Police their own

The “protesters” mobbing large cities the past few days, say they are exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully protest police violence against people of a certain skin color.

Since they are so peaceful and they don’t want the police to interfere with them, I have a simple question.

Why don’t THEY police THEMSELVES and stop the animal anarchists among them?

How about using the power of the mob to stop the “few” bad apples from breaking into stores, stealing, setting fires, and attacking law enforcement?  Why don’t you peacefully show the police how to stop criminals from looting and destroying?

Oh wait, you expect the police to do that, because you might get hurt if the animals resist?

Oh wait again, they say the “few agitators” don’t represent the vast majority of them.  Hmmm. but a few bad cops, represents all cops?

I see some of the “protester” carrying signs that say “White silence is white compliance” and “White silence is white violence”.

How about “Mob silence is mob compliance” or “Mob silence is mob violence”.

F’ing Morons.

Update.  Here’s how the mob peacefully subdued a man who they didn’t agree with, last night in Dallas.  This should serve as a gold standard example to police on how to best restrain a perp.

Black Market Labor Force

Here’s an interesting phenomenon that I have observed.

With all the bans on “non-essential” services such as hair salons, house cleaning, and gardeners, a “black market” for these “non-essential” services exists.

Hair salons are in operation. They ask the customers to park somewhere other than the shop’s parking lot, enter through the back door, and pay in cash. Other beauticians are driving to clients homes and providing “non-essential” services clandestinely, again for cash. House cleaning services are also working surreptitiously on a cash only basis.

What has the prevention of “non-essential” services achieved? It’s easier to list what they DIDN’T achieve.

They DIDN’T achieve the goal of restricting contact.

The DIDN’T collect taxes on any of the services that continue to be provided.

I have not heard of a single person who has gotten sick using the “black market” services.  Goes to show that none of the restrictions were truly effective in preventing the spread of the Chinese Virus.  The government may “think” they did something, but in reality nothing changed.  Unfortunately those in power are out of touch with reality.

And just to make a point on everyone getting “black market” services, take a look at Crazy Nancy Pelosi.

Cosmetic medical procedures are a “non-essential” service. Crazy Nancy still has her FROZEN BOTOX face even though no one is supposed to be able to get BOTOX treatments.

Once again, RESTRICTIONS and RULES,  “Are for THEE and NOT for ME.

The Fourth Branch of Government?

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden came out this morning to deny the allegations that he sexually harassed Tara Reade, in 1993.

Here’s what I find interesting.

Most of his staunch supporters are all making the same statements about Uncle Joe’s innocence. They all say that an “in depth” investigation has been done and that there is no credible evidence to any part of Tara Reade’s allegations.

What agency performed this investigation? Was it the FBI?  Was it local law enforcement?  Was it the Capitol police?  Was it one of the many other branches of the Intelligence Agencies? No, the investigative AGENCY was The New York Times. When did the New York Tass become the official investigative agency of Senate misconduct? I thought there was something called the Senate Ethics Committee that handled such matters. But I’m just a silly commoner who must not have seen the Constitutional amendment granting official investigative and arbiter powers to a specific East Coast newspaper bureau.

Noted failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey ‘If I’m not the next Vice President, you’re a racist‘ Abrams had this to say a couple of days ago confirming the assignment of power to the New York Birdcage Liner.The New York Times did a deep investigation and they found that the accusation was not credible. I believe Joe Biden.

I’ve heard almost identical statements from others in government and the media.

Those investigations (by the NY Times), Vice President Biden has called for himself. Vice President Biden has vehemently denied these allegations and I support Vice President Biden.”, Senator Kirsten ‘Ranch dressing‘ Gillibrand.

I’m so glad that we have an esteemed and unbiased arbiter of justice as the official fourth branch of our government.