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How Stupid Does Biden Think We Are?

The Biden administration did the “Five for Five” prisoner swap with Iran to get hostages back.  Of course they did the swap with a SIX BILLION DOLLAR sweetener. The US policy USED to be we don’t pay ransoms. Secretary of State Tony “The Stutterer” Blinken explained that the money is ONLY to be used by Iran for humanitarian purposes. Blinky added that WE (the US) have systems in place to make sure that the money is only used to buy food and medicine and isn’t used to fund terrorism or to fund the development of their nuclear bomb program. Oh yeah, I believe that.

Let me see if I understand this. Iran is purchasing food and medicine (humanitarian items) with the profits from the drones they sell to Russia to kill Ukranians as well as other exports. We give the Iranians SIX BILLION DOLLARS for them to spend to buy food and medicine. That’s SIX BILLION DOLLARS that they no longer NEED to spend on food and medicine. Doesn’t that leave them with SIX BILLION DOLLARS of THEIR MONEY to spend on funding terrorism or developing their bomb?

I assume that smart guy Tony Blinky has an agreement with the Mullahs to go over their national finances.

I feel safe that Blinky says the money CANNOT be spent by Iran to build an atomic bomb.

Wait one, the Iranians kicked out many of the UN nuclear inspectors the day after they received the money. Oh and one more thing, the Iranians said they will spend the money on whatever they want to.

Coup or Plan?

Yevgeny Prigozhin the head of the mercenary Wagner Group has been widely described by the media as exercising a coup in Russia. This seems to be patently ABSURD. Prigozhin provides contract (mercenary) soldiers to Russia to fight wars around the world. His net worth is a Billion Dollar$ which he obtained by providing military “services” to the Russian government.

Supposedly Prigozhin took ONE DIVISION of his men and was marching towards Moscow in this “coup”. Announcing that you are planning to invade the center of the Russian government with just ONE DIVISION against the whole of the Russian military seems to me to be a very unlikely move. Just a couple of days after announcing this march into Russia, Prigozhin calls an “Oopsie” and goes into exile in Belarus. Meanwhile Putin goes on national television to condemn such traitorous acts.  So far a perfectly logical plan, don’t you agree?

Another point. We all know that anyone who goes against Vladimir Putin ends up DEAD, full stop. Again a coup against Putin is a very logical plan.

Why would Prigozhin make such an obviously FOOLISH plan?

I believe Prigozhin coordinated this “coup” with Putin. To what end, you might ask?

The first and least important point is to make the US and allies believe that Putin is loosing his grip on the reins of power. This is what all the talking heads and ANALysts in the media are endlessly bloviating about. A possible outcome would be a slowing of Western aid to Ukraine. It also would make the push for the acceptance of Finland and Sweden as NATO countries to slow.

The most important reason for this false flag coup is give Putin the ability to use NUCLEAR WEAPONS without having Russia suffering international retaliation.

Let’s look at a big event that happened just a few days ago. Putin ordered NUCLEAR WEAPONS to be moved into, wait for it, BELARUS. And who just self exiled to BELARUS?

Now you have a supposed loose canon mad man with a division of soldiers right where Putin just moved a NUCLEAR ARSENAL. If Putin wanted to use NUKES in Ukraine what better way to insulate himself from any blowback if one just happened to go off?

This seems like a much more logical plan.

Why The Chinese Sent A Spy Balloon

There’s a high altitude BALLOON floating around our country with SPY equipment on board. The Chinese claim that it’s a civilian research balloon that went awry.

The existence of this SPY BALLOON flying above our country raises several questions. Why was it not detected as it flew over Alaska? Why did the Canadians not report the balloon flying over THEIR COUNTRY? How is it that China can launch a craft as big a THREE SCHOOL BUSES, let it float across THOUSAND OF MILES of ocean, and we did not detect it? Was it launched from LAND or A SHIP?
The news media is speculating that this SPY BALLOON is looking at our nuclear weapons facilities. I say that’s a bunch of HOGWASH. The Chinese have enough high resolution imagery from their own and commercial satellites that this SPY BALLON would be of little use for that.

The SPY BALLOON is reported (by the Pentagon) to be flying at over 60,000 feet.  I would guess it’s more likely closer to 70,000.  The ALTITUDE is important. At 70,000 feet the SPY BALLOON would be above the JET STREAM and can loiter for long periods of time.  From some of the pictures it appears that the balloon payload has SOLAR PANELS indicating it was designed for a long duration deployment.  Once again ALTITUDE IS IMPORTANT

What can get up to 70,000 feet?  An F-16 has a service ceiling of 58,000 feet. Service ceiling is the point at which an aircraft can no long climb at over 100 feet per minute. An F-18 has a service ceiling of 52,300 feet. An F-15 has a service ceiling of 65,000 feet. An F-35 (Fat Amy, the latest multi-role fighter) has a service ceiling of only 50,000 feet. An F-22 has a service ceiling of 65,000 feet. IF the SPY BALLOON is at 70,000 feet we can only send up our latest fighters to take a look see from A MILE BELOW. It would be difficult to “shoot down” the SPY BALLOON from a MILE BELOW with our current inventory of fighters.  TWO F-22’s were scrambled out of Nellis AFB in Nevada to look at the SPY BALLOON. but they quickly returned back to base. The F-22’s could get the closest to peeking (not Peking) at the SPY BALLOON.

What are the Chinese hoping to discover? I believe that the Chinese are using this to find out our AVIATION CAPABILITIES. They are prodding to see if we have a new TOP SECRET AIRCRAFT flying. An aircraft with a SCRAMJET could reach those altitudes and I bet the COMMIES would be LOVE to take a bunch of pictures of our LATEST TOP SECRET AIRCRAFT as it intercepted their SPY BALLOON.

I hope our leaders are NOT SO STUPID that they fall for this ruse and show them what we have.

Who knows?  The plans for the TOP SECRET AIRCRAFT may have been safely stored in a Delaware garage next to a Corvette.