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Should Americans Die For European Prosperity?

President Biden has put 8.500 troops on alert, which means they can be deployed immediately, to support NATO troops in a war with Russia over Ukraine. Why are we doing this?

The bottom line is that we are “supposed to” die defending the energy pipelines into Europe, according to the Biden plan. Perhaps the entanglements of the Biden family in Ukraine’s oil and gas industry need protection to keep the money flowing into their bank accounts.

What’s so important about Ukraine? Look at the following map from the Economist.

Notice that the bulk of natural gas flows into Europe through the Nord Stream, Nord Stream 2 (soon to be completed), and from Ukraine. If Russia controls Ukraine, they set the price for almost all energy into Europe. Putin owns Europe.

From my understanding, Germany, where the Nord Stream pipelines enters Europe, and Turkey have already made long term “deals” with Russia (Putin) for their energy. Germany is funding the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia (duh). Turkey buys their air defense systems from Russia.

The energy stranglehold is a European problem. The EU should be organizing an effort to defend Ukraine if they feel the need. Ukraine is not a NATO country and the US has no obligation to defend Ukraine.  There is no need to put American lives in harms way to keep energy prices low in Europe. The problems in Ukraine are of their own making.  Europe was suckered into dependency on Putin when they suckled on the teat of cheap Russian gas.  President Trump offered to sell liquified petroleum gas from the US to Germany in lieu of dependency on Russian gas, but they flatly rejected the offer.  Biden has shut down much of the production of gas in the US, therefore we are no longer in the position to export gas to Europe.  What else has Biden done to exacerbate the problem?  He lifted the sanctions (that President Trump put in place to stop the pipeline) against the financial institutions that were funding the construction of Nord Stream 2.

You’ll hear members of Congress yapping about how we need to defend the democracy in Ukraine. They claim this is our sacred responsibility.  How can we tell that this is a battle of gas and oil and not about democracy? Look at which countries are NOT supporting airstrikes if the Russians were to invade Ukraine. Well golly, Germany and Turkey are not sending their air assets to bolster the defense of Ukraine. Kind of obvious where they stand (or sit by) on a war with Russia.

Spill the blood of young Americans to keep energy cheap in Europe and to fill the coffers of the Biden family.

I Heard Frisco Real Estate Was Expensive, But…

I just read an article that we, the US tax payers, may end up paying for housing the homeless in San Francisco as a result of President Biden’s executive order which he signed on his first day in office.

The officials in Frisco decided to house the homeless in HOTELS as part of their master PLAN to get them a place of residence.  President Biden mentioned this PLAN when he signed the executive order, implying that the Frisco PLAN would be covered as part of the new LAW.

Now for the GOOD PART.

Frisco politicians are spending $18,000,000.00 per month to house 2200 people. That works out to $8,182 per month PER PERSON. Once again let’s put these numbers into perspective.

Home loans are about 3%. $8000 simoleons per month lets you buy a $1,950,000.00 house. Almost a $2 MILLION dollar house. Not bad for a meth head wouldn’t you say?  Will someone buy me a $2 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE?!?!  If a couple of homeless folks got married, they could equivalently purchase a $4 MILLION DOLLAR pad.

This place in Frisco might go to someone in need, thanks to President Biden and his most generous plan to spend your money.  It’s listed for just over $4 MILLION.

Who needs to work hard or even win a lottery? Just hang out in Frisco and wait for the government to give you a nice big house with a view.