MiG-29 Debacle

The MiG-29 is an old multi-role fighter aircraft. The plane was designed in the 1970’s, the era of discos, bell bottom pants, polyester shirts, and leisure suits. It was put into service in the early 1980’s. The plane is older than most of the pilots who fly them.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine is asking, pleading, for aircraft to counter the Russians who are destroying his country. Poland said they have older MiG-29s that they are willing to give to Ukraine. Ukrainian pilots are already trained to fly the MiG-29 and are described by some sources as the best MiG pilots in the world.

The Poles are asking the United States to backfill their fighter inventory with F-16s when the Ukrainians take possession of the MiGs. Our Department of Defense (DoD) ‘green lighted‘ the transfer of the MiG-29s from Poland to Ukraine. The Polish government asked the the transfer take place at the United States’ Ramstein Air Base in Germany. From my understanding, the DoD was good with this arrangement, BUT Joe Biden personally gave the kibosh to the deal. As of today, the MiGs are sitting on the ground in Poland and Ukraine is still getting bombed. 

Wait one, if the transfer took place in Poland, Joe was okay with the deal, BUT if the transfer took place on a US base in Germany Joe is PERSONALLY against the deal. WTF?

If I were the Polish government or any of the Baltic NATO members, I’d need to consider what this means.

Joe is telling the Poles, “You go ahead and give the MiGs to the Ukrainians and I’ll be walking my dog on a Delaware beach, eating some ice cream when your air base is bombed by the Russians, BUT I don’t want Putin to get mad at me.

For Joe, an air base bombed in Poland might just be another “Minor incursion” that he might see as NOT worth getting involved in. I suspect he would just get another ice cream cone and watch what happens.  Joe’s priority always seems to be, “I don’t want Putin mad at me.

Huh? WTF?

Headline news March 7, 2022, “Pentagon asks Supreme Court to allow it to stop the deployment of unvaccinated SEALs“.

Someone needs to ‘splain this to me. SEALs are trained special forces operators whose specialty is ‘unconventional warfare’. Warfare, last time I looked, usually entails KILLING the enemy. Now the Pentagon doesn’t want to deploy SEALs that have not been vaccinated.

Is the Pentagon concerned that an unvaccinated SEAL might inadvertently give the China virus to the enemy?  I suppose that if the unvaccinated SEAL gave the virus to the enemy before KILLING him (or her to be gender inclusive) it would be counted as yet another unfortunate COVID death.

I guess this is the new kindler gentler SEAL teams that are concerned with the health and well being of those that they plan to kill.  They can stop using face paint and don Chinese made KN95 masks as camouflage.

Biden Officially Funds Putin’s War

At this point in time, Joey, you know the only guy to go “toe to toe with Putin“, is still dragging his feet about the US divesting from Russian oil. We import around 670,000 barrels of oil PER DAY from Vladimir, because of Joey’s green energy policies.  The Biden administration has said this is only a small percentage of the 20 Million barrels of oil per day the US consumes.  Chump change.  Let’s look at how much chump change we give to Putin in JUST ONE YEAR.

The purchase of 670,000 barrels per day at the current price of $120 per barrel means we will give Putin almost $29,346,000,000.00 yes almost $30 BILLION DOLLARS per year to fund his war machine.

What could the Ukrainians buy if they had $30 BILLION?

2 Gerald Ford class nuclear powered AIRCRAFT CARRIERS or,
14 Aleigh Burke class DESTROYERS or,
293 Apache HELICOPTERS or,
917 Reaper DRONES or,
2,934 Abrahams TANKS or,
195,640 Hellfire MISSILES.

The money could be used to purchase more of the weapons that the Ukrainians are currently using:

167,497 Javelin ANTI-TANK MISSILES or,

Or for bigger missile attacks you could buy 20 complete PATRIOT MISSILE SYSTEMS which would give the Ukrainians the ability to shoot down 1,680 Russian missiles.

But Joey would rather give it to Putin.