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Where Are The Global Warming Alarmists?

Pfizer has announced that they will have 1.3 BILLION doses of their China virus vaccine distributed in 2021. Why has the Alexandria ‘Occasional Cortex‘ crowd NOT been screaming bloody murder about this?  Why not a peep from Al ‘I created the Internet’ Gore?  Where’s John ‘Swift boat’ Kerry?

Here’s the ‘inconvenient truth‘.

The vaccine needs to be shipped and stored at -70 degrees Celsius. This requires a special freezer that some sources say will cost $20,000.00. Pfizer and the CDC are recommending NOT to buy these specialized freezers. Instead they are recommending a cold storage box that is continually refreshed with cheaply available ‘DRY ICE‘.

What is DRY ICE? It’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in a solid form. DRY ICE has a surface temperature of about -109 degrees Celsius and turns into a gas (a process known as sublimation, that is it goes from solid to gas without melting to a liquid) at about -78 degrees Celsius. It’s never a liquid hence the term DRY ICE.  Perfect for storing the new vaccine.

The 1.3 BILLION doses will most likely need several POUNDS of DRY ICE to ship and store the vaccine.  The DRY ICE (remember it’s CARBON DIOXIDE, CO2) will eventually turn to gas and go, oops, into the atmosphere. BILLIONS of pounds of CO2 will end up in the atmosphere and CO2 is the GREEN HOUSE GAS that causes the “EXISTENSIAL THREAT” to the world according to the Occasional Cortex crowd and all the other alarmists.

Let’s randomly pick a modern country, say SWEDEN.  They put out about 26 BILLION pounds of CO2 annually.  If it takes 10 pound of DRY ICE to store a dose of vaccine over the whole distribution process, that would be 13 BILLION pounds of CO2 or HALF of the ANNUAL CO2 emission of the COUNTRY OF SWEDEN.

Save the people, kill the world?

Where’s the OUTRAGE?

We Should Have “I-Cards”

The Loony Left claims they are the ‘true’ followers of ‘THE SCIENCE‘ and that all 71 MILLION Republican voters are ignorant, deplorable, xenophobic, SCIENCE DENIERS. Let’s look at some ACTUAL SCIENCE.

You’ve no doubt heard of new VACCINES that are about to become available.

What exactly is a VACCINE?

I learned about the concept of VACCINES back in THIRD GRADE. It was noticed that MILKMAIDS who had contracted COWPOX never contracted the deadly disease SMALLPOX. SMALLPOX had a death rate of 30% of people who contracted SMALLPOX DIED. In comparison, the China Virus (SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 or simply Covid) has a death rate 0.778%. Back to SMALLPOX. Volunteers were inoculated with COWPOX (as a VACCINE) and they became IMMUNE to SMALLPOX, even when exposed YEARS LATER.

How does this inoculation with a VACCINE work?

A VACCINE has a protein that ‘mimics’ the VIRUS that you are getting inoculated against. The human body recognizes this protein as a foreign invader and triggers an IMMUNE RESPONSE, creating ANTIBODIES to destroy the invading VIRUS. This immune response and creation of specific ANTIBODIES is what happens when the ACTUAL VIRUS enters the body. This is why people recover from the China Virus without a VACCINE. The human body still has the ANTIBODIES, once it has recovered and a reinfection is almost IMPOSSIBLE. You may have heard that there is ANTIBODY testing to determine if a person had contracted the China Virus in the past. The test looks for the specific ANTIBODIES that the body created to fight off the China Virus.  As an interesting side note, researchers at the Italian Cancer Institute looked at blood sample collected from patients in 2019 and they have identified Covid ANTIBODIES as early as September of 2019, well before China reported any infections in Wuhan. Naturally the Chinese government was quick to seize on this news and blame the Italians for starting the PANDEMIC.  “Look over there, don’t look at China!”.

SO, given this quickie background on ACTUAL SCIENCE, why doesn’t the ‘GOVERNMENT’ (Federal, state, county, city) issue what I call an “I-card” for anyone who had a POSITIVE Covid Test, at least 14 days old, and no longer shows symptoms of infection? They have the ANTIBODIES and therefore CANNOT CONTRACT THE VIRUS again and CANNOT SPREAD the VIRUS! The name “I-card” can stand for ‘IMMUNITY‘ or if you’re a ‘good’ Catholic such as Bumbling Biden, it might stand for ‘INDULGENCE‘.  Anyone who holds an “I-card” does not need to wear a mask, can go to a gym, can eat indoors, can travel freely, can celebrate the holidays, can get drunk off their ass in a bar, is exempted from any lockdown order, and can socialize in any size group, with anyone they please because they CANNOT BECOME INFECTED NOR SPREAD the disease.

This is SCIENCE and it is indisputable.

If you demand we ‘FOLLOW THE SCIENCE‘ then dammit, FOLLOW THE SCIENCE.

I’m Not A Lawyer and I Don’t Play One On TV

I just read the new “GUIDANCE” for mask wearing here in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Finding the “GUIDANCE” is a bit of a truffle hunt.

I started on the official PRK china virus site,

A search for “GUIDANCE” on MASK wearing give four results, none of which links to the “GUIDANCE“.

At the bottom of the page, I clicked on the link to the PRK Dept. of Public Health and again started looking for the “GUIDANCE” on mask wearing. Towards the bottom of the page is a link to “updated guidance” about masks. I clicked on that link and it connects to a PDF document, “GUIDANCE FOR THE USE OF FACE COVERINGS“, dated June 18, 2020, revised on June 29, 2020. On the top of the document is a note that this document is “... superseded by updated guidance released on Nov. 16, 2020“. Hmm, how can a document revised last in June have a note dated in November? I guess Gov. Gruesome has the power to see many months into the future. Be that as it may, the note in the document links to more “updated guidance“. Finally it took me to a page with what I believe is the latest “GUIDANCE” on mask wearing here in the PRK.  Not very easy to find information.  You can read the CRAP HERE.

In the “GUIDANCE” it says, “This updated GUIDANCE MANDATES that a face covering is required at all times when outside of the home, with some exceptions.” That is one interesting sentence.

GUIDANCE MANDATES“. I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but “GUIDANCE” is provided as clarification to a law, policy, or rule. “GUIDANCE” in most circumstances cannot “MANDATE” anything. “GUIDANCE” doesn’t have the force and effect of law. A duly passed law, policy, or rule ( the latter two, derived from a law) does. Gov. Gruesome could have signed an executive order mandating his “MASK LAWS” and that would have the force of law behind it. Government officials and the media are STATING that this GUIDANCE” is LAW.

On the Federal level, “Agencies may clarify existing obligations through non binding guidance documents, …” This Executive order was passed to prevent non-elected government employees from issuing “GUIDANCE” as law which has been done here in the PRK.

How was the “GUIDANCELAW created”?  The mystery and intrigue deepens.

Sandra Shewry, appears to have authored the “GUIDANCE LAWSandra Shewry, who is the “Acting” Director of the California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) apparently has the power to singlehandedly WRITE LAWS in the PRK.  Who is Sandra Shewry?  She is still the Vice President of the California Health Care Foundation, on leave to “Act” as the CDPH director.  She has a bachelor’s degree in “community studies“, whatever the fuck that is, and a master’s in “public health and social welfare“, again whatever the fuck that is.  She IS NOT A SCIENTIST.  She IS NOT A PHYSICIAN.  She IS NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL.  She IS NOT A LAWYER.  She appears to be A SOCIAL WORKER.

This ONE person has MANDATED that ALL PRK SUBJECTS must wear masks.  Apparently any DIPSHIT government employee can write laws for all of us puny mortals.

I suspect that Gov. Gruesome and his team of lawyers tacitly approve of this psuedo law, written by a social worker, as “GUIDANCELAW, because the Constitutionality of an executive order as law would most likely be challenged.

Normally I have some humorous quip, but all I can say regarding the rules of this SCAMDEMIC, is that they’re all FUCKED UP!