Words Have Meanings

Words have meanings” is an expression that I have said on many occasions. We use words to convey ideas to one another. One thing about words is we need to know their meaning when they are used to convey ideas.

The dictators in charge (the executive branch, congress, the media) of our country are playing with words to subtly REDEFINE their meanings in order to push forward their “agenda”. They are also substituting similar SOUNDING words with the goal of suckering people into accepting ideas that a person would normally be opposed to. Another play on words are proclamations with a PREDETERMINED OUTCOME. Here are some examples.

Redefinition of words.

INFRASTRUCTURE. This used to mean roads and bridges. Today the Leftists define INFRASRUCTURE to include daycare, unionization, schools, caregivers, climate change, and Medicaid expansion, just to name a few.  Today a sitting congressman flippantly stated that packing the Supreme Court is INFRASTRUCTURE.

Substitution of similar sound words.

EQUITY. I noticed that the conversation has changed from “racial EQUALITY” to “racial EQUITY“. Dr. Martin Luther King argued for EQUALITY during the civil rights era. He famously said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” He emphasized the American creed, “That all men are created EQUAL“. What he didn’t say is, “All men deserve EQUITY“.  EQUITY is an economic outcome. What the Leftist hope no one notices is that by saying “EQUITY” instead of “EQUALITY”, they are proclaiming exactly the OPPOSITE of what Dr. King sought. They want EQUITY payouts determined not by one’s character, but instead determined by the color of their skin.

Predetermined outcome.

REFORM. President Biden issued an executive order to create a commission to study options for Supreme Court REFORMS. This is part of Biden’s goal to “improve the Federal judiciary“. If the Executive Branch is looking to REFORM the Supreme Court, by nature that means that something is WRONG with the court as it is NOW. In 180 days we will see the results of this commission. As this commission is tasked to study Supreme Court REFORM, by definition they will define a plan to REFORM the Court. I doubt that they will conclude that the SUPREME COURT does NOT need to be REFORMED. It’s only a matter of how will they desire to CHANGE the nature of the Court. The report from the commission will find that the court is flawed and must be changed.   This result is predetermined by the words used in the executive order.  No other conclusion is possible.

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