Why Does This Sound Familiar?

Recently, a well known “celebrity” in the automotive field who is making a high mileage, revolutionary product declared, “… a long list of organizations,” including OIL COMPANIES and Wall Street short-sellers, that “want [us] to die.

In the 1930s a Canadian inventor named Pogue declared that he had created a high mileage revolutionary product.  Mr. Pogue’s revolutionary invention was a gas vaporizing carburetor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on 1 gallon of gasoline. All that was required was a simple swap of the standard carburetor with the Pogue device and any car would achieve 200 Miles Per Gallon.

Why don’t we see 200 MPG cars today? It’s been almost 90 years since this miraculous discovery.

The answer over the years is that one of the big American automobile manufacturers and BIG OIL COMPANIES bought Mr. Pogues miracle design and have suppressed it’s use so they could sell more oil. Even today, people still believe this conspiracy theory.  Break out the tin foil hats, folks.

Science time. Fuel vaporization is only a small part of an engines efficiency. The bigger factors of efficiency according to thermodynamics is Th versus Tc or “T-hot versus T-cold”. There’s a fancy equation to figure out thermal efficiency but in simple terms you want the combustion process as hot as possible and the expanding burning gas to become as cold as possible. An engine manufacturer needs to balance these two opposite requirements and make a product that actually works and doesn’t melt down. Again in simple terms the biggest factors of INEFFICIENCY is the heat loss through a car’s engine block and cooling system which are necessary to prevent the engine from destroying itself.  Try running your engine with out water in the radiator and see how well that turns out.  But SCIENCE and FACTS ruin a good conspiracy theory.  Bah humbug to science.  We can have 68 genders according to the wacky social justice warrior crowd even though SCIENCE doesn’t back that up.  So let’s just keep blaming BIG OIL for all the ills in the world.

So who was the automotive celebrity that stated recently that BIG OIL COMPANIES want his company to fail?

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla Inc.

News Buffoon

Last night, President Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, met and agreed to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula.

When they wrapped up their meeting and before signing the declaration towards achieving de-nuclearization, the leaders stepped in front of the cameras to shake hands. I watched the event unfold live last night.

Unfortunately, as expected, an American “reporter” started screaming out inflammatory questions to both President Trump and Chairman Kim. This was a perfect example of why most of the world has an image that Americans are uncouth. The “reporter” had been selected as the press pool correspondent who was allowed to cover this historic moment for all of the United States.

This BUFFOON who had been selected was obviously someone with TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome. I kept thinking to myself as I watched this event, “this idiot should SHUT THE F*** UP!“.

Who was the BUFFOON?

Turns out, by luck of the draw, it was the Clinton News Network “reporter” Jim Acosta who had the front row seat to history. What are the odds that this F’ing idiot was the representative for the US press corp and designated to bring the news to the American people?

President Trump and Chairman Kim, ignored the rantings of that idiot Acosta.  Someone needs to revoke the fool’s press credentials as he has proven himself so full of rage against our President that he is not a news reporter but a political hack.

As both leaders left the room I suspect this conversation took place between President Trump and Chairman Kim.

Trump: “I need to apologize for that outburst from that reporter. He was completely out of line. That knucklehead hates me and will do whatever he can to embarrass you and me.

Kim: “Why don’t you just shoot him with an anti-aircraft gun on live TV? That always works for me.

Trump: “This is why I said, you and I have a special bond.

Going Green, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – Part 1

I suspect that I live a “greener” lifestyle than most of the global warming alarmists. You know, the young Bernites who believe that the biggest threat to everyone on this Earth is “global warming”. Never mind that all the models have be shown to be wrong. Even with failed models, the Bernites claim that “scientist” have a 97% agreement that the Earth will meltdown in 100 years.

But that’s not what my “green” lifestyle is about. Just to give you some insight into my efforts to reduce my impact onto this planet, I’ll describe a few things that I do.

I drive an electric vehicle for short trips. I conserve water because I live in the drought prone PRK. My water consumption on a monthly basis is ONE water unit. The only lower value would be ZERO, which is impossible to achieve. I recycle. I try to buy items that don’t have excess packaging. I am having SOLAR PANELS installed on my property. How many Bernites do you think have gone to the extent (and spent a boatload of money) that I have, to become “green”? I would bet, not many.

Okay let’s look at what happens when you go to the extremes of CONSERVATION.

The PRK is going to impose more taxes on electric vehicles. They are going to increase the registration FEES for electric vehicles. Why? Because we don’t buy hydrocarbon based fuels and hence don’t pay the taxes and fees levied on fuels. The more electric vehicles on the road, the less revenue government gets. The sneaky thing that the PRK government did was RAISING FEES. You see a FEE is not a TAX in lawyerspeak. The PRK commies can raise a FEE with very little oversight. Implementing a new TAX requires a vote. Pretty cool, no? NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.

I did as much as possible to conserve water. I bought all new major appliances based on their water and energy usage. I put in dual flush toilets versus just low flow commodes to use the least amount of water for waste disposal. I put a ball valve in my shower head which allows me to turn off the water when I shower and only use water to rinse my body. All of this cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS but I only use 15% of the national average in water. What was the outcome in the PRK? The commies once again complained that because of people like me, the water districts were losing money because, what a shock, people weren’t using as much water. Since they were losing money the solution was to RAISE MY WATER RATE. I knew this would happen. It’s the way politicians work. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.

My newest project is solar panels. My goal is to have NET ZERO electrical costs. The panel array should produce enough to offset my usage or it might produce a small excess of power. The FEDERAL government is subsidizing 30% of my installation costs. Thank you fellow taxpayers. You are footing the bill for my system. The electric company MUST buy back my excess capacity which is great for me but sucks for anyone not producing their own power. This post is getting a bit long, but I will make a prediction in my next post as to what is going to happen with all of this “green energy”. As you might be able to guess, NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.