Now I’m Offended

And, Yoshi, I know how proud you are of — the people of Japan are in — you’ve got a JAPANESE BOY coming over here, and guess what? He won the Masters.“, President Biden. This is from the official transcript of the remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Suga of Japan.  The “JAPANESE BOY” was referring to Hideki Matsuyama who won the 2021 Masters Tournament.

Okay, now I’m offended. A “Japanese boy“?  This sounds derogatory to me.  He could have said, “Hideki Matsuyama”, or if he couldn’t remember his name, “A superb athlete“, or “A great golfer“, but President Biden CHOSE TO SAY, “A JAPANESE BOY“.

Would it have been okay if President Biden described Tiger Woods as “A BLACK BOY” when he won the Masters? Woods was 21 years old when he won for the first time. Matsuyama is 29 years old, so it’s not about his age.

Let’s not forget that Matsuyama won the Masters Tournament played in the RACIST STATE (according to President Biden) of Georgia. The state where Matsuyama would need to determine “how many jellybeans are in a jar” or “count the number of bubbles in a bar of soap“, again according to President Biden, if Matsuyama were a citizen of the US and tried to vote.

Why is there NO OUTRAGE from the Leftists who see “systemic racism” everywhere, when President Biden calls an ASIAN MAN a “BOY”?

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