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“Code Red!”, Biden screams

Today, after his vacation in Delaware, Crazy Uncle Joe toured New Jersey to look at the damage from Hurricane Ida,

He was screaming that the “Existential threat of climate change” is a “Code Red“, whatever the ‘F‘ that means. All the climate ‘scientists’ such as Chuckie Schumer, AOC, and the like, keep saying that the loss of life from Hurricane Ida was because the weather is more severe as a result of, wait for it, climate change.

Hurricane Ida was a Category 4 hurricane that became the SECOND MOST damaging hurricane to hit Louisiana. The most damaging was Katrina in 2005, 16 years ago. Hurricane Ida is tied for the strongest maximum winds at landfall with the Last Island Hurricane of, wait for it, 1856, 165 years ago!!!

Once again, riddle me this all you oh wise people of science.  WHY is it that the most destructive hurricane was 16 years ago and the windspeed was the same as a hurricane 165 years ago?

Shouldn’t Ida be the worst hurricane on record as the EXISTENTIAL THREAT of climate change is making the weather more severe according the the prognosticators of science?

Shouldn’t an 1856 hurricane have had LESS wind speed than a hurricane of today? We didn’t have automobiles, trucks, airplanes, and power plants pumping out EXISTENTIAL THREATENING carbon emissions 165 years ago,. There were fewer people producing less EXISTENTIAL THREATENING carbon emissions and a lot more forested land to sequester carbon. China and India were just backwards countries way back then and NOT the EXISTENTIAL THREATENING, carbon spewing industrial behemoths.  Weather should have been LESS severe using the ‘science‘ proclaimed by the intellectual class.

Almost all weather related events were WORSE in the past than they are today. 

Now ‘splain to me again how the Greenie New Dealers are 100% sure spending our tax dollars will solve this “EXISTENTIAL crisis“. 

Oh wait, maybe the weather will get worse because of ‘white supremacy‘ and ‘systemic racism’.  Or it’s Trump’s fault.

Death Of Rural Living

President Biden has declared his war on the oil and gas industries. Has he, anyone in his administration, or the supporters of this war on oil in Congress thought about the consequences of their actions on the way of life in America?

Rural living and the idea of freedom will have to END. The people in small towns and villages in Northern climates and in the state of Alaska will be forced to abandon their homes and way of life and to relocate to Southern states. Why? Many place that are not served by the electrical grid run on either individual or community generators. What powers these generators? Mostly diesel oil and some with with gasoline. Bye bye electricity. Many of these homes are heated with oil.

The “green new stealers” will tell these folks that they can switch over to renewable energy. In Northern climates that’s a sticky wicket. In winter time there is no sunshine at all in towns in Alaska, for months. 24 hours of darkness. Solar isn’t an option. You would need to invest over $1,000,000.00 per person in batteries to get through the periods of darkness. I assume every family of 4 has $4 MILLION in spare change.

Oh, they can use wind power, the “greenies” say. Well we saw what happened in Texas this winter when the windmills FROZE up during a cold snap and the whole power grid collapsed. And that was with only 25% of the power coming from wind turbines and cold that lasted only for a few days.  See how well they work after months of below zero temperatures.

No, with Uncle Joe’s war on oil, the most likely result will be Alaska will need to be abandoned and anyone who desires to live “off the grid” will also need to abandon their way of life and move to the Southern states.

Maybe the oil haters have thought about this.  President Biden and many in Congress are promoting high density housing to replace suburban living.  Perhaps there is a method to this seeming madness.

All the refugees from the North can sell weed to each other in their high density houses when Joe and company legalize that industry nationwide or they can move to China (and live in similar high density housing) and get those good paying John Kerry jobs, making solar panels.

Perhaps Uncle Joe will sell Alaska to the Chinese to pay for the high density housing, or we could trade the state for some solar panels.  The Chinese won’t care about “green new dealing” and they would be happy to have all the worthless oil and gas resources.

America, what a country.

Going Green

I own an electric vehicle. Call me Mr. Environmental Sucker. Here’s the issue.

The battery in my Nissan Leaf is going “Tango Uniform” as the folks in the military say. The car was originally touted as having a 100 mile range. Right now I’m limping around with about 50 miles of range and it’s still decreasing as time goes on. The simple solution should be, replace the battery. Here’s the problem.

Car companies would rather sell you a new vehicle instead of extending the life of an older model. What Nissan has been doing is raising the price of a replacement battery to make fixing the car unaffordable. According to the car has a private party value of $5000. The trade-in value is half of that, around $2,700. How much is a new identical replacement battery from Nissan? About $10,000!

There are some shops that will replace the battery with a used battery from a wrecked newer car and prices vary from $5000 to $9,500 depending on the capacity of the used battery. The upper end batteries are almost double the capacity of the original battery, increasing the range to 160 miles, which is an improvement.

At this point, I’m not sure if spending more money on the electric car is worth it. On top of the repair costs, here in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, the electric company has raised the rate of electricity. At peak times the charge is about $0.58 per kilowatt-hour. Compare that to the national average of about $0.12 per kilowatt-hour. If the battery were 100% efficient in charging (which it isn’t) and I was able to get the full 100 miles per charge (which I can’t) it would cost $14 to drive the 100 miles, best case. With gas at about $3.00 per gallon, the equivalent “gas mileage” is 21 miles per gallon. An equivalent sized gas car gets 30 or more miles per gallon, which means the gasser is 50% more cost effective to drive.  My bigazz, four-wheel drive, diesel pickup averages better than 25 miles per gallon beating the electric car on cost effectiveness.

Given all that, I have no idea what I’m going to to with my electric car.  Anyone want an electric vehicle?  I have a “Green New Deal” for you.

As an owner of an electric vehicle, “Going Green” means that “Green is Going out of my wallet“.