Dream It. First Step To Failure

There’s a tagline spread around by one of the presidential candidates, “If you can dream it, you should be able to build it”. This is a loser’s mentality. Why is that you ask?

One of my earlier articles was “Imagine it. Build It!”. I was very specific when I chose to say “Imagine” versus “Dream”.  There is a wide gulf between a person who can IMAGINE something  and a person who just DREAMS about it.

When you IMAGINE a goal your brain CREATES and PLANS an IDEA.  IMAGINE something and you are taking positive steps towards your goal.  A dream is the brain firing synapses without a specific purpose, direction, or end goal.  Dreaming about something can be pleasing and relaxing but it doesn’t accomplish much.

Okay, you may say this is just semantics, but words have meanings and they affect your thought process which ultimately controls your actions.  In future post I’ll explain why this is.

Ask any athlete and they will tell you they use IMAGERY and VISUALIZATION in their brain which enables them to see how they will score the point, make the play, break the record. I used to road race motorcycles many years ago. One of things that I did was called a “track walk”. I would walk the course and I would VISUALIZE and IMAGINE how I would approach a turn, how much speed I would carry through a turn, where are my braking points, where to apex the turn, how I would link up a “line” through several turns, where I would pass other riders.  I would take notes and draw pictures to allow me to create and replay a plan in my head.  During the race I already knew how I was going to run the track.  I didn’t just DREAM about taking the checked flag. The images were very specific about how I was going to accomplish my goal.  Ask a chess player if they can see what moves their opponent will make.  They imagine the board in their brains and calculate what are the most likely moves to come.  This ability to IMAGINE and execute action applies to all walks of life.

The ability to IMAGINE a product, business, or goal is also a key part of LEADERSHIP.  No matter if you are an employee, a small businessman, the CEO of a corporation, or the leader of a country, the first priority of a leader is to have an IMAGE of what to accomplish and then have the ability to convey that vision to others.  LEADERSHIP is a topic for another day.

Don’t “Dream it”.  IMAGINE IT!

Name That Olympic Medalist

Here’s a quick test.

Quiz 1. What country won the first gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics? What is the medalist’s name? What event did the athlete participate in?

Quiz 2. Who is the ONLY summer Olympian to win 6 medals in 6 consecutive Olympics? Okay a hint. This Olympian is the ONLY athlete ever to win Olympic medals on 5 different continents.  And again, what country does this athlete represent?

Quiz 3. Who is the medalist with 2 gold medals in 2 consecutive Olympics, holding both the Olympic and Wold records, and is called “The Worlds Greatest Athlete”? What country does this athlete represent?

Easy, right?  How many did you get right?

If you missed any the athletes are:

  1.  Ginny Thrasher, Team USA, Gold Medal, 10m air rifle
  2.  Kim Rhodes, Team USA, Bronze Medal, Skeet
  3.  Ashton Eaton, Team USA, Gold Medal, Decathlon

I suspect most people have never heard of these athletes. The US media ignores the achievements of all of these great athletes.

For Ginny Thrasher and Kim Rhodes I believe the media and sponsors ignore both of them because their events involve guns.  Plain and simple the liberal progressive media hates guns and the Constitution.  Why is it that in the “progressive” world where it’s supposed to be about empowering women and minorities, these ladies are ignored?  There were a bunch of Hollyweird “celebrities” who were bashing 19 year old college student Ginny Thrasher after she won gold.  Hillybob praised women who wore burkas at the Olympics but made no mention of the hard work and achievements of Ginny and Kim.  In fact it was the same day that Ms. Thrasher won gold that Hillybob was praising the burka wearers.

Ashton Eaton is another anomaly.  He’s the world and Olympic record holder, and twice Gold Medalist in decathlon, and almost no one knows his name.  Okay this may offend some readers, but I feel that Mr. Eaton is ignored because, “He ain’t white and he don’t look black neither”.  Not what Madison Avenue wants to promote.  Did he get a cereal box deal?  Bruce Jenner did when he won gold in the same event.  Jenner was all over the news and had million$ in endorsement deals.  I recall a front page picture of Jenner in the Los Angeles (Tass) Times.

Praise (and dollars) only goes to those who fit the “progressive” agenda.  Go figure.

PC, And I Don’t Mean Personal Computer

Gender neutral speak.  One way or another that’s what the English language is becoming.  The higher education institution, (formerly known as) Prince…ton, has just issued guidelines on “inclusive language”.  You can read the guidelines here:  Inclusive Memo

I find it ironic that the memo has been issued by the “HuMAN Resources Department”.  Shouldn’t that be renamed the “Non-gender-specific-mass-of-semi-sentient-protoplasm Resources Department”?  Of course if we want to be inclusive we should not refer to it as a “Department”.  That would mean a division of the university.  Not very inclusive.  “Non-gender-specific-mass-of-semi-sentient-protoplasm Resources Generalized-location-on-the-university-campus”.  There, that’s better.

Okay, maybe I’m lazy but it’s tiring (boring to me) that we have this push to neuter everything in life.  You can see in my posts that I do not always use “inclusive gender neutral speak”.  Where a pronoun is appropriate I will use the masculine form.  If a reader feels that I’m excluding women, that’s their problem not mine.  And just how far are we going to go with this?

With the fear of “man”, instead of saying “men and women” should we now say “men and woes”?  Hmmm, I’ll just let that one hang there…

I find it ridiculous that “the chairman” has been neutered in many business circles to just “the chair”.  Sheesh, I always thought the chair was where you rested your arse.  I didn’t know that an inanimate cloth covered wooden object had an opinion.  Of course a chair does have the closest connection to the orifice that many PC people speak out of.

If we want to be inclusive, what else should we get rid of.  Why do we celebrate Sally Ride’s (first American woman into space) achievements?  Let’s only put John Glenn in the history books.  Why do we have men’s and women’s athletic records?  Should we rewrite the United States Constitution?  “All men are created equal…”

Stop the madness!

“One small step for person.  One giant leap for people”.