You No Play-a The Game, You No Make-a The Rules

You No Play-a The Game, You No Make-a The Rules“, the famous words from former Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz describing his view of the Pope’s stance on birth control.

Interestingly many if not ALL of the dumbocrat presidential candidates have the same view as good old Earl Butz when it comes to abortion. The candidates wrap this concept up in flowery speech, but fundamentally  they all believe that only the pregnant woman can rationally decide the fate of the unborn child.  Never mind that an unplanned conception was probably not a rational choice.

Mayor Alfred E. Newman Buttigieg during the town hall last night said this about late term abortion including infanticide, “I think the dialogue has gotten so caught up on where to draw the line, that we’ve gotten away from the fundamental question of who gets to draw the line. And I trust women to draw the line when it’s their own health.

Um, Alfred, how about we use some of that there Rhodes Scholarly logic to another situations of terminating human life.

Using your learned, smoothly delivered view on choice, why don’t we let MURDERERS define what is MURDER. Most of the population hasn’t killed anyone but murderers have. MURDERERS would be uniquely qualified to determine what is and is not murder by your logic. A murderer should also be trusted to “draw the line when it comes to whom they kill or don’t kill.  Cue raucous supporters’ applause.

Wonderful plan, Alfred.

Great Idea, Spartacus

Presidential hopeful Spartacus Booker is proposing a national gun licensing program as a cornerstone to his plan to reduce gun violence. According to reporting in USA Today, the process would be similar to applying for a passport. Licensees would need to provide fingerprints and background information as well as documentation that they have passed a firearms safety course. The FBI would perform a background check to verify the ELIGIBILITY of the individual to exercise their Constitutional Second Amendment RIGHT.  After passing the FBI investigation the government would issue a license to possess a firearm.

Okay Spartacus, riddle me this. If you are willing to FORCE people to have a fingerprints and background checks performed on the CITIZENS of the United States before allowing them to have their Second Amendment Rights, why don’t EXTEND YOUR LOGIC and apply it to VOTING RIGHTS?  This will prevent voter fraud and insure that all voters are qualified to determine the direction of the United States.

The process would be similar to obtaining a passport.  Anyone who wants to vote would be required to provide fingerprints and background information proving their eligibility to vote in this country. They will also need to provide documentation that they understand the basics of government and the CONSTITUTION. The FBI would perform a background check to verify the ELIGIBILITY to individual to exercise their Constitutional Right to VOTE.  After passing the FBI investigation the government would issue a license to vote.

Voting is an important issue as voting determines the course of OUR COUNTRY. I keep hearing the liberal left saying “Elections have consequences”.  Let’s make sure that everyone who votes is LEGALLY ELIGIBLE AND QUALIFIED TO VOTE.

Whose Side Are They On?

Presidential candidate Cory Spartacus Booker has announced that he wants a “national gun” registry and that certain scary looking weapons will need to be forfeited by citizens.  He avoided answering whether or not he would incarcerate CITIZENS who refuse to bend to his will and choose to exercise their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT to “keep and bear arms“.

Other loonie dimbulbcrats want FELONS to vote while in prison. There is a lot of support for restoring VOTING RIGHTS to FELONS after they have served their time.

Just who are the Dimbulbcrat presidential candidates looking out for?

If you use their LOGIC, shouldn’t you also restore the SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT of a CONVICTED FELON who has SERVED his time? Obviously they have the wherewithal to decide the direction of our country, therefore it seems obvious that we should be able to trust their good judgement in handling firearms responsibly.

If Spartacus and other Dimbulbcrats have their way, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS should have their ability to defend themselves with a firearm LIMITED by government and released CONVICTED FELONS should be able to vote and possess firearms.

Now does anyone besides me think that this may be a recipe for disaster?