Can A TV Host Do Math?

I was watching the Greg Gutfeld show last night and for the last block, he had a segment called, “A Story In Five Words“. Gutfeld prefaces the segment by saying the time for discussion about the topic is short, hence the title of the segment.  The story presented was a study that showed fish can solve simple math problems.

The title of the FIVE WORD story was, “Fish Can Do Math“.

Um, Greg, that’s only FOUR words.

Let ‘Em All Go

Once again, I need to have someone explain to me Dimbulbcrat logic.

Senator Hawley of Missouri introduced a bill to make sentencing of child pornographers stricter. He authored this bill (“Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to end the Exploitation of Children Today Act”) in response to his sparring with Judge Jackson during her (I’m assuming it’s a her, though she could not define what a woman is) confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. Judge Jackson sentenced several child pornographers to sentences well below the recommended sentencing guidelines. Her argument was twofold. One she did not remember all the details of the cases and two, she said that because child pornography is readily accessible on the internet sentencing should be reduced.

The bill by Hawley was quashed by Senator Dick Durbin, a Dimbulbcrat, using the same argument that since child pornography is readily available on the internet, there needs to be less harsh not more harsh sentencing for purveyors of child sexual abuse.

Okay, I’m just a dumbass I guess. According to Dimbulbcrat logic, the easier and more prevalent a crime is to commit, the sentence should be reduced for committing the crime.

Following the Dimbulbcrat logic, murder and the ease of committing murder has increased in the past year, therefore we should reduce the sentencing of murderers. It looks like that’s exactly what’s happening here in the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia. Governor Gruesome has let out 30,000 felons from prison including rapists and murderers. He plans on releasing 76,000 more this year.

Has this country gone Nucking Futz?