Whatta Deal!

President and Mrs. Obama have inked a deal with Netflix to produce content for the channel. From the reporting, it seems that they have carte blanche to produce anything that they desire. They formed a production company named “Higher Ground Productions”, I’m assuming based on their self-declared moral high ground upon which they stand, above the rest of us great unwashed.

The New York Post reported that Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos was instrumental in signing the former President and his wife. Interestingly Sarandos’s wife was appointed as Ambassador to The Bahamas during President Obama’s time in office.

I had to look up just what the Ambassador to The Bahamas is compensated. First off, that assignment sounds more like a multiyear paid vacation rather than a real job. It’s not as if we have a cold war conflict with the Bahamians. Yah-man.

Okay, so here are the numbers. Base salary for an ambassador to the Bahamas can be up to $187,000.00 per year. Housing is covered in addition to the base pay. Generally there is an established residence for the ambassador and family, paid for by you the generous taxpayer. But wait, that’s not all.

According the the US Department of State website, the Ambassador to Vacationland gets a 42% cost of living allowance based on “spendable income”. You have to dig around the website, but “spendable income” for that post is $50,400.00. 42% of that means that they get an additional $21,168.00 of your money. A good deal? As the Ginsu knife commercial used to say, “Don’t answer just yet!

For the paid vacation in the Bahamas, the ambassador gets a 5% of base salary “hardship” differential. I guess that’s to cover the hardship of paying for sun tan lotion. That works out to just some paltry Nancy Pelosi crumbs of $9,350.00. I guess you buy sunscreen by the 55 gallon drum with that.

So far we’re at $217,518.00 of your taxpayer dollars. But wait that’s not all.

You get 5 weeks of “paid” vacation from your, ahem, vacation in the Bahamas. That’s equivalent to $17,981.00. The ambassador also gets paid airfare to and from their assignment locale. And let’s not forget that the ambassador also receives health and life insurance paid for by you the generous taxpayers. The total package pushes near $250,000.00, a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR!  Dang, I wished President Trump would give me a quarter million dollar paid vacation to the Bahamas.

Yah-man, ambassadorship be berry berry good to me.

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, please take a moment to reflect on those who are serving and those who have served to protect our country.  Some gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

There is no better nor has there ever been a greater country than the United States of America. We owe that to the men and women who in times of need and crisis, without hesitation, rise to the occasion.

Please take a moment to pray for all of the veterans, those currently serving in the military, and their families.

Quick Look At Some Numbers

Here in the PRK the city of Los Angeles just unanimously passed their current budget of $9.9 BILLION.

Of that money HALF A BILLION DOLLARS is allocated to try and deal with the homeless folks. About 5% of the total city budget.

Los Angeles has a population of about 4 million people.

The homeless population is about 47,000 people. That’s about 1% of the total population.

Hmmm, I guess that’s what the 99% movement is all about. Those 1 PERCENTERS (who pay nothing into the system) get 5% of everything that taxpayers put in.

Fortunately most of the money comes from the special REGRESSIVE SALES TAX HIKE, so the working poor suffer the most.  You can read my take on the TAX INCREASE HERE.  Stick it to those suckers.

I’m a bit slow on the uptake.  Let’s see, increase taxes on those who can least afford it, hmmm, doesn’t that lead to more homeless?  Wealth redistribution and socialism at it’s best.  I’m glad  we have all those smart politicians running the show.