The New God

There was an article published a few days ago which described that church attendance and affiliation has been dropping precipitously in the past 20 years.

According to a Gallup poll, church membership has dropped from 60% to 50% in just the past 10 years. The survey contends that younger folks are one of the biggest factors that are driving these numbers downward. Only 42% of Millennials are affiliated with a church.

Interestingly there is another “trend” that appears to track the downward direction of church attendance. The fall of a POSITIVE VIEW OF CAPITALISM. In another Gallup poll, the same Millennial group has dropped their view of CAPITALISM as good from 68% to 45%. And what is the alternative to CAPITALISM?


Now what does SOCIALISM have to do with RELIGION?

Let’s look at the words of Christ in Luke 16:13, “No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other“.


You cannot believe in a higher authority than government. You must show complete allegiance and bow down to government.  The government will provide.

Look at what the socialist such as Sanders, Warren, Yang, Cortez, Omar, and the rest of the Democrats propose. Free healthcare. Free housing. Free food. Free education, Free money. They also say they are the only way to a “Garden of Eden” environment. All of your “needs” are provided for by the government. The government will shepherd your UTOPIAN SOCIALIST life. Just give the government control of everything and they will provide for you a perfect worry-free existence.

Doesn’t that sound like they are playing god?

Turning away from God and loving big government.  Leave God and embrace the new god, SOCIALISM.

“… he will hate the one and love the other…”


References for the Gallup polls HERE and HERE

Who’s Too Stupid?

Elisa “Best and brightest of the CIA drones” Slotkin of Michigan implied that American voters are “too stupid” to make the “correct” decision and will re-elect President Trump in 2020, which is why he must be impeached, before voters can make the “wrong decision“.

Several other Dimbulbcrats have echoed the same sentiment. Moron Al Green of Texas stated, “We have to impeach him, otherwise he’s going to win the election“. Further, Wacky Al, says that if the President is not removed using the current baseless articles of impeachment, “The Constitution allows the President to be impeached more that once” and that there is “no limit on the number of times“. I’ve said it before, now that the Dimbulbs control the House, it will just be endless investigations because, “Orange-man bad“.

What the “brightest in the box of dimbulbs” are “too stupid” to see is that impeaching a “first term” President doesn’t prevent him from seeking a second term.  Here are the Constitutional requirements for President of the United States:

  • A natural born citizen of the United States
  • A resident for 14 years
  • 35 years of age or older

Maybe I’m “too stupid“, but I don’t see anything about not having been impeached as prior President as disqualifying to run for President.

But then I’ve never been a CIA officer which somehow would give me greater insight into Presidential conduct. I’m just a “smelly Walmart” voter, “too stupid” to NOT vote for President Trump in 2020.

Ukraine At War With Russia?

The sham impeachment of President Trump is proceeding in the House based upon the “abuse of power” by President Trump for withholding of “lethal” aid to Ukriane, which in turn “threatened our national security“, according to the Dimbulbcrats.

The premise is that Ukraine is fighting a proxy war for us against the Evil Soviet Bear. Hmmm.

The lethal aid that was provided to fight this “ongoing” war is the FGM-148 “Javelin”. which is a shoulder fired anti-tank missile.
You can watch a Raytheon promotional video HERE.

210 Javelins were sold to Ukraine in the first shipment. Subsequently another 150 have been approved to bring the total to 360 Javelins in Ukraine to destroy Putin’s tanks.

The Dimbulbs are impeaching the President for withholding the aid for 55 days to Ukraine to possess these missiles. Now those 55 days must somehow have turned the tide in the war Ukraine is fighting for US against Putin’s army as he rolls tanks towards Kiev. Without the Javelins we are to believe that the poor defenseless Ukrainians cannot stop the Great Bear.

Okay, once again, BACK THE F’ING TRUCK UP.

How many of Putin’s tanks have been destroyed by the first shipment of 210 Javelins? 210?, 200?, 100?

The exact number is ZERO, zilch, nada, none.

Okay MAYBE some of the missiles described as the “most lethal” anti-tank weapon, MISSED their targets.

How many Javelins have been fired by the Ukrainians against the onslaught of Russian armor, and missed their targets?

Once again ZERO, zilch, nada, none.

Not a single Javelin has been fired by the Ukrainians.

I need to have Doofus Schiff or Jaba Nadler, tell me a story about how slow rolling more missiles to Ukraine is a threat to OUR national security when the Ukrainians have fired a total of ZERO from the stockpile of 360 Javelins.  There are estimated to be 750 Russian T-90 tanks (their most advanced main battle tank) in all of the Russian Ground Forces.  The Ukrainians have enough firepower to defeat almost half of all of the Russian army’s mechanized force.

Oh the humanity!  How can anyone in this country sleep at night knowing that Ukraine will soon run out of Javelins in their ongoing fight against Putin.

As Crazy Auntie Maxine says, “Peach 45“.