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You’re Too Stupid

Joey Biden just a few minutes ago was addressing the “leak” from the Supreme Court, which in a draft opinion, the Court indicated a desire to overturn the poorly decided Roe vs. Wade case.

Joey’s view is that big federal government needs to make all morality judgements and that state, local governments, and the people should not have any power.  Joey made a sweeping statement just before he turned his back to the press and headed to Air Force One,

This is why decisions should not be left to the whims of the public“.

The New God

There was an article published a few days ago which described that church attendance and affiliation has been dropping precipitously in the past 20 years.

According to a Gallup poll, church membership has dropped from 60% to 50% in just the past 10 years. The survey contends that younger folks are one of the biggest factors that are driving these numbers downward. Only 42% of Millennials are affiliated with a church.

Interestingly there is another “trend” that appears to track the downward direction of church attendance. The fall of a POSITIVE VIEW OF CAPITALISM. In another Gallup poll, the same Millennial group has dropped their view of CAPITALISM as good from 68% to 45%. And what is the alternative to CAPITALISM?


Now what does SOCIALISM have to do with RELIGION?

Let’s look at the words of Christ in Luke 16:13, “No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other“.


You cannot believe in a higher authority than government. You must show complete allegiance and bow down to government.  The government will provide.

Look at what the socialist such as Sanders, Warren, Yang, Cortez, Omar, and the rest of the Democrats propose. Free healthcare. Free housing. Free food. Free education, Free money. They also say they are the only way to a “Garden of Eden” environment. All of your “needs” are provided for by the government. The government will shepherd your UTOPIAN SOCIALIST life. Just give the government control of everything and they will provide for you a perfect worry-free existence.

Doesn’t that sound like they are playing god?

Turning away from God and loving big government.  Leave God and embrace the new god, SOCIALISM.

“… he will hate the one and love the other…”


References for the Gallup polls HERE and HERE

“Turtles, All The Way Down”

I was considering titling this post “How the Internet makes you stupid“.

I’ve noticed a phenomenon that is more and more prevalent in our “modern”, or as the young would say, “enlightened and progressive” society. This phenomenon is the almost instantaneous adoption by a large group of people, an idea that is patently absurd.

One of the latest ideas gaining traction is the Flat Earth view of planets. The flat-earthers believe that the Earth and for that matter all planets are disk shaped and not spherical.  I’ve known about the Flat Earth Society which I always assumed was just a group formed to have an excuse to meet and drink beer.  I did not realize that some low intelligence people actually believe this tripe.  Some folks started the argument that all of the NASA photographs are fake and it’s a huge government cover-up that the Earth is not a sphere, but is in reality a disk. Not sure what holds up the disk in the loons’ view of the world, but the in old mythology they used to say the disk was supported on the back of a turtle. When asked what the turtle was standing on, the answer was another turtle, and another, and another. “Turtles all the way down“.

What seems to happen is one or a few loons will categorically state that “someone’s” uncle who worked at NASA said the government is covering up the “FACT” that the Earth is flat. The Internet “crowd” piles onto this “FACT” and using google, all looking at the same FALSE information, CONCLUDE the “FACT” is true.  Then the Internet/Tweeties/Face-paging low intelligence crowd makes up all sorts of justifications to validate their belief that the Earth (and all the planets) are in fact just flat disks. One example of this is the question of why we never see the “backside” of the moon. The flat-minded google inspired simpletons say it’s because it’s a disk which I assume they believe must also be on a turtle.

Never mind that the Greek, Eratosthenes, determined the circumference of the Earth and its axial tilt by simple observation, around 250 B.C. I suspect that educators don’t teach this sort of history in elementary school in our “enlightened” times. How much could an old whitish Greek guy without a Tweetie account with at least a million followers and no reality TV show, know?

Setting aside that we now have groups of ignorant young people who believe the Flat Earth model, what is most astounding is how fast and widespread disinformation propagates in our “modern, enlightened, and progressive” society. With the advent of the Internet (Al Gore’s wacky invention) and all of the “social media” which billions of people access, one person, usually a celebrity who has millions of devotees, can adopt a stupid stance and a large number of followers will faithfully believe that idea, without questioning its validity.  This becomes the group’s ground TRUTH.

Another example of this phenomenon is the “Anti-vaxxer” movement.  Young parents refuse to vaccinate their children because they believe that vaccinations lead to autism.  This is all based on ONE case, which was PROVEN FALSE, in Australia.  Several celebrities took on the anti-vaccination position and boom, a movement was born, all based on FALSE information.  Even lunatic former presidential candidate and Harvard trained physician, Jill Stein, took up the crusade against vaccinations.  What this movement WILL ACCOMPLISH is to allow diseases such as polio which were eradicated in our country, to re-emerge as a health threat.  Currently the CDC has a level-2 warning about travel to certain regions of the world because travelers may come into contact with the polio virus and potentially bring it back to our country which now has a population of unvaccinated children.  Thank you Al Gore and your Internet.

It’s a very cult like behavior.

The idolizing followers, accept without any critical thought the views of their digital gurus. I believe that the young people of our world who have been raised with the Internet as their primary source of information are the most susceptible to this influence. Talk about mindless lemmings.

I hope the turtles don’t get tired of standing on top of each other.