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The Circus Came To South Carolina

Seven CLOWNS took to the stage on Tuesday to “debate” one another. From what I saw, DEBATE has been redefined to mean “shouting and waving hands about”.

Nothing of substance was discussed by any of the BUFFOONS attempting to become the next President of the United States. Here’s an example of the “nothingness” expressed as policy.

For the very first question in the 2-hour shouting session, Comrade Sanders was asked, “How will you convince voters that a Democratic socialist can do better than President Trump with the economy?“.

The Marxist answered,

Well, you’re right. The economy is doing really great for people like Mr. Bloomberg and other billionaires.  In the last three years, last three years, billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion increase in their wealth. But you know what? For the ordinary American, things are not so good. Last year, real wage increases for the average worker were less than 1 percent. Half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck; 87 million Americans have no health insurance or are underinsured; 45 million people are struggling with student debt; 500,000 people tonight are sleeping out on the street, including 30,000 veterans. That is not an economy that’s working for the American people. That’s an economy working for the 1 percent. We’re going to create an economy for all, not just wealthy campaign contributors.”

His policy is “I’ll make things better“.

Damn, why has NO ONE ever thought of that before.  Let’s just make everything better. What a novel concept!  That’s quite the substantive policy plan.  I’m on board.  I may just have to vote COMMIE this year.  It’s awe inspiring that we have such great minds seeking to lead our country.

Who Wants A Free Press?

I keep hearing from the likes of the leftists and their mass media cohorts that President Trump is a Hitlerian dictator who controls and is opposed to a free press. Wait, if that was true how are they able to report that? Oh well, never let facts get in the way of a good tar and feathering.

But who really is against a free press?

Last night, a “tolerant” antifart mob assembled outside Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson’s home, threatening to harm him and his family. They were on his property and broke his front door. His wife, who was alone at the time, barricaded herself in their pantry.   The security cameras caught someone in the group talking about a “pipe bomb”.  And why did the mob attack the Carlson home? They didn’t like what he said as a commentator on television.

The antifarters posted on Facebook, “Each night you remind us that we are not safe. Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either…“.  Back the F’ing truck up.  Let me get this straight.  A commentator reminds you that you are not safe, so you create a dangerous unsafe situation for the guy that reminds you that you’re … Oh heck, I guess I missed or slept through the class on wacky, F’d up, antifart logic.

Stifle any reporting that you don’t like, by any means necessary, is the modus operandi of the “tolerant, free speech loving” fascist antifart crew and the leftist mob.

Who is the true opponent of a free press?