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How About We Ban This?

Brandeis University issued a set of “no no” words and phrases which they deem as offensive. Among these are the phrases, “Long time, no see” and “No can do“. They claim that these are offensive for the following reason. “These terms as well as other expressions using “broken” English originate from stereotypes making fun of non-native English speakers, particularly applied to indigenous people and Asians.

As an “Asian” I don’t find them offensive. In fact I don’t know anyone of any heritage that finds them offensive.

If we are banning phrases because they are missing the “articles” which some non-native speakers omit, we should start banning the communications used in text messages. How many times have we seen a message such as “Hw r u?” ? My response to Brandeis would be, “FU!“.

An expression that I find moronic is, “Woke“.

Let’s ban “Woke”. It makes absolutely no sense in today’s usage. A better word would be “Aware“. “Woke” originates from ghetto-speak, which I suppose makes it “cool” to use as everyone now days wants to be “gangsta“.

Why don’t we teach kids to use proper English rather than gutter-talk?

Oh yeah, that would be racist as only White Supremacists are capable of learning and speaking proper English.

An Apology

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, third in line for the presidency, “was setup” and obviously forced at gun point by White Supremacist Trump Supporters, who forcibly demasked her and then forced her to have her hair washed, at a San Francisco salon. Speaker Pelosi is DEMANDING AN APOLOGY from the salon owner who caught her breaking multiple state and local ordinances.

I figured that I should write an apology to Speaker Pelosi for the salon owner.

“Madam Speaker, I and truly sorry. I’m sorry that you are an ILLITERATE MORON. I understand that since you are a MORON, that it must be hard to remember that you said just a few weeks ago we need to have a ‘National mask mandate’.  For your lack of the mental abilities, for simple tasks such as remembering what you said, I am sorry.”

“Additionally I am truly sorry that you never learned to read. If you were able to read, you would have realized that your friend Governor Gavin Newsome closed down all beauty salons, such as mine, until he deems them safe to reopen. I also now realize that you COULD NOT READ the text of the ‘Affordable Care Act’, known as Obamacare, when you stated that, ‘We need to pass this to find out what’s in it‘. I have a collection of First Grade reading books and would be happy to teach you to read.”

“As a taxpayer I am willing to help a poor ILLITERATE MORON such as yourself adapt the the everyday challenges of life.”

“Once again let me reiterate how sorry I am that you are a world class MORON.