Mein Fuhrer, I Can Walk!

How nutty is this country and how far will the lunacy go?

Twice now I have heard people say that, “Mr. Trump will round people up and gas them to death”.

I have no idea how many gallons of the leftist Kool-aid you need to drink in order to actually believe such patently absurd nonsense.

I’m going to speculate that all the lunacy came about because the National Socialists put out a video endorsing Mr. Trump. Somehow the brainwashed left makes the leap that a fringe organization’s video endorsement somehow connects Mr. Trump to the genocide of Nazi Germany.  Point of fact, the “massive whitewashing” of America, who made the video, consists of 275 nut jobs.  They have been continuously covered by the hysterical mass media, ad naseum, in order to create this fictional story of Trumpian bigotry across our country.

Sheesh, saying Mr. Trump will gas people is as ludicrous as saying, “President Obama is a cannibal”, because people in African states, where cannibalism was once practiced, say nice things about him.  I doubt any liberals read my blog, but if you are one, don’t get your racist sniffing panties up in a bunch. I purposely made this analogy as inflammatory as possible to point out the absurdity of believing and connecting one person’s actions with another’s, via a third party’s action, without any proof of that such a connection exists.

The lunacy of the left shouldn’t surprise me, given the vitriol expressed by a large number of people after this election, but nonetheless it does.

Credit where credit is due. The title of today’s post is a line from the 1964 movie “Dr. Strangelove”.

I Beg Your Pardon?

Several “lawmakers” (and from my take of the Constitution, do they truly understand law?) and “dignitaries” such as the esteemed Jesse ‘what the hell did he say?’ Jackson, are calling for President Obama to pardon Hillybob.

The power of The President to pardon individuals is granted by The United States Constitution in Article II, Section 2.  The wording pertaining to pardons is as follows:

… he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

I’ll state right now that I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV but my take is that you need to be GUILTY of an offence before you can be pardoned.

This means all the nice folks calling for her to be pardoned believe that SHE IS GUILTY! I’m happy to hear (okay it’s hilarious!) that the liberal left is now admitting to her culpability in committing multiple FELONIES.

Okay, this may seem odd, but I will defend Hillybob and say that at this point she has not been CHARGED nor CONVICTED of any crimes and still has the presumption of innocence until such time as she is charged and if found guilty, convicted.

I would suspect the the legend in his own mind, greatest “Constitutional Scholar” in American history, President Obama, can see that he’s in a wee bit of a pickle  if he tries to somehow let her off the hook by using a Presidential pardon.

Anyhow, if her “friends“, and as they saying goes, “with friends like those who needs enemies!“, want to convict her in the court of public opinion by continuing to demand for a pardon, that is their First Amendment Right to do so.

Zombies Are REAL!

I didn’t believe that Zombies actually existed until I read about a bill that outgoing, Senator “Babs” Boxer wants to introduce. I did not realize that the brain dead  could author a Senate bill.  You can read her (Its?  Do zombies have gender?) call to eliminate the Electoral College on her official website HERE.

Babs, yes, I know, even as the walking brain dead, you are smarter than The Framers of The United States Constitution.  Those stupid white guys who created the Electoral College to prevent the large population centers from controlling the seat of power as well preventing the marginalization of the voters of a diversified union of states.  And I know that after your passing you will be honored for having had such superior insight and leadership, the magnitude of which was greater than Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and the rest of the gang that created The Constitution, combined.  They will no doubt create the  second largest monument (only The Hillybob Monument will be larger) in Washington DC to memorialize your savior status in The United States.

I’m with you, Babs, “F” those ‘Rust Belt’ racist, bigoted, sexist, misogynist, xenophobes.  We the collective subjects in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, en masse know the progressive East and West Coast values are what’s best for EVERYONE because we do Yoga and eat Kale (or in your case Kale fed brains).

I’ll make a simple suggestion to you Babs, which will prove that theElectoral College is a disaster for democracy“.

Senator Babs, make the Electoral College votes in The People’s Republik of Kalifornia, proportional to the vote tallies of the subjects of the state. Easy peasy!  34 votes for The Anointed One, and 21 votes for Mr. Trump.

No need to overhaul the United States Constitution.  This can be done quickly and efficiently at the local level.

This would allow the Electoral College vote of the Golden State to represent the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of Kalifornia What could be more DEMOCRATIC?

You wouldn’t need to amend the United States Constitution to make the system FAIRER for all by starting at the state level.

Show the country what to do!  Lead the way to voter reform starting with Kalifornia, Babs!  You have been our state anointed one since the ‘Year of The Woman‘ (1992).  Babs, lead us and we will follow!  Show the rest of the country that we of the Golden Granola State are the most progressive and enlightened people in the country.

Senator Babs, from one of your subjects, you’re welcome, and I’m humbly honored to serve you, the state, and our country.  If you need more suggestions of actions to take, just leave me a comment.  I have a fecal load more things that I’d like to say to you.

What was that?  Did you just say “Oh sh*t” that doesn’t help Hillybob?