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Bigger Government Will Fix Big Government

Joe “I’ll say anything to get elected” Biden has this interesting statement on his website:

The Biden Plan will:
Stand up to the abuse of power by polluters who disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities.
The Biden Administration will take action against fossil fuel companies and other polluters who put profit over people and knowingly harm our environment and poison our communities’ air, land, and water, or conceal information regarding potential environmental and health risks.
The Biden plan will ensure that communities across the country from Flint, Michigan to Harlan, Kentucky to the New Hampshire Seacoast have access to clean, safe drinking water.”

You can read his moronic platform HERE.

Um, hey Crazy Uncle Joe, back the F’ing truck up a wee bit.

Let’s take stock of the things to caused the Flint, Michigan water problems, that you so proudly HIGHLIGHT ON YOUR WEBSITE.

The Flint GOVERNMENT CHOSE to STOP PURCHASING water from the City of Detroit and source and process the city’s water from the Flint River as a COST SAVINGS measure in 2014. The water originally purchased from Detroit was treated by the city of Detroit and they used a SULFATE based chemical coagulant to remove organic material. The Flint Government decided to use a lower cost CHLORIDE based chemical coagulant for organic material removal in their COST SAVINGS treatment plant. It turns out the the CHLORIDE base chemicals THOUGH LESS EXPENSIVE, leach LEAD from the distribution pipes OWNED by the GOVERNMENT.

After it was determined that the drinking water was contaminated with LEAD, the Flint GOVERNMENT considered switching back to purchasing water from Detroit but ultimately THE GOVERNMENT CHOSE NOT TO SWITCH BACK because it would COST MORE MONEY. Eventually state and Federal (your tax dollars) monies were used to replace the LEAD pipes in the distribution system to fix the problem CAUSED BY A GOVERNMENT CHOICE.

It gets better.  At least NINE STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT officials have had charges brought against them for COVERING UP the spike in LEAD POISONING of CHILDREN in Flint, Michigan.  Hmm, GOVERNMENT COVERING FOR GOVERNMENT.

What EVIL RACIST CORPORATION harmed the “communities of color and low-income communities“, in Flint, Michisgan? Which “fossil fuel companies and other polluters who put profit over people” caused the Flint water crisis?

Oh wait, it was a wise and informed GOVERNMENT decision that PUT COST SAVINGS OVER HEALTH and then COVERED IT UP.


Toot toot! Did they think this through?

Someone changed the “Whistleblower” statute to allow HEARSAY as evidence for an accusation. The change to “hearsay is good enough” seems suspiciously timed to allow for some swampy character to accuse the President of maleficence. Be that as is may, did those who amended the statute think what the consequences of their actions means in the broader scope?

If one only requires HEARSAY to file a complaint within government and government CONTRACTING, what prevents ANYONE from filing a complaint against a COMPETITOR?

Let’s examine a scenario.

Any employee of Spacely Sprockets which has a second source contract to Cogwell’s Cogs, supplying the government with cogs, can file a complaint against the Cogwell’s Cogs for ANYTHING. The employee of Spacely Sprockets may allege that Cogwell’s Cogs is using substandard materials in the cogs supplied in their government contract. It will take weeks, months, even years to investigate the ALLEGED maleficence of Cogswell’s Cogs. In the meantime Spacely Sprockets will supply all the cogs while Cogwell’s Cogs is under investigationBONUS for Business!


The employee of Spacely Sprockets who filed the complaint is completely protected from ANY LIABILITY!

“Whistleblowers” are protected by LAW to anonymity. Even if the identity of the “whisteblower” were discovered he would still be protected from liability because HEARSAY testimony is not considered EVIDENCE is a court of law. The “whistleblower” need only say “That’s what I BELIEVED that I heard”. The relieves him of any liability.

Ain’t the new law wonderful?

I’m Picking On The Mentally Challenged

Perhaps I shouldn’t pick on the MENTALLY CHALLENGED, but the MORON Beta-male O’Rourke is “running” for President. He was anointed as the “Jesus Christ Superstar” of the Dimbulbcrats by MSNBC back when he was on the cover of Vain-ity Fair magazine.

Arm flapper O’Rourke keeps saying that the reason illegal immigrants are coming from Central American countries to the US is because we Citizens of the United States are the horrible RACISTS causing a global warming induced DROUGHT which is forcing folks from Central America to flee their dying uninhabitable countries.  This is a SCIENCE as told to Beta by Scientists.

Oh my. Never let facts get in the way of a story when you’re flapping your arms as you try and take flight.

According to Beta-male, the DROUGHT in Central America is caused “Not by god, not by nature…” but by the horrible people of the United States. Here are the rainfall totals in millimeters for 2008 and 2014 for the countries in question.

  • Guatemala  2008 total 1996 mm,   20014 total 1996 mm
  • Honduras    2008 total 1976 mm,   2014 total 1976 mm
  • El Salvador 2008 total  1724 mm,   2014 total 1784 mm
  • USA               2008 total   715 mm,   2014 total    715mm

In fact the average rainfall in the three Central American countries has remained consistently the same since 1961 which is as far back as I researched. Wait, El Salvador had more rain in 2014.  More is Less, if you’re a MORON.

But Beta talks to SCIENTISTS (who must be MORONS like himself), who tell him the facts aren’t the facts.  If you’re a MORON, consistently the same rainfall totals somehow indicates a decline in rainfall.  Maybe there’s a special scientific “decline” factor to correct the rainfall totals downward when evil RACISTS in the US who obviously hate BROWN PEOPLE are involved.

Okay maybe there is a shortage of food caused by the MYTHICAL US induced drought.

Exports from Honduras increased by about a billion dollars each year for the past couple of years. Their biggest export items are AGRICULTURAL products. That’s right FOOD.  And where are these shortage products from the dying country going? Turns out the United States is the biggest trading partner with Honduras. So the drought starved people of Honduras are coming to the US to eat the food that COULDN’T BE GROWN but was somehow exported. Hmmm, I guess that makes sense if you’re mentally challenged like Beta.

Maybe if Beta-male O’Rourke flaps his arms more he can cause some global cooling to fix the problem.