Ban Prop Guns!!!

Once again, the hysteria over firearms hits the press. Actor Alec Baldwin fired a weapon on a movie set and AT THIS MOMENT for unknown reasons ended up killing the director of cinematography.  This is a tragedy as is any death.

I have read several “news” reports citing the “SCORES” of firearms tragedies or “a long history” of firearms accidents on movie sets. Directors are calling for the banning of “prop guns” during the production of movies as they say computer generated graphics are good enough, even if they look fake. A director that I’ve never heard of named Craig Zobel said, “There’s no reason to have guns loaded with blanks or anything on set anymore,  (They) Should just be fully outlawed.”  Notice that he is calling for legislation not just an industry agreed to prohibition.

Once again, back the F’ing truck up a few yards.

In ALL of the “news” reports, only TWO incidences are cited, Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee. Hexum killed HIMSELF when he was fooling around with a pistol showing off to a female on the set, by placing the pistol to his head and firing a blank round into his skull. That was NOT an ACCIDENT, that was plain stupidity. Hexum was a MORON and splattered his own brain, therefore that doesn’t count as an “accident” or mishap.  Brandon Lee’s death happened because the armorer on set didn’t fully clear the weapon of a bullet, from a “dummy round”, which had become lodged in the cylinder of the revolver used in the scene. A subsequently loaded “blank round” propelled the lodged bullet down the barrel leading to the death of Lee. That was determined to be “negligence” on the part of the armorer. The facts are that prior to this incident involving Alec Baldwin there are a total of ONE death due to the USE OF FIREARMS on movie sets.

Perhaps the histrionic news media should review facts before writing stories. ONE is not MORE THAN FORTY (“scores“, a score is 20 so “scores” would imply 40 or more). ONE is not a “LONG HISTORY” of accidents.

More people have been killed while filming automobile and aircraft scenes in movies than by filming firearms scenes. Why isn’t there any outcry to eliminate cars and planes in movies?


I attended and open house event at a major manufacturer of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines. They were demonstrating robots to automate production and run the machines “lights out”, that is overnight without any human interaction.

I asked a sales rep how business has been going during this “age of COVID“. The rep told me that business has been BOOMING. They are selling machines as fast as they can make them. The rep said right now lead time on a new machine is 20 weeks. They are also having supply chain issues. The rep mentioned that they too are suffering from the chip shortage as they can’t get everything to build up the “computer controllers” for the machines.

I asked the rep what sectors were creating the demand for machines and the response was quite interesting. The rep said that the “TOY manufacturers” are buying up machines. The definition of “TOYS” is not Barbies and Hot Wheels, but  gun parts, automotive accessories, and other flashy accessory bits. The rep speculated that all of the COVID relief money, rent relief, loan forgiveness, and extended unemployment benefits made millennials who live with their parents, flush with cash, and they ended up spending all the “virus” money buying “TOYS”.  The rep also said the medical manufacturing sector was up as well, which makes sense.

The only sector mentioned which had a downturn on machine purchases was aerospace/aircraft manufacturing.  Speculation is that the airlines weren’t buying new planes when air travel was almost nonexistent during the virus crisis compounded by Boeings ongoing issues with the 737 Max.

I spoke at length with a vendor of fixtures which increases the productivity of the CNC machines and he also said that demand is up for “TOYS“. He too said that the “gun guys” demand for parts is higher than he’s ever seen it before. He’s been in the industry for over 40 years.

Interesting data points.

Lunch Bucket Joe need to give out more money for “TOYS“.