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I Heard Frisco Real Estate Was Expensive, But…

I just read an article that we, the US tax payers, may end up paying for housing the homeless in San Francisco as a result of President Biden’s executive order which he signed on his first day in office.

The officials in Frisco decided to house the homeless in HOTELS as part of their master PLAN to get them a place of residence.  President Biden mentioned this PLAN when he signed the executive order, implying that the Frisco PLAN would be covered as part of the new LAW.

Now for the GOOD PART.

Frisco politicians are spending $18,000,000.00 per month to house 2200 people. That works out to $8,182 per month PER PERSON. Once again let’s put these numbers into perspective.

Home loans are about 3%. $8000 simoleons per month lets you buy a $1,950,000.00 house. Almost a $2 MILLION dollar house. Not bad for a meth head wouldn’t you say?  Will someone buy me a $2 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE?!?!  If a couple of homeless folks got married, they could equivalently purchase a $4 MILLION DOLLAR pad.

This place in Frisco might go to someone in need, thanks to President Biden and his most generous plan to spend your money.  It’s listed for just over $4 MILLION.

Who needs to work hard or even win a lottery? Just hang out in Frisco and wait for the government to give you a nice big house with a view.

This Is True Leadership?

I must NOT know what LEADERSHIP means.

Kate Bedingfield, Crazy Uncle Joe’s Deputy Campaign manager, the number two in charge, said that during this pandemic, Uncle Joe, unlike President Trump, showed TRUE LEADERSHIP during this crisis.

Let’s review.

Did Crazy Joe stop travel from China to the US at the end of January to stop the infected people from bringing in the virus? NO, but he did criticize President Trump that the closure was an unnecessary as well as racist and xenophobic policy.

Did Crazy Joe contract charter flights to get US Citizens around the world safely back to our country?  Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe quarantine all of the above returning citizens at US military bases staffed with the best doctors and staff, to prevent the further spread of the virus?  Once again NO.

Did Crazy Joe stop travel from Europe and the UK to slow the virus?, Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe force major corporations to build ventilators to save lives? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe negotiate with Russia to obtain protective equipment? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe order the military to build and staff emergency hospitals around the country to deal with the possibility of overrun hospitals? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe order the hospital ships MERCY and COMFORT to Los Angeles and New York in case of overrun hospitals. Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe order the US Navy to accelerate the preparation of the USNS Comfort and get her deployed in weeks instead of months? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe order the US Navy to retrofit the USNS Comfort’s ventilation systems to enable her to handle COVID patients? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe ask all citizens in the US to shutdown all activities in order to “flatten the curve”? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe, get drug manufacturers, large and small, to work on a vaccine? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe put in place a plan an prepare to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of a vaccine? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe rebuild the National stockpile of ventilators, drugs, and protective equipment that the Obama/Biden administration let get depleted? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe create a factory inside the US to make generic drugs and remove our dependency on China for our drugs? Once again, NO.

Did Crazy Joe, ever put sanctions on China for their unconscionable behavior? Once again, NO.  To be fair his son Hunter walked away with A BILLION DOLLARS for his investment firm from the Chinese.

What LEADERSHIP has Crazy Uncle Joe demonstrated during this pandemic?  According to Kate, Uncle Joe demonstrated TRUE LEADERSHIP because he, “wore a mask and practiced social distancing“.

Come on man“, those two things are some big accomplishments.

Am I Next?

Am I next?” is one of the moronic placards I see during the “peaceful” protests that have been going for the past week. Getting killed by a cop they say frightens them every day.  “Am I next” in line to be killed by a cop?

Here are some factoids. Over a 3 year period (2009-2012) about 26 unarmed people per year were killed by cops. That’s about 0.000008% of the population of the US on a yearly basis. Oh, wait they would say, blacks are disproportionately killed by law enforcement. There is an inkling of truth to that. About 13 unarmed blacks were killed by cops per year in that 3 year period. That is 5% higher by population than whitey.

But let’s once again put the numbers into perspective.

DEER, yes sweet lovable BAMBI, kill 200 PEOPLE every year. The odds of BAMBI killing you are almost 15 time higher than those of an unarmed black will be killed by cops.

Am I next?

INSECTS kill about 100 people every year. Now, that’s about 8 times higher than blacks killed by cops.

Am I next?

Maybell the COW, kills more than 20 people every year. That’s almost TWICE as many people killed by COWS than unarmed black men killed by cops.  And the odd part of these deaths is that they are believed to be intentional on the part of our cute bovine friends.

Am I next?

Lightning kills about 40 people every year in the US. MORE than THREE times as many people are killed by getting zapped from the skies than unarmed blacks killed by cops.

Am I next?

Here’s another little factoid that should strike fear in the oppressed group.

Of all law enforcement killings a black police officer is 3.5 times more likely to shoot and kill a black man vs. a white man. So if you’re oppressed you’d best head for the hills if you see a poh-poh who has lots of Melanin because obviously he’s SYSTEMICALLY RACIST.

Am I  next?

UPDATE: I updated the numbers as I had originally compared 3 year totals for police shootings with 1 year totals by animals and nature.  The revised numbers show that the Melanin Lives Matter grievance is a myth.  Tucker Carlson of Fox News reported (6/3/2020) that according to the Washington Post database that only 10 unarmed blacks were killed by cops in 2019.  Getting killed by a COW is more than TWICE as likely.

Watch out for COWS.