money from non-union workers, if the union believed the non-union worker benefited from a collective bargaining agreement. Basically the previous decision (Aboob) set a precedence that allowed the unions to extort money from non-union workers.

The discussion was interesting because of the point that Whitehouse (WH) alluded to. He set the “basic standard way” of how court cases should originate.  The discussion went as follows:

WH: “Ordinarilly it begins with a person, right?
ACB: “Correct
WH: “And that person feels and injury?
ACB: “Yes
WH: “And that person goes to a lawyer?
ACB: “Yes
WH: “And that lawyer goes on their behalf to court…
ACB: “And files a complaint
WH: “And files a complaint, and then in court they try to win and vindicate their injury.  That’s the basic standard way that this works.”
ACB: “Yes
WH: “So it gets a little WEIRD sometimes and that’s the circumstance I’d like to bring up to you…

Whitehouse goes on to tell the saga of Janus wending its way to the Supreme Court.

WH: “And from everything I can see, they (the lawyers) actually went out and found a plaintiff. So back to our earlier discussion, it wasn’t an injured person who hired a lawyer, it was a legal group that found a plaintiff

The dimbulb senator was pointing out the strange circumstances of the origination of this case and he went on to say that this was because of “dark money” funding the union busting case.

I wonder if Whitehouse cleared this position with his “trial lawyer” friends that support him?

Some of the monetarily largest case are Class Action lawsuits. In almost all Class Actions the lawyers actively SOLICIT to find plaintiffs to make up a class. You can see these solicitation on almost every broadcast channel. “Have you suffered cancer from using baby powder?“, ” Do you have Mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos?“, “Have you been molested while in the Boy Scouts?“, just to name a few. Hollyweird made a couple of movie, “Erin Brokovich” and “The Rainmaker” that glorified the practice of solicitation to obtain plaintiffs. Exactly what Dimbulb Whitehouse said is “WEIRD“.

What Whiteshouse deems as “WEIRD” is directly on point to the line of questions directed to Judge Barrett by the Dimbulbs on Roe v. Wade during this confirmation charade, Roe v. Wade was a group of lawyers who, once again wait for it, FOUND THEIR PLAINTIFF to bring the case to court. Again according to Whitehouse, this is “WEIRD” and shouldn’t have been allowed.  Hmm, what an odd position for a baby killer to take.

You can listen to the bizarre line of questioning HERE, if you want to torture yourself listening to a blowhard spewing legal mumbo jumbo.