Food Riots?

The Swiss-German newspaper Heute (“Today” in English) is reporting that the international grocery chain, Spar, has issued warnings to the people of Austria and to their employees regarding food shortages and possible LOOTING AND RIOTS in the near future.

Spar had said people should stock up on food for when the massive energy blackouts that may sweep across Europe, occur. They believe that food shortages will happen when the blackouts hit. To me is sounds as if Spar is expecting these blackouts to last NOT just a few hours, but for several day or perhaps weeks.

Spar has instructed their employees to sell food to people at discounted rates to ward off starvation and to move perishable goods. They have also instructed employees NOT to resist looters and rioters. Spar indicated that if any employee feels that they are in danger, they may abandon the store and will suffer no repercussions. Local managers have the discretion to close the markets as they see fit.

What the heck is going on? I thought Austria was a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY? Why is a grocery chain warning of massive power shortages?

The blackouts are not just a summer worry. It has been reported that small portable electric heaters are sold out in many parts of Europe. People are worried that they will not be able to heat their homes in the dead of winter due to a possible impending natural gas shortage. The problem will get worse as even a small electric heater consumes 2,000 watts of power. A small heater running for 1 hour consumes about what a household would use in a day if the house were heated with natural gas. Assuming that everyone ran a small heater for 10 hours per day that would increase the load on the national grid by 10 times. And where does the national electrical grid get its power?

Natural gas burning power plants.

And don’t forget, how will all the Greenies charge their electric cars to go and get groceries?

President Trump warned European leaders that they were going down this dangerous path by depending on Russia to supply their energy needs.  Perhaps more people should have taken the “Bad Orange Man” more seriously.

They Want Them To Die

There is a group that has put out a “bounty” for reports of sightings of the six Constitutionalist Supreme Court justices. The group is offering $50 for a location report and another $200 if the justice is still at the reported location for over 30 minutes. Supposedly the group wants to “peacefully protest” the justices when they go out to restaurants with associates and especially with their families. They claim by offering the bounties for the locations of the justices, this will allow others outside the group to express their First Amendment right to protest the decisions of the justices.  The French idiot Karine Jean-Pierre who gives the White House press briefings has stated that harassing the justices in public is acceptable by her and the White House.

No one is saying this however I will.  “Protesting” is not the ACTUAL reason they want to locate the justices. The group’s GOAL is to keep putting out the locations of the justices using social media to encourage and enable some nut-bag to ASSASSINATE the justices.  Look at the evidence.  One such nut-bag has already been apprehended who was planning on ASSASSINATING Justice Kavanaugh.  There is no reason right now to “protest” the justices as the court is not in session and no one knows what opinions they might issue.  A protest won’t get the decision on Roe v. Wade reversed.  ASSASSINATION is the only logical GOAL.

Why would the group want to have justices ASSASSINATED?

The answer is simple. Old Fool Biden will have the opportunity to designate their replacements on the Court. The Senate is split 50-50 with Mattress Harris providing the tie breaker to confirm a court nominee. There are only a few months before the Republican may possibly take a majority in the Senate preventing Old Fool Biden from putting another activist MORON like Ketanji (I have no F’ing idea what a woman is) Brown Jackson onto the court.  If TWO of the SIX Constitutionalist justices are ASSASSINATED, Old Fool Biden would change the court to an out of control rubber stamp for the “progressive” agenda.  No need to expand the court.  Just kill justices until you get your way.  Pablo Escobar did this in Columbia in the 1980’s.

I would warn all the Constitutionalist justices to watch their six for the next few months.