Things Go Better With Coke

Tesla in its March 31, 2019 quarterly filing with the SEC wrote, “,,, we may choose to seek alternative financing sources.” This is one method they proposed to pay down “near term debt obligations“.

Just as a footnote in automotive history another manufacturer turned to “ALTERNATIVE FINANCING” in an attempt to pay down debt.

In October of 1982, John DeLorean was charged with trafficking COCAINE as part of an FBI sting where DeLorean was attempting to bankroll a drug deal to keep his company, DeLorean Motor Cars, afloat. The sting involved 59 lbs of COCAINE worth and estimated $24 MILLION at the time.

What do you think Elon might be up to?

Green for Green

With all the ho-hum hubbub about the Green Dream, as Nancy Pelosi calls it, the expense of implementation is astronomical.

Estimates for the Occasional-Cortex plan is over $90 TRILLION big ones. The Fake-Mexican, Beta-male O’Rourke has his own MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR plan to fight “The greatest threat we face” which is climate change.

Hey, communistas, I have a simple solution to paying for all of your great and wonderful ideas.

All of you Comrades keep insisting that climate change (warming or cooling, the definition changes by the day) is the single greatest threat to our existence. Here’s what you should do.

Stop ALL spending on the military and take that HALF A TRILLION annual budget and miraculously fix the Earth’s climate. You profess the knowledge on how to achieve that goal, therefore it’s just an implementation issue.  You say that ALL scientist are in agreement, so this should be an EASY FIX.  We should have no need for a military because obviously all the rest of the world will COEXIST (I’ve seen the loony bumper stickers) in harmony with us once they see we are serious about reversing the heating or cooling of the Earth and giving up our imperialistic ways.  China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boka Haram, or any other group are just tolerable (as you all are very tolerant) annoyances compared to our “GREATEST THREAT“.

Problem solved. And your welcome for this 2020 winning solution. I know it will go over well with everyone in the country.

Value of a College Degree

College used to be places of HIGHER LEARNING. A person went to college to advance their knowledge in their field of interest. Myself, I studied engineering and had a successful career working on, developing, and creating many interesting and diverse (not based on skin color) projects. Many of my friends and colleagues went on to further their knowledge by obtaining Masters and Doctorate degrees. Others of my friends obtained degrees and advanced degrees in the arts, music, literature, and theology. All of them have successful careers. A college degree to some is the holy grail that leads to success. In many cases is can be.

The value of a college degree is that the graduate has SACRIFICED, WORKED, and EARNED his sheepskin. Countless hours were spent listening, studying, discussing, debating, and testing ideas, techniques, and concepts. We learned not just individually but also to work collaboratively in order to succeed.

Earning a degree WAS an EXCLUSIVE process. NOT EVERYONE can succeed in college. At the college I went to, in my years, of the entering freshmen class, only 15% graduated from the college. The rest either dropped out or transferred to other schools.

All of the above means that a college degree indicates a level of expertise in one’s chosen field and additionally the possession of skills, traits, and tenacity required to obtain the degree.

Democrats BELIEVE in giving everyone COLLEGE DEGREES as part of their LEVELING of SOCIETY plan.  They believe that if everyone has a degree, everyone will become successful.

How much value will a college degree have if everyone has one?  The answer is about zero.  College will become just an extension of high school. The taxpayers will collectively pay for children to delay becoming adults for four or more years. Perhaps we should call the Dumbocrat plan The “Peter Pan” University Plan. You never need to grow up.

The Dimbulbs are pushing for free “PUBLIC” university education. What they will create is a larger “wealth divide” as “PRIVATE” universities will become the only learning institutions that will be able to maintain their status as places of higher learning. PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES as I’ve said will just become paid high school extensions. Employers will look more seriously at candidates from PRIVATE universities over FREE PUBLIC universities.

The bottom line, IF everyone has a something, that thing has no value. If everyone had 1000 pounds of gold at home how much do you think you might be able to sell an ounce for?

But then again, I could be wrong about FREE college.  I’m not as smart as a fake Indian.