Best Witness To The F-35 Crash

When you lose a $100 MILLION airplane.  This guy says it all…

Mr. Randolph White from SC.

A USMC F-35 “Fifth Generation Fighter” (for all you Tom Cruise fans) affectionately known as a “Fat Amy“, went ghost riding WITHOUT a pilot and ended up crashing in a field behind Mr. White’s house.

From (without the annoying ‘reporter’)


How Stupid Does Biden Think We Are?

The Biden administration did the “Five for Five” prisoner swap with Iran to get hostages back.  Of course they did the swap with a SIX BILLION DOLLAR sweetener. The US policy USED to be we don’t pay ransoms. Secretary of State Tony “The Stutterer” Blinken explained that the money is ONLY to be used by Iran for humanitarian purposes. Blinky added that WE (the US) have systems in place to make sure that the money is only used to buy food and medicine and isn’t used to fund terrorism or to fund the development of their nuclear bomb program. Oh yeah, I believe that.

Let me see if I understand this. Iran is purchasing food and medicine (humanitarian items) with the profits from the drones they sell to Russia to kill Ukranians as well as other exports. We give the Iranians SIX BILLION DOLLARS for them to spend to buy food and medicine. That’s SIX BILLION DOLLARS that they no longer NEED to spend on food and medicine. Doesn’t that leave them with SIX BILLION DOLLARS of THEIR MONEY to spend on funding terrorism or developing their bomb?

I assume that smart guy Tony Blinky has an agreement with the Mullahs to go over their national finances.

I feel safe that Blinky says the money CANNOT be spent by Iran to build an atomic bomb.

Wait one, the Iranians kicked out many of the UN nuclear inspectors the day after they received the money. Oh and one more thing, the Iranians said they will spend the money on whatever they want to.