The Clintons believe you’re stupid

How stupid do the Clintons believe the American population “IS”?

Felon Hillary shrieked “don’t believe anyone who says I alone…” in her rant about Mr. Trump, during her coronation speech at the close of the DNC.

Mr. Trump was referring to between her and himself “he alone” would fix the mess of the last almost 8 years.  She of course would continue on the same Titanic like path as her predecessor.  He never said he was the super hero who alone, without help, would fix our country’s woes.

She, just like her husband, believes most Americans are too stupid to understand the English language.

Billybob is cut from the same cloth. He had the infamous “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”. smug response when asked about his lying .

Billy knew that his original statement of “There IS no improper relationship” would be accepted by most people as a statement of fact that he did not “mess the blue dress”. He explained the statement was not a lie because usage “IS” is the present tense and he “was” answering to the exact moment the question was asked. Cold calculated wording. He even said if you asked him later the day he “was” pleasured, the statement is still truthful. Unless you asked him during the specific sexual act, Billybob says he did not lie with his statement.

All the above having been said, it appears the crowd at the DNC “IS” too stupid to understand what Mr. Trump said in his “I alone” moment. They “swallowed” (that’s code for something) everything that Hillybob was spewing out.

Irony from Day 2 of the DNC

“Hillary always wants to move the ball forward, that is just who she is”,  Bill Clinton on day 2 of the DNC.

“It was not my ball to carry”, Hillary Clinton 3 days earlier answering a question about her responsibility for poor security that caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

I couldn’t believe Billybob actually used that metaphor in his puffery of Felon Hillary.  Don’t they talk at night?

Irony from Day 1 of the DNC

Isn’t it ironic that the Democratic National Committee, representing the self-styled “party of inclusiveness”, uses slurs against Jews, blacks, hispanics, women, gays in their internal emails?  And isn’t it even more ironic that those same groups by majority vote Democrat?

Isn’t it ironic that the DNC, in order to placate Mr. Bernie Sanders’ supporters and keep them from rioting at the convention, replaced Chairman Wasserman-Schultz with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who famously said during the riots in her city that she wanted to give space to those “who wish to destroy”?

Isn’t is ironic that the party with “the most progressive platform” which as part of the platform calls for breaking up the “big Wall Street banks”, is holding their convention at the Wells Fargo Center?