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I’ll Most Likely Be Called A Homophobe

I’ve watched a few of the Dimbulbcrat “debates” and here’s something I find curious.

After the debate ends the spouse of the candidate comes onto the stage and hugs him and sometimes there is a little peck on the lips.
As the “first openly gay candidate” I have not seen Pete “Alfred E. Newman” Buttigieg with his guy spouse hugging or any other expression of affection. Why doesn’t the “first openly gay” presidential candidate kiss his “husband” on the lips on national TV?

Has this avoidance of affection been planned?

I admit that I don’t follow the gaggle of loony characters very closely, but I suspect most of America is still not ready to see their president kissing another dude.

Might it have something to do with poll numbers?

The New God

There was an article published a few days ago which described that church attendance and affiliation has been dropping precipitously in the past 20 years.

According to a Gallup poll, church membership has dropped from 60% to 50% in just the past 10 years. The survey contends that younger folks are one of the biggest factors that are driving these numbers downward. Only 42% of Millennials are affiliated with a church.

Interestingly there is another “trend” that appears to track the downward direction of church attendance. The fall of a POSITIVE VIEW OF CAPITALISM. In another Gallup poll, the same Millennial group has dropped their view of CAPITALISM as good from 68% to 45%. And what is the alternative to CAPITALISM?


Now what does SOCIALISM have to do with RELIGION?

Let’s look at the words of Christ in Luke 16:13, “No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other“.


You cannot believe in a higher authority than government. You must show complete allegiance and bow down to government.  The government will provide.

Look at what the socialist such as Sanders, Warren, Yang, Cortez, Omar, and the rest of the Democrats propose. Free healthcare. Free housing. Free food. Free education, Free money. They also say they are the only way to a “Garden of Eden” environment. All of your “needs” are provided for by the government. The government will shepherd your UTOPIAN SOCIALIST life. Just give the government control of everything and they will provide for you a perfect worry-free existence.

Doesn’t that sound like they are playing god?

Turning away from God and loving big government.  Leave God and embrace the new god, SOCIALISM.

“… he will hate the one and love the other…”


References for the Gallup polls HERE and HERE

Free = Bondage

I listened to Magatte Wade, an entrepreneur from Senegal, Africa, speaking about how to end poverty.  You can listen to her speech at a Ted Talks HERE.

She says that in order to end Africa from existing as the most poverty stricken region of the world, GOVERNMENTS need to GET OUT OF THE WAY. She states that the only way create a more prosperous region is, “We need greater economic freedom“. Words of great wisdom.  Someone tell Bernie Sanders and the rest of the socialists.

Many would argue that corruption is the root cause. Wade says that “Corruption is the natural consequence of stupid senseless idiot laws“. And that, “The way to eliminate corruption is to simplify“. It’s hard to argue against what she has to say.

The young socialists here in the United States should listen to what Magatte Wade has to say. Big government controlling the means of production (true socialism) or regulating all industries will inevitably create poverty as it has in Africa.

Magatte also argues against FREE good and wealth redistribution. As an example in her village she is very critical of a US shoe company which has a program of buy one pair of shoes and the company will give away a pair of shoes in a “needy” country. Why is supplying shoes to poor regions counterproductive? Wade says that local shoemakers have gone out of business because they cannot compete against FREE. She said that there were 29 local shoe manufacturers in her small village each of which employed about 15 people.  435 employed making shoes.  Those businesses cannot compete against a supplier who gives away products for free hence they end up going out of business.

Free stuff as it turns out is not a way out from poverty.

Out of curiosity I wondered where the FREE shoes are made. Just like most shoe companies, the shoes are made in China and Vietnam.  Hmm, US consumers buying products made in China which inadvertently crushes small businesses in Africa.  People’s hearts can be in the right place but without looking at all the consequences, their actions may end up hurting instead of helping.

Once again the young socialists should consider that all the FREE STUFF and wealth redistribution that they seek will lead to a life of BONDAGE in POVERTY.