Spartacus Speaks Words of Wisdom

This is very personal to so many of us. Me, because I’m a black man, and black males are six percent of the nation’s population. But they make up the majority of homicide victims in this country”, Spartacus Booker on taking down the NRA and punishing law abiding firearms owners as part of his presidential “policy” plan.

One more time, let’s look at the FACTS.

Here are the 15 leading causes of death in the United States from the 2016 Vital Statistic Report from the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

1. Diseases of heart (heart disease)
2. Malignant neoplasms (cancer)
3. Accidents (unintentional injuries)
4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
5. Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke)
6. Alzheimer’s disease
7. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
8. Influenza and pneumonia
9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis
(kidney disease)
10. Intentional self-harm (suicide)
11. Septicemia
12. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
13. Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal
disease (hypertension)
14. Parkinson’s disease
15. Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids

You can read the report HERE

Umm, I’m not a super smart guy like Spartacus, but I don’t see HOMICIDE in the list. Of course I’m not a black man so it must not be that personal to me, and therefore that must be what is clouding my vision of the FACTS.  Let me squint at it more.

Digging into the report, 38,658 people died in firearms involved incidences. Of those, 14,415 were homicides involving firearms. To put that into some perspective, 35,862 people died from FALLING. More than twice as many people died FALLING DOWN than from HOMICIDES in which a firearm was involved . But once again, I’m not as wise and black like  Spartacus and I can only see FACTS.

Let’s keep digging. Of the 14,415 firearms related homicides, 8,343, the majority, were committed by blacks. 3,370 were committed by whites. 2,287 were committed by Hispanics. 230 were committed by Asians and 152 were committed by Pocahontas Warren’s tribal members.  Caveat, Table 8 on page 42 of the report, where the preceding numbers came from, does not add up correctly.  There is a discrepancy of 33 between the individual totals by race and the summary total of 14,415.  If you’re checking the math, that is their error and not mine.

According to FBI data also from 2016, 90% of HOMICIDES perpetrated against blacks were COMMITTED BY BLACKS.

One more time to put things into perspective.  Spartacus should address the 7,500 black folk who commit homicides against other blacks, if this is such a PERSONAL issue.  He could hold a rally at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  It will seem extremely empty as all the offenders would fill less than 14% of the seats in the stadium.

With an estimated 118 MILLION households which own firearms, Spartacus should PERSONALLY have that stadium talk with HIS PEOPLE to STOP killing each other RATHER than punishing the vast majority who DO NOT COMMIT HOMICIDES regardless of their RACE.

But as I said, I’m not as smart as Spartacus.

We Didn’t Win, Burn It To The Ground

One of the proposals by some of the wacky Dim 2020 presidential candidates is to add justices to Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) to, in their world view, “re-balance” the court to a “more progressive” ideology. The Dims believe that the appointment by President Trump of the constitutionalist Justice Brett Kavanaugh, too heavily tilts the court’s decision power in the direction of racist, misogynist phobes, who “cling to their guns or religion“, such as Justice Clarence Thomas.

Anyone who believes that the United States Constitution protects our God given rights to “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness“, needs to reject those who want to drive SCOTUS in a “more progressive” direction.

One of the WORST decisions made by the SCOTUS was “Kelo v. City of New London“. This 2005 decision which was a 5-4 split along ideological lines, gives the government the ability to seize ANYONE’S PROPERTY and give it to another PERSON OR ENTITY, for “the public good”. The case was that the City of New London CT wanted to seize the HOMES of CITIZENS and turn the seized properties over to a real estate development group which intended to build a site for Pfizer Inc. to make, I’m assuming, more Viagra BONER PILLS.

SCOTUS voted in favor of MORE BONER PILLS, obviously for the public good.  And we all know you need one heck of a stiffy when you “F” over the Constitution.

The city seized the properties, bulldozed the houses, and turned the land over to the real estate group.  The group failed to obtain financing to build the BONER PILL plant and to this day the bulldozed lots remain vacant.  All for the public good.

If you look at the SCOTUS vote, the “liberal” judges which included Ginsburg (Notorious RBG, hero to the leftists), Breyer, and Kennedy voted to allow the government to do a “reverse Robin Hood” and take from the poor and give to the COLLECTIVE RICH.

The “conservative” judges which included Clarence Thomas and the late Antonin Scalia were outvoted in PROTECTING AN INDIVIDUAL’S RIGHT AGAINST UNLAWFUL SEIZURE OF PROPERTY BY THE GOVERNMENT.

Thomas wrote in his dissenting opinion, “Something has gone seriously awry with this Court’s interpretation of the Constitution. Though citizens are safe from the government in their homes, the homes themselves are not.

A court gone “AWRY” and most likely one which would go further awry, is what the idiotic 2020 candidates are proposing is best for OUR COUNTRY.  IF those who govern the country believe that the Constitution was written by a bunch of dead “white guys” and it doesn’t represent the “modern progressive multi-cultural society” of  today, THEN the United State of America will become another pile in the dust heap of failed nations.