Are Emergency Rooms Filled With…?

We must believe the scientists” is the mantra I keep hearing over and over, especially by the lunatic left. They say the we must continue to remain locked down, wear masks, practice social distancing, and close the schools. First it was to “flatten the curve” then it was to slow the spread of the China virus. They say this will not end until there is a vaccine which the “scientists” say may not be available for at least a year possibly two years.  Joe Biden says he WILL listen to the scientists and LOCK DOWN THE COUNTRY again if they “tell him to”.

Okay if we believe in “science” then the population of people who are not following all the guidelines WILL have much higher hospitalization rates and deaths.

Here’s what I observe. As time goes by more and more people are NOT following the mandates. Hair dressers and other beauty salon workers are either clandestinely operating by covering up their windows and only letting clients enter covertly through the back doors. Other beauticians are making house calls to their clients. People who have domestic help are still employing people who come into their houses just as they were before the mandates. Grocery stores no longer limiting the number of people inside at any one time nor do they have the “one way” aisles to prevent customers from passing each other in close proximity. Restaurants now have moved their clientele into tents in parking lots rather than serving in the dining rooms. Some of the “outdoor” dining tents have four walls and a ceiling and for all intents and purposes are no different than an indoor space.  With all of this, we should have according the “scientists”, flooded emergency rooms and bodies stacking up like cord wood. Is this the case?


Hospitalizations are down and the death rate continues to decline.

Here’s another observational factoid. I pointed out in a previous article that the homeless seem to have a very low infection rate compared to the general population. Many of the homeless don’t have running water to wash their hands for the mandated 20 or more seconds. I don’t see the homeless wearing masks. I don’t see 6 feet of separation between tents on the sidewalks which are crowded with the homeless. By all rights and reasons according to what the “scientists” and politicians are telling us, EMERGENCY ROOMS should be OVERWHELMED by the HOMELESS population. I have never once heard that EMERGENCY ROOMS and hospital beds have all been FILLED by HOMELESS people.

What does that tell us about the validity of the “science”?

More True Leadership

I posted earlier on Crazy Uncle Joe’s leadership during the China virus panic.  You can read that article HERE.

Here’s more proof of is great leadership skills and how he understands the information that the “scientists” he professes to talk to every day, convey to him.
He’s wearing a 3M N95 mask. We mere mortals have been told that N95 masks are to be used ONLY by front line workers. There must be a carve out in the CDC guidelines for angry old white guys.

Additionally the particular 3M N95 mask that Crazy Uncle Joe is wearing has an EXHAUST VALVE that allows the virus to spread, according to all the scientists, except I suppose the ones that Joe is talking to, every day. Perhaps I missed the exception to this in the CDC guidelines that Crazy Uncle Joe follows, which once again exempts angry old white guys.

C’mon man, this is leadership at its best.

Will Anyone Grieve For These Children?

This just happened this morning in Baltimore MD. Apparently a gas leak caused an explosion that leveled five houses. The reporting is that people, including children are trapped in the rubble.

If someone wants to pour money into a fight against disparity, how about this idea? Instead of giving BILLIONS of dollars to the Marxist god Blim, how about funding a program to inspect AND correct hazardous living conditions in poor neighborhoods? You rarely hear of a gas explosion in the wealthy suburbs. How about using some of Blim’s money to put in gas leak detectors in these row houses? For that matter install fire and carbon monoxide detectors as well. They can all be tied together into either a new or existing wireless “Internet of Things”, IoT, network. Emergency and repair crews can be dispatched to remedy problems before there is such widespread damage and loss of life.

But it’s easier for Nike et al to write a check to Blim than to actually do something that will help others.