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Royal Order

I watched the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II this morning. I’m not a royals follower, it just happened to be on the news when I flipped on the TV. At the end of the service the “top” royals were whisked away in limousines to the Queen’s final interment.

Here’s what I found interesting in that event.

King Charles III entered the first Rolls Royce limo followed in by the Queen Consort Camilla.

Prince William entered the next second Rolls Royce limo followed in by Princess Catherine.

When it was time for Harry and Meghan to get into the third Rolls Royce, Meghan entered FIRST without looking at Harry and then Harry got in after her.

I guess we know who wears the pants in that family.

Over A Barrel?

Every day the Automobile Club announces that gasoline is at a a new record high in price.  Everyone has experienced this ‘pain at the pump‘ thanks to the Biden administration. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, stopping of drilling on Federal land, stopping the sale of oil leases, and other policies implemented by Biden through executive orders has created this domestic oil crisis where we depend on the importation of foreign oil. In times BB (Before Biden) the “Bad Orange Man who writes mean tweets” had made the United States a net exporter of oil and gas. Bad Orange Man filled our STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES to the brim when oil was cheap, cheap, cheap because of his policies on domestic oil production. Let’s take a look at a couple of things.

Old Fool Biden (OFB) blames the high cost of gas and oil in the US on Putin and his war on Ukraine. The “Putin Price Hike” he keeps shouting at every opportunity. Hmm, if we pump our own oil, how did Putin make the price go up? Oh right, we’re no longer energy independent thanks to the OFB’s policies. What’s OFB’s new strategy? Release a MILLION barrels of oil per day from our STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES. What effect did this have on the price of oil? At this point absolutely nothing. Oil was at $52.10 when OFB took office.  Oil was at $92.10 per barrel on Feb 23,2022 before Putin invaded Ukraine.  Oil is at $113.00 per barrel today.  So far a most excellent plan, wouldn’t you say?

What are the STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES? The US stores oil in four salt mine caverns in case of WAR or NATURAL DISASTERS that might interrupt the ability to obtain oil These four sites can hold up to 727 MILLION barrels of oil. Remember Bad Orange Man filled them up when oil was cheap. The average price paid for the STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES was $29.70 per barrel thanks to Bad Orange Man.

OFB had released of 180 MILLION barrels of oil from our STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES since the start of the Ukraine war. There had been other releases of oil both during the end of the Bad Orange Man’s term as well as earlier in OFB’s term. As of May 4, 2022 the STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES is at 245 MILLION barrels of oil. The government websites will not allow me to access the current levels as of this writing.  Why are we releasing our WAR RESERVES now?  I assume it’s for the political WAR against Republicans.  Attempting to buy votes for the midterm elections.

Here’s another FACTOID. According to the blonde lady Granholm who is in charge of the Department of Energy (DOE), her people predict oil prices will eventually drop AFTER THE END OF 2023 due to less demand. I assume the DOE must be assuming everyone will be riding electric buses that the blonde lady holds stock in, but ignore that conflict of interest.

Let’s look at the numbers. The end of 2023 is over 550 days away. OFB want to release 1 MILLION barrels per day. Hmmm, 550 MILLION barrels is MORE than 245 MILLION barrels in the RESERVES according to my racist math calculations (math is RACIST according the the leftists). Ah but wait, OFB has a plan. The government has a request out to buy 60 MILLION barrels of oil to put into the STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES. Wait, add that 60 MILLION plus 245 MILLION barrels and that sill appears racistly less than 550 MILLION.

Essentially, OFB’s plan leaves us all F’ed.

Another world leader has a different plan. His country is buying up 2 MILLION barrels of oil PER DAY to fill up his country’s STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES, in case of WAR. Guess what country that is? Hint, it starts with “CH” and ends with “INA“.

Biden Officially Funds Putin’s War

At this point in time, Joey, you know the only guy to go “toe to toe with Putin“, is still dragging his feet about the US divesting from Russian oil. We import around 670,000 barrels of oil PER DAY from Vladimir, because of Joey’s green energy policies.  The Biden administration has said this is only a small percentage of the 20 Million barrels of oil per day the US consumes.  Chump change.  Let’s look at how much chump change we give to Putin in JUST ONE YEAR.

The purchase of 670,000 barrels per day at the current price of $120 per barrel means we will give Putin almost $29,346,000,000.00 yes almost $30 BILLION DOLLARS per year to fund his war machine.

What could the Ukrainians buy if they had $30 BILLION?

2 Gerald Ford class nuclear powered AIRCRAFT CARRIERS or,
14 Aleigh Burke class DESTROYERS or,
293 Apache HELICOPTERS or,
917 Reaper DRONES or,
2,934 Abrahams TANKS or,
195,640 Hellfire MISSILES.

The money could be used to purchase more of the weapons that the Ukrainians are currently using:

167,497 Javelin ANTI-TANK MISSILES or,

Or for bigger missile attacks you could buy 20 complete PATRIOT MISSILE SYSTEMS which would give the Ukrainians the ability to shoot down 1,680 Russian missiles.

But Joey would rather give it to Putin.