Second Amendment And Progressive Think

Kids say the darnedest things. The yutes protesting for gun control say the Second Amendment doesn’t apply in “modern” times. They espouse what they’ve obviously been brainwashed into believing. The party line is that the Second Amendment was only written as a means of warding off an invasion from either England or Spain. They seem to have forgotten about the whole tyranny of government aspect.  One of their biggest platform issues is eliminating PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of what they deem as “weapons of war“.

The group Thinkprogress has written a piece where they say that there is no correlation between firearms ownership and democracy. Of course they only look at data over the past 10 years.

Let’s review a bit of American history which it appears that the kids of today and those on the left either didn’t learn or just want to ignore.

On October 16, 1859 a small group of armed men attacked and took control of a federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. They were led by a man named John Brown. US Marines recaptured the arsenal two days later and John Brown was later hanged for his crime of TREASON.

What does this have to do with the Second Amendment? John Brown was a “white” abolitionist. He believed that the government was corrupt and that all men regardless of skin color should be free. Sadly for anyone on the left, John Brown’s beliefs came from his strong Christian values, that God created all men as equals. John Brown picked up his PERSONALLY OWNED RIFLE, a “weapon of war”, and led the take over of the federal arsenal in hopes of giving the “weapons of war” to SLAVES allowing them to fight for their FREEDOM. Hmm, slaved didn’t have their own weapons. Anyone seeing something here? Now who commanded the troopers that retook the arsenal? It was then Colonel Robert E. Lee, whose statues the proge-sissies want to tear down.  John Brown’s last words, written on a note which he handed to the gallows executioner were, “I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.

This event by a PRIVATE CITIZEN using his PERSONALLY OWNED WEAPON OF WAR was the trigger point that started the US Civil War that ENDED SLAVERY.  John Brown was fighting CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, endorsed by a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.

Do you think that might be a good enough reason for, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

If John Brown was not allowed to own a “weapon of war” do you think that he would have triggered the end of slavery just sending a “tweet” or posting on facebook?  Would those on the left be okay if NO ONE decided to pick up a weapon, rebel against the government of the Southern states, and just let SLAVERY CONTINUE?

More Proof That Everything Is Now Racist

Whole Foods Market is getting slammed for “allowing” a restaurant to open within the market. The restaurant is named “Yellow Fever” and serves Asian inspired bowls for $10 to $11. The keyboard social justice warriors are outraged and tweetering and facepaging that the name of the restaurant is RACIST.  How dare Whole Foods allow such a horrendous social crime to occur and think that they will go unpunished?

A little back story about “Yellow Fever“. The restaurant is a small local chain here in the Southern part of the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, started by Kelly Kim, who is, you guessed it, Asian. Kelly is a FEMALE entrepreneur who left her corporate job to open these eateries. Yellow Fever’s goal is to serve healthy meals using locally sourced “farm to table” ingredients as much as possible, as well as organic, non-GMO, and hormone free ingredients.

Sheesh, you would think that the crazy left would be celebrating a female, minority, entrepreneur who is environmentally and health conscientious. But NO. Instead they slam her as a RACIST.  Of course I suspect that the SJW crowd never bothered to investigate and find out anything about the owner of the restaurants.  It’s easier to scream out about RACISM from behind the keyboard when you’re an uninformed nitwit.  Anyone want to take bets on how many SJWs apologize for their ignorant RANTS?  Does ZERO sound about right?

Let’s review some FACTS. The Supreme Court (June 19, 2017 case No. 15-1293), said that the Asian-American musical group can call itself “The Slants” because the members are, hey guess what, Asian. Now why that had to go all the way to the Supreme Court is beyond me. Why did the SJW movement believe they needed to prevent those IGNORANT RACIST Asians from calling themselves a supposedly disparaging name?  Why is it that no one ever said that the highly acclaimed group “Niggaz Wit Attitude” has a RACIST name and protested them to change their group’s name?

Why can’t the SJW crowd stop using mob rule to force society to conform to their views of morality?

I know that I will be heading on over to “Yellow Fever” to try out the cuisine.  I want to try the Parmesan Furikake Fries, the Ugly Egg Rolls, and their bowls.  I’m getting hungry as I write this!  Personally I find the restaurant’s name funny and catchy.

As an Asian-American (I find this term off-putting.  I am an AMERICAN) male who writes this sort of TRUTH, to the lefties I must be a whitey alt-righty RACIST.

Showboat and the Dimbulbs

Showboat” Comey mused that he wondered how solid President Trump’s marriage was, after he revealed the existence of the Dimbulbocrat paid for “dossier” to the President. President Trump asked that Showboat investigate the unverified, salacious document, because he didn’t want even the slightest chance that his wife might think there was truth to the “dossier”.  Showboat claims his wife would never question him if a document came out with wild “pee party” allegations and the name Comey attached to it, which is why he questioned the stability of the Trump marriage.  Hello people.  The “dossier” was an official FBI document obtained by, at the time, unknown but supposedly “reliable” sources within the US intelligence community.  The “dossier” was convincing enough to bamboozle a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act Court judge to start the investigation into President Trump and Russian collusion as well as to spy on US citizens within the borders of Our Country.  Don’t you think anyone might have at least a tiny bit of doubt if their spouse was accused of something in an official FBI document that supposedly came from “reliable” sources within the intelligence community?

Let’s not forget that Billybob LIED to Congress, UNDER OATH and was IMPEACHED for that LIE, because he felt that if he told the TRUTH that he banged the intern, his family (including his wife Hillybob) would suffer shame and ridicule. President Trump just wanted Showboat to find out where this “dossier” came from, because he knew it was a pack of lies.

In other Dimbulbocrat news,  the Dems say the DOJ Investigator General’s judgement needs to be called into question. What’s their reasoning? Because he’s only given criminal referrals implicating Clintonistas. Uh have the Dimbulbs ever considered that maybe this is because only the Hillybob wankers were the guilty ones?

Me thinks all the guilty Swamp denizens are pooping in their britches as they are all screaming, “All the illegal things we did were never supposed to see the light of day!  She wasn’t supposed to lose!