Bidens Always Pay Their Fair Share In Taxes

Let me start with, WTF?

Hunter Crackhead Biden’s plea deal that tanked is rather interesting. Here’s something that no one seems to be asking about the plea deal.

Crackhead Biden has 2 misdemeanor charges of “forgetting to pay” Federal income tax on $1,500,000.00 in 2017 and another $1,500,000.00 in 2018. If it were you or me, the Feds would call it “Tax Evasion“, not a simple, “Oopsie, I forgot to pay“.  Be that as it may, the misdemeanor charges state that Crackboy owes $100.000 for each year in unpaid taxes. Why has no one asked if that seems FAIR?

Using an online tax calculator for 2017 with no deductions Crackboy would owe $559,004 or over HALF A MILLION DOLLAR$ in Federal income tax. In order to get anywhere near the $100,000 owed level, Crackboy would need to write off more than ALL of his income. Playing with the tax calculator he’d need:

$500,000 in dental and medical expenses
$500,000 in taxes paid (state and local)
$435,000 gifts to charities
$500,000 in casualty and theft losses

I can understand the HALF MILLION DOLLARS in dental work since he had “Meth Mouth” and would need implants. The rest is a bit hard to believe.  $450,000 in hookers might be considered a charitable donation.  Perhaps the $500,000 in theft losses was his cut to “The Big Guy“.  

$100,000 is the same as $559,004 if you’re just a poor victim of drugs.

Paying YOUR FAIR SHARE, right Joe?

Cocaine Confirmation

In response to the Cocaine found at the White House, the Secret Service said, “At this time, the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence,” That’s a CONFIRMATION that the “Bolivian nose sugar” was brought in for and belongs to, Biden the Younger (Hunter).

Let’s look at the facts.

As the story FIRST BROKE it was STATED by the mainstream media that NO SUSPECT would be found, according to their sources, because the investigators would not be able to narrow down the list of suspects from the thousands of people that go in and out of the White House.  This was stated before the investigation began.  What White House “source” gave them that little tidbit.

The story kept changing as to where the cocaine was found as information came out. At first it was ‘stated‘ that the blow was found in the library of the EAST WING. Then after it was revealed by the fire department that they didn’t go into the library, at which point the ‘official story‘ became it was found in ‘a heavily travelled area‘ according to the White House black lesbian liar in charge. Eventually the location was narrowed down to the lockers outside the West Wing where visitors need to secure their personal electronic devices as that area is a secure area meaning it contains classified information or programs.

The lockers have keys to prevent theft of the personal property. That narrows down the list of suspects. The key to the locker which contained the drugs was ‘missing’. That was most likely why the Secret Service looked in and found the cocaine. If the key was present, the locker would have been unlocked.  A locker is LOCKED when the key is REMOVED.  We know CONCLUSIVELY that someone purposely locked up the drugs.  The press should ask just how many locker keys go missing and do they change the locks after a key is lost? My bet is that there are duplicate keys, as making another key is simpler than changing a lock.  There is about a 100% chance that you’ll find one of the duplicate keys in the possession of Hunter Biden.

The Secret Service said that no fingerprints or DNA were found on the plastic bag of drugs. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale. Were there no fingerprints on the locker? Did they see anyone wearing LATEX GLOVES that day?  Conveniently there supposedly NO CAMERAS near the lockers.  Interesting.

Finally here is why no one was identified as a suspect in the great cocaine caper.

If they did identify a suspect, that person would be charged with a felony or multiple felonies. If charged the suspect would most likely flip and say that he/she brought the coke in for Hunter. If Hunter was found to have violated the terms of his ‘pretrial diversion’ for the felony gun charge he would go to the gray bar hotel for a several years.

The only “safe” conclusion was to close the case with NO CONCLUSION.

Just like the Obama administration, NO scandals in this administration.