Should Americans Die For European Prosperity?

President Biden has put 8.500 troops on alert, which means they can be deployed immediately, to support NATO troops in a war with Russia over Ukraine. Why are we doing this?

The bottom line is that we are “supposed to” die defending the energy pipelines into Europe, according to the Biden plan. Perhaps the entanglements of the Biden family in Ukraine’s oil and gas industry need protection to keep the money flowing into their bank accounts.

What’s so important about Ukraine? Look at the following map from the Economist.

Notice that the bulk of natural gas flows into Europe through the Nord Stream, Nord Stream 2 (soon to be completed), and from Ukraine. If Russia controls Ukraine, they set the price for almost all energy into Europe. Putin owns Europe.

From my understanding, Germany, where the Nord Stream pipelines enters Europe, and Turkey have already made long term “deals” with Russia (Putin) for their energy. Germany is funding the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia (duh). Turkey buys their air defense systems from Russia.

The energy stranglehold is a European problem. The EU should be organizing an effort to defend Ukraine if they feel the need. Ukraine is not a NATO country and the US has no obligation to defend Ukraine.  There is no need to put American lives in harms way to keep energy prices low in Europe. The problems in Ukraine are of their own making.  Europe was suckered into dependency on Putin when they suckled on the teat of cheap Russian gas.  President Trump offered to sell liquified petroleum gas from the US to Germany in lieu of dependency on Russian gas, but they flatly rejected the offer.  Biden has shut down much of the production of gas in the US, therefore we are no longer in the position to export gas to Europe.  What else has Biden done to exacerbate the problem?  He lifted the sanctions (that President Trump put in place to stop the pipeline) against the financial institutions that were funding the construction of Nord Stream 2.

You’ll hear members of Congress yapping about how we need to defend the democracy in Ukraine. They claim this is our sacred responsibility.  How can we tell that this is a battle of gas and oil and not about democracy? Look at which countries are NOT supporting airstrikes if the Russians were to invade Ukraine. Well golly, Germany and Turkey are not sending their air assets to bolster the defense of Ukraine. Kind of obvious where they stand (or sit by) on a war with Russia.

Spill the blood of young Americans to keep energy cheap in Europe and to fill the coffers of the Biden family.

Supreme Gift For Joe Biden

Today the Supreme Court of The United States upheld the stay on Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees. The Court in a 6-3 decision said that Executive Branch could NOT use the regulatory power of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to, in Ron Klains words, “work around the Constitution” and issue health mandates to private businesses.

Republican politicians and conservative news outlets such as Fox News were touting this as another failure of the Biden administration and a victory for freedom and liberty.

What all these conservative talking heads are missing is that the decision by SCOTUS is a HUGE GIFT to Joe Biden. The Court handed him an Ace, a “get out of jail free” card that he can keep in his pocket. Biden can pull this Ace out if the virus pandemic goes South on him. This decision will allow Joe Biden to say, “C’mon man, I had a FOOL PROOF PLAN to shut down the virus but SCOTUS prevented me from executing my PLANIf my plan had been implemented, the virus would have 100% been eliminated.

There is no way to prove Biden wrong. Play the “Get out of jail free” card and blame ANY disastrous turn of the virus on the Court. “It’s the Courts fault and all those Trump appointed justices, Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch that are making you suffer and your loved ones to die.  This is why we need to realign the Supreme Court”. 

If they play this right, they can blame almost anything wrong on this decision. 

Supply chain issues.  “Look, look, the shelves are bare in stores because my plan to “shut down” the virus wasn’t implemented because of the Supreme Court’s decision” 

Voting rights.  “No joke.  We need to have Federal election laws because states are suppressing you right to vote, by not allowing universal mail-in voting during this continuing pandemic, created by the Supreme Court”.

Any problem can be blamed on the virus because of the Supreme Court’s decision.

This is NOT a failure for the administration. This is one SUPREME GIFT to Joe Biden.

Good Men. True Heros

All too often the news media throws around the work “Hero“. They use it to describe someone who makes a speech about climate change or some other faux outrage, someone who protests, even for criminals who are justifiably shot.

Here are a couple of examples of what I believe are HEROES. You probably have not heard of them.

This new year’s day, 12 men assaulted 1 man in the New York City subway. The victim was shoved onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train. The victims arm was broken in the fall. An unnamed 36-year-old man leapt down into the roadbed and lifted the victim to safety. The man who saved the victim was hit and killed by the oncoming train.

In March of 1992 at the Niagara Falls Convention Center in New York, a five ton monster truck went out of control and crashed into the crowd of spectators. 82-year-old Lester Gilliam saw that the truck was about to crush a 10-year-old boy so he leapt into action, grabbed the boy, and threw him to safety. Mr. Gilliam was crushed to death by the out of control truck.

These were ordinary men who sacrificed their own lives to save another. They did not know the people that they saved. They just knew that something needed to be done and did it.  Without hesitation.  Without thinking about the consequences to themselves.

These good men are heroes.