The Circus Came To South Carolina

Seven CLOWNS took to the stage on Tuesday to “debate” one another. From what I saw, DEBATE has been redefined to mean “shouting and waving hands about”.

Nothing of substance was discussed by any of the BUFFOONS attempting to become the next President of the United States. Here’s an example of the “nothingness” expressed as policy.

For the very first question in the 2-hour shouting session, Comrade Sanders was asked, “How will you convince voters that a Democratic socialist can do better than President Trump with the economy?“.

The Marxist answered,

Well, you’re right. The economy is doing really great for people like Mr. Bloomberg and other billionaires.  In the last three years, last three years, billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion increase in their wealth. But you know what? For the ordinary American, things are not so good. Last year, real wage increases for the average worker were less than 1 percent. Half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck; 87 million Americans have no health insurance or are underinsured; 45 million people are struggling with student debt; 500,000 people tonight are sleeping out on the street, including 30,000 veterans. That is not an economy that’s working for the American people. That’s an economy working for the 1 percent. We’re going to create an economy for all, not just wealthy campaign contributors.”

His policy is “I’ll make things better“.

Damn, why has NO ONE ever thought of that before.  Let’s just make everything better. What a novel concept!  That’s quite the substantive policy plan.  I’m on board.  I may just have to vote COMMIE this year.  It’s awe inspiring that we have such great minds seeking to lead our country.

I’ll Most Likely Be Called A Homophobe

I’ve watched a few of the Dimbulbcrat “debates” and here’s something I find curious.

After the debate ends the spouse of the candidate comes onto the stage and hugs him and sometimes there is a little peck on the lips.
As the “first openly gay candidate” I have not seen Pete “Alfred E. Newman” Buttigieg with his guy spouse hugging or any other expression of affection. Why doesn’t the “first openly gay” presidential candidate kiss his “husband” on the lips on national TV?

Has this avoidance of affection been planned?

I admit that I don’t follow the gaggle of loony characters very closely, but I suspect most of America is still not ready to see their president kissing another dude.

Might it have something to do with poll numbers?

Every Vote Counts, Sort Of

The Iowa caucus happened one week ago and the results are still in question. The caucus system is a bit odd but it is what the residents of Iowa have done for years and traditionally is the first in the Presidential primary races.

Two of the Dimbbulbcrats have announced they are the “actual” victor in Iowa. Pete “Alfred E. Newman” Buttigieg and Comrade Sanders each have said they won. Somewhat “offically” Alfred won the caucus and he has taken his victory lap. Comrade Bernie keeps insisting he won because he won the POPULAR VOTE.

The odd thing is that I haven’t heard Alfred conceding the victory to the POPULAR VOTE winner, Bernie. If Newman actually believed in his own policies, that is what he SHOULD DO.

From Alfred E. Newman’s website:


A National Popular Vote to replace the Electoral College.

It’s simple: the candidate who gets the most votes should win. States don’t vote, people vote, and everyone’s vote should count exactly the same. The Electoral College has to go.”

He insists that ONLY THE POPULAR VOTE WINNER should be declared the winner in an election. Get rid of those pesky systems that lead to voter suppression.

Honesty is the best policy, right Petey?